Earn More Money Per Month Doing What You LOVE


Whether you’re a new or experienced service professional…


You’ve probably noticed that coaching certification programs are popping up everywhere. This can be frustrating when you are trying to decide how best to further your education so you can:


• Attract more clients
• Earn more money
• Change more lives


The problem with most coaching programs is that they fall short of helping you achieve massive success in any of these areas.

Here’s why: they teach you coaching skills… and that’s about it.


Sometimes there is a business or marketing module thrown in, and you may even get a client or two from the program’s reputation alone. But at the end of the month/year, all you really walk away with is a certificate on the wall, and some new techniques – neither of which are very helpful in attracting a full roster of clients who want to work with you. (And if you think the certification alone will attract those clients, think again!)


In my early years of coaching, I thought that the best way to earn more money and reach more people was to keep adding to my education. I read countless books, attended dozens of courses, completed numerous certifications… and frequently had less than $100 to my name. It took me years of trial-and-error – and tens of thousands of dollars – to discover that mastering coaching skills is only ONE piece of the puzzle.


If you truly want a successful business and a fulfilling life, you need to have five key areas working for you:


I call these the CORE 5 of Divine Coaching.


They are the foundation on which I built my multiple 7-figure business, and each one of them has been equally critical to my success.


If you dream of earning a fabulous income while making a positive impact on the world, you need a new kind of coaching certification…



Introducing: The Academy An Advanced Coaching Certification For Women Who Want It All

January 2016 to December 2016


This coaching certification program is designed for two main purposes:


• To support you in being a masterful coach who effortlessly creates transformation and breakthroughs in people’s lives.


• To help you create a financially-thriving business that supports your desired lifestyle. (It’s time to finally put an end to being great at what you do, yet always struggling to make ends meet.)


When you say “YES” to The Academy, you’re also saying “YES” to:


• Replacing those “I’m not good enough” feelings with having it all – and receiving all the blessings that are coming to you


• A community of high vibrational women who empower you to show up as the best possible version of yourself 


• Transforming your relationship with money so you are clear and comfortable with your own rates, and can consistently create financial abundance


• Building a successful business foundation that enhances your femininity, instead of draining it


The Academy is designed as a global program.


You will be laughing and learning alongside a phenomenal group of women from around the world as you explore your digital modules and tune in for live case study and Q&A calls. The program timing is also flexible. Whether you’re a busy mom, in a full-time job, or already have your own successful business, you can get through the content and homework on your own timing, and listen or re-listen to all of the calls and recordings at your leisure. You will have two weeks to complete each program module and turn in any deliverables.


*For your planning purposes, this program will require about 10–12 hours a week


What’s Included in Your 12-Month Certification

I have designed this coaching certification to include the best of my 15 years of transformational coaching, plus my wealth and business building experience.

Learning Modules


Twice per month you’ll receive a new learning module containing videos and digital materials that will teach you everything you need to know about the CORE 5 of Divine Coaching: Wealth Consciousness, Personal Excellency, Coaching Mastery, Business & Online Presence, Community. (Approximate Time: 60 Minutes) .

Coaching Case Studies


Twice per month you’ll listen to me facilitate live coaching with real clients, and then “deconstruct” the sessions so that you will know exactly how to apply the principles you’ve been learning in real scenarios with your clients. This is not a canned program. These are not fake case studies. I will walk you through why I ask certain questions, why I stay silent when I do, and how I give tough feedback and set boundaries with love. These deconstruction sessions will accelerate your learning tenfold. (Approximate Time: 90 Minutes)



Twice per month you’ll be able to ask me your specific questions live! You can submit questions in advance, or ask me live on the line. This is my favorite part of the program – other than the live events – because it’s our time to connect personally. I want to make sure your questions get answered and that everything in the program is making sense for your unique field or brand. All Q&A sessions are recorded. (Approximate Time: 60 Minutes)



Meeting new women and having a place to interact, ask questions, share wins and network is key to your success, so we’ve created a private Members Only Facebook group just for program participants.


Four live and very chic events are included* in your coaching certification so you can come and meet me live, and get to know your other sisters in the program. Our live events consist of many fun, rewarding, and meaningful experiences.
We also live stream every event, so if you can’t make it to one or more of them – or if something comes up last minute – you can easily watch from the comfort of your home or office


LA event2 event3 event4

*Travel and accommodations not included for events. All dates and times are subject to change.



The Academy


It’s important that you take the time and space to prepare yourself for this amazing experience. When you register for The Academy, you will also receive complimentary access to the Divine Living Coaching Orientation – a recommended mini-curriculum that will support you in setting your life and business up for optimal success before and during The Academy. The Divine Living Coaching Orientation includes written materials, worksheets and 3 audios recordings with Gina.



The Mentality of a Queen – Academy Style, Setting Yourself Up for Success,  Business Foundations, Introduction to The Art of Coaching, Mastering Time and Your Schedule, Wealth Consciousness Reading List


It’s Your Time To Shine


When you complete The Academy, you’ll hardly recognize the woman you’ve become.


But I’ll tell you a little secret: she is the best possible version of you… all we’re going to do is give her permission to come out and SHINE.


This is not about pretending to be someone you’re not. It’s about bringing your true self front and center, and banishing the insecurity, fear and indecision that has held you back for far too long.


Get Ready to Change the World And Have FUN Doing It!


As a coach, you are a living role model for the kind of life, business and relationships you help others create. The world needs what YOU have to offer, but the transformation must begin with you. It’s time to claim (and charge) your worth, have a great lifestyle, enjoy fulfilling relationships, and feel clear and confident about your purpose, and what you have to offer. When you embody this in your own life, others will be magnetically attracted to working wit



EARN While You Learn


No other coaching certification provides such a deep track of modern-day, real-to-life coaching experience. Plus, we’re going to create such a solid business foundation – with systems & structures and a web presence you love – that you can start earning money even before you finish the program! Plus, you will build global connections within a sisterhood of feminine entrepreneurs who support you 110% to have a thriving business, and a lifestyle that fully supports your happiness.


Big Enough Yet Small Enough


I personally like programs that are chic and boutique and that have a “high-touch” element to them, so there are limited spaces available in The Academy. You will still have a “big” and abundant community and a vibrant new network of friends and colleagues, but you can also rest assured there will not be thousands of women in this program – and no one will get lost in the crowd. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to become known in the group, and receive personal attention when needed.


A Closing Note From Gina


If this is calling to you… and you are ready to embark on an adventure that will transform every area of your life & business for the better, then it’s time for you to take the leap.


I’d love for you to join us for The Academy, and I look forward to connecting with you there!


Much love,





12 Month Program

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