oing on safari is like going back in time. There’s a whole new perspective to be gained from experiencing the peace and harmony of the animal world, and there’s nowhere quite like Africa to do so. From endless open plains to marshy green deltas, the continent offers a diversity of ecosystems where you can see majestic creatures in their natural habitat. The only question is, where and when? Our list will help you find the answer.

Singita Sasakwa Lodge
Grumeti, Tanzania

Gina absolutely loved her stay here and even called it “possibly the most luxurious resort I’ve ever been to.” At Sasakwa, an old world English-style manor is your sanctuary as you explore the majestic Serengeti plains of northern Tanzania. As with any Singita safari resort, you can look forward to elegant accommodations and fabulous food while knowing that your stay contributes to the preservation of this incredible ecosystem.

Singita Lebombo Lodge
Kruger National Park, South Africa

Enjoy a front row seat to the Kruger National Park in a unique glass-walled pavilion on Singita’s private concession. Sit back and watch the hippos along the N’Wantesi river from the comfort of your suite or private villa. Inside, chic decor mixes industrial with natural, providing a fresh, modern safari experience. In between rides, you can take in the African skies on the rooftop terrace, sip something new at the wine studio, or relax next to one of three glorious pools.

The Royal Malewane
Kruger National Park, South Africa

Making Conde Nast’s latest list of the 50 best resorts in the world, this elegant safari lodge has hosted the likes of Bono and Nicolas Sarkozy. Malewane is also noted for having the most qualified guiding team in Africa, who will provide detailed insights into the complex and fascinating ecosystems you’re about to see. An award-winning spa that caters to mind, body and spirit is just the place to reflect after your foray into the wild.

Sanctuary Chief’s Camp
Moremi, Botswana

Botswana’s wildlife is so abundant that it’s been touted as a must-go location by multiple travel insiders. Located on an island in an exclusive wildlife concession, this luxury lodging has been
skillfully integrated into the landscape, so you’ll often see game without ever leaving camp. And if you’re looking for remote seclusion, you’ll love staying in your own bush pavilion, designed for ultimate privacy and comfort.

Mwiba Lodge
Maswa Reserve, Tanzania

One of Tanzania’s top luxury lodges, Mwiba is best known for offering special safari experiences. Here, you can go beyond the jeep and hang out in one of 12 luxury hideouts for a unique glimpse of wildlife. You might find yourself sipping coffee in an observation deck nestled up in the trees, watching buffalo, gazelles, zebras and mongooses as they arrive to the watering hole below.

&Beyond Matetsi River Lodge
Zambezi, Zimbabwe

Quickly becoming one of Zimbabwe’s top luxury lodges, this new resort occupies an exclusive 9-mile stretch along the tranquil Zambezi River, just a short drive to the famous Victoria Falls. Two intimate camps are nestled in the shade of the riverside trees, with nine suites all offering lofty views of the water. Expect stylish, contemporary interiors and delicious al fresco dining to a relaxing choir of frogs, hippos and running water.

&Beyond Luxury Tour
Botswana to Victoria Falls

Looking for more excitement and adventure than a single lodge has to offer? Join &Beyond on a grand itinerary to explore the most remote and untouched wildlife areas in Botswana, ending with the thundering majesty of Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls. This epic 11-day trip includes accommodations in several &Beyond lodges and romantic luxury camps, plus flights and transportation to all the different reserves, and guided tours by boat, foot and car.



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