6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Body Glowing &
Healthy by Dr. Glenn A. Sisk


The conventional way to think about “disease ” is to imagine it as something outside of ourselves. Like a force that comes along every once in a while, takes over our bodies and makes us sick. In the West, you could say our approach to medicine is shaped by this idea. Our strategy is to wait for strong, painful symptoms to emerge (for the disease to arrive) and then prescribe treatment.

While working as a Chiropractor for over two decades, I was exposed to another way of thinking about the human body and its relationship to disease. Traditionally we think the difference between healthy and sick is black and white. We ignore subtle signs that we may not be doing our best, physically or otherwise. In the absence of obvious symptoms, we imagine the body is just humming along, dodging illnesses as they shoot by.

The truth is that the body is always working to fight disease from within, by looking for balance, or ease. Dis-ease isn’t an external force per se, it’s simply what happens when the body can’t find its resting point. That’s when things start breaking down or growing out of control, creating conditions like cancer.

quote-1When you look at it this way, you can see that treating a disease isn’t about fighting the consequences of the imbalance, but finding the root of it. The body is a self-correcting system and naturally wants to be at ease, so if you can pinpoint and remove the causes of the problem, it should be able to return itself to health.

The role of any healer should be to ask: what is the true cause of the patient’s imbalance? And to really help people, you have to understand that there can be many.

To break things down a bit, there are six components of wellbeing that impact the body’s ability to find balance: the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social and environmental. All of these factors work together to shape your being at a cellular level.

quote-2Western medicine tends to consider disease in isolation, however the reality is that human life is nuanced, complex and interdependent—you can’t separate what’s going on in someone’s gut from what’s going on in their head.

It took me a long time to see the power of this more holistic perspective. I remember a professor telling me in school that 90% of disease is psychogenic, or created as a result of thoughts people are having. I was like, oh come on! However over the years as I saw hundreds and hundreds of patients, I became a believer.

My experience has ultimately taught me that the best way to prevent disease is simply to live in balance. If you desire to have a long and healthy life and give your greatest gifts to the world, every aspect of your wellbeing should take priority.

As a woman entrepreneur who’s committed to going for it, you have to look after all six aspects of your wellbeing, from the physical to the spiritual. To help you put this into practice, I’ve put together my best tips for an integrative, preventative approach to creating your healthiest lifestyle. Enjoy — and remember I’m here to answer all your questions, so leave us a comment if you’d like to know more!



1 Never Forget to Have Fun
If you devote most of your time to work (as so many entrepreneurs are tempted to do), you probably aren’t taking care of your social, emotional, mental, or spiritual wellbeing. In the long run, your body will not like this—trust me. You have to take time to take care of yourself, to go out and have fun and to be with your family and loved ones.

2 Get to Know Your Doctor
Regular check-ups and physicals are so important, as is having a relationship with a doctor who will consider your full history, lifestyle and every element of your wellbeing. Today you can find great practitioners of functional and integrative medicine who combine modern technology with a holistic approach to preventing and curing illnesses.

3 Find Your Favorite Detox Ritual
I’ve been a spa person my whole life and every time I emerge from a day of conscious relaxation it feels like a big boost to my health and wellbeing. Massages help release tension in your muscles as well as unblock emotional tension trapped in your body. Meanwhile a good steam, sauna, wrap or soak may be just the detoxifying experience you need to stay balanced.

4 Elevate Your Environment
From the food you eat to the products you keep in your home, you want to create an environment where you’re not exposing yourself to anything harmful. Wherever you can, eat organic and choose beauty and cleaning products that don’t threaten to disturb your balance with additives and chemicals.

5 Mindfulness Matters
Your mental environment is one of the most important things you can control to keep your body at ease. You want to be sharp, focused, present and positive, not going into drama, worry or spin mode every time something unexpected comes up. Prioritize the practices that clear your head, like daily journaling, prayer and meditation. Remember to feel gratitude for your good health every single day.

6 Go for Natural Remedies
If you end up at the drug store every time you get the sniffles, it’s time to find another way. When it comes to treating symptoms of illness, I’ve always stayed away from pharmaceutical drugs of any kind and I think it’s one of the biggest reasons I’ve maintained my health. I was introduced early in life to the book Back to Eden, a classic guide to herbal medicine which I really came to trust. I’ve also been naturally supplementing for about 30 years to help optimize my nutrient intake.



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