Meet 3 Superstars Who Graduated from
the Divine Living Academy

I created the Divine Living Academy to guide and support women entrepreneurs in living out their biggest, wildest dreams, and I’m so proud when our alumni model for us all that there are truly no limits to how good a woman’s life can get.

Today I’m introducing you to three women who have surpassed their own expectations, and taking a look at how far they’ve come since graduating just one or two years ago.

What’s possible for these women is no different from what’s possible for you. Keep reading to find out how these three fabulous entrepreneurs went from just-scraping-by to crossing seven-figures in just a few short years.



Before the Divine Living Academy…
I was not where I wanted to be! I had launched my website, but I had made a mere $442 in my coaching business. I was trying to do everything on my own and clearly, it wasn’t working. I was also still in my 9-5 job as was my husband. We wanted financial freedom, to have a major impact in the world and more than anything, I was tired of waiting to be happy and live the life I was meant to live.

By the time I graduated from the Divine Living Academy…
I had made over $500K in my business at that point! It was surreal to me. I had worked really hard, but still, making half a million in my first year in business was such an incredible accomplishment in my eyes. Also, getting the Divine Destiny award at graduation was such an honor. I also loved getting to know so many incredible women and making a few lifelong friends.

And today…
My husband and I moved into my dream home in London, with six bedrooms so we can each have our own offices. I’m hosting my first ever year-long mastermind in 2017 and have so many more exciting things planned like my own stationery line which is launching soon! I’m also looking forward to tons of travel—we already have eight trips scheduled next year, some of which are with the incredible ladies who I met through the Academy. I’m so grateful for those friendships!


Before the Divine Living Academy…
I had talked myself into thinking that life was as good as it could be. I was making some money in my business, but it was NOT freedom based. It wasn’t consistent and didn’t allow me to travel, invest in clothes I liked or experiences that were important to me. I commuted all over Manhattan as a personal trainer but I wasn’t excited about that work anymore, and my desire to really live life full out became something I couldn’t ignore any longer.

By the time I graduated from the Divine Living Academy…
I had this goal of creating $250K over my first year in the Academy. I was a slow starter and many times came so close to giving up—I am SOOO glad I didn’t. I actually beat that goal and created over $300K. I retired my personal training business, created an online following of raving fans, built a list of thousands of ideal clients and launched my first six-week course, which sold out and gave me my first six-figure launch and month.

And today…
It’s crazy to say out loud—I am on track for my first seven-figure year, my list is nearing 20K and I’ve have multiple six-figure months and launches. My team is an absolute dream team, I travel whenever I want and my husband and I are planning to buy our second home in 2017. I just finished my first live event that I hosted for two days in Manhattan and I feel so fulfilled by the work that I do. I love my clients, I love helping other women create wealth through entrepreneurship, and making an impact is my #1.


Before the Divine Living Academy…
I was coaching on the evenings and weekends, building up the courage to leave my corporate job and become a full-time entrepreneur.

By the time I graduated from the Divine Living Academy…
I had quit my job just two months into the Academy and by the end of the year, I had made $140K, was fully booked with clients and even had a waitlist, plus so many requests to create a group program.  I had also travelled to LA, Miami, Paris, Spain and London and was beginning to live my dream life!

And today…
Since finishing the Divine Living Academy my business continues to thrive and grow while I travel. I have spent time in the US, Canada, Latin America, London, all throughout Europe, Hong Kong and South East Asia and I now have friends and colleagues over the world! My husband was able to quit his job and now has his own business. We are about to move back to Sydney, Australia and hopefully have a baby soon!


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