Getting Out of Fear and Back
to Your True Power

To be a successful woman entrepreneur, you’ve got to know when to access your masculine power, and when to access your feminine power.

So much of what it takes to run a business requires masculine energies in the form of linear thinking, taking action, staying organized and meeting deadlines. If we don’t know better, these procedural demands can really bog us down. We’ll get lost in all the swirling minutiae, and become disconnected from our intuition, our foresight, our wisdom and our center.

When our to-do list feels out of control, it’s important for us to remember why we started our businesses in the first place. The second you think about that, you’ll feel your body relax. It’s not that the details, commitments and deadlines shouldn’t be honored in business, it’s that they don’t need to strangle us.

It’s amazing how failing to see the big picture can hold us back in life. It reminds me of this bird I saw back when I first moved to Santa Monica. My apartment building had a big glass entryway that opened onto a courtyard. I had just closed the door behind me when a bird swooped in from above and flew straight into the glass.

The bird’s response was totally frantic. It was dizzy and fluttering around, then quickly tried to get out by slamming right into the door again. It did not give up, but flew harder and harder into the glass several more times until it finally knocked itself out.

This is exactly what happens when women go into overwhelm and ultimately, burn out. When things aren’t quite working or issues start stacking up, our tendency is to go into fear. Our training tells us to power through, take massive action, buckle down and make it happen.

The problem is we become so singular-focused that we don’t look up for better solutions. And if we keep trying to push through a wall, we’re going to knock ourselves out. We might not literally fall to our death in the process, but sometimes our dreams, plans and desires do.

It’s difficult to admit when a dynamic isn’t working. Particularly when we’re used to doing something a certain way and suddenly we’re not getting results, or we don’t want to admit we don’t like working with a client and then they end up terminating the relationship anyway. Trying to force something where the energy isn’t flowing hardly ever works, but we do it because we’re in fear.

What I’ve learned is, we don’t have to be in fear. We can return to the feminine. We can get back in tune and open up to what else is possible for us. Because when we step back, meditate and ask the Universe for solutions, we are always shown another way.

Being in Africa brought me back to my spiritual practice in a big way. As my business has grown, I see that I’ve perhaps gotten used to being in charge, and relied less and less on Divine guidance. I’m recognizing now that there are areas where I’ve been stuck on a loop, flying into the same old problems. It’s definitely time for a u-turn.

If like me, you too have been banging your head against the wall lately, I invite you to join me in this process. Ahead, my three steps for returning to the feminine.

Ask for a Miracle

The simple act of prayer will instantly shift your consciousness, connect you with God and open you up to unlimited possibility. Obviously if any of us knew a different way to do whatever’s not working for us, we’d be doing it, so let’s admit that we’re not walking around with all the best ideas already in our heads. Thankfully, we have access beyond ourselves.

Revere the Feminine

There are plenty of times when we’ll need to ask ourselves, “what’s the next action?” But that might not be the right question right now.

Remember that there’s a unique wisdom to femininity and the solution might not be about taking action at all. Sometimes it’s not that you need to do different things, but that you need to do them differently.

Transform Your Fear

You might be afraid—that the money is not going to be there, that the support won’t be there, that it’s not going to work out and that there won’t be a solution. The strongest antidote to fear is your faith that there will be a good and mighty outcome for you. Rest assured you have exactly what it takes to succeed at being you.



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