Leave Competition Behind—This Year, Collaboration is Key to
Women Empowering Women


I invite you to join me in setting this intention for 2016: to empower yourself and others by leaving Lone Rangerette status behind and creating genuine and powerful business collaborations.

star-quote-1With so many cool women right now doing big things in the world, there has never been a more exciting moment to work together and have even greater impact. We know that feminine women like us are social creatures who thrive with community support and strong relationships, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to business, the same applies.

I know I’m not the only one who was inspired by the rise of Taylor Swift’s girl squad. Watching Taylor’s “Bad Blood” video, it was so refreshing the way each woman was able to be a star among other stars, without anyone dimming their light or overpowering the others.

It’s a totally new brand of female collaboration that dismisses the old human story about competition. We no star-quote-2longer have to fear that if there’s more for someone else, then there’s less for us, or vice versa. We now know that the best mindset for success is to remember the truth: that there’s more than enough for all of us, so we might as well dream and think BIG!

Gone are the days of jealous women being pitted against each-other, or being afraid of losing clients, the spotlight, or money. I subscribe to the philosophy that all of us are smarter than one of us. Collaboration is the future, and women entrepreneurs like us are here to lead the way.

So If you’ve been feeling isolated in your Lulu Lemons lately—it’s time to put on a pair of Jimmy Choos, get out there and start booking meetings! Read on for more on why collaboration amplifies your creativity, impact, and financial success, and how to go about finding the right partnerships for your business and brand.




For those of us who have created a certain amount of success, there’s a chance that we now confidently know how to make money, however the way we know how to make money may star-1be keeping us in our own box. I’m interested in challenging myself this year, and creative collaborations will be just the method to get me out of my status quo style, expanding my perspective and growing my impact.

When I first started my business, I mainly collaborated with other women entrepreneurs in the coaching and personal development field. Now having further developed the lifestyle aspect of my brand and expanded into digital media, I’m at a place where I’m ready to branch out even more and work with designers, bloggers, and the companies behind my favorite products. I know that the projects we’ll create together will add even more dimensions to the world of Divine Living than I could ever do alone, and that I will also contribute something new to what they’re doing and expand their outreach as well.



star-2Think about the people you know who have gone furthest in life, fastest. Chances are, there was collaboration involved, in addition to their team.

In entertainment and fashion, we see the power of collaboration all the time. I.e., A-listers teaming up for an ensemble movie like The Big Short, John Legend recording a song with Megan Trainor, or Alexa Chung designing for AG. When you have two brands coming together, both benefit from having an added touch on the other’s audience.

star-3In the business world, I think it can be especially impactful when we women collaborate across industries. It’s a beautiful way to both create something totally new, and reach a whole new group of people.




The right collaborations bring about not only more impact and creativity, but also more financial abundance. We are business women after all and here to create the money star-4that allows us to have the level of creativity that we desire. Luckily collaboration is something that can be not only fun and expansive, but a major win for everyone involved.

Talking bottom line, there is something important to keep in mind in any business collaboration: eyeballs are assets. If you’re smart about the way your project is marketed and delivered, it should be generating sales of product or services, and getting more people subscribed into your content so that you can raise your ad rates.



Having set this intention for mega amazing collaborations for 2016, I’m already taking action on making it happen. Here’s my strategy for finding the right synergy with the right people.

Start with the question: what if anything is possible this year? If you’re starting from a place of unlimited possibility, you don’t need to begin with fear based thoughts like, how much money do you want to make, or how big of a list do you want to be on. Instead, be motivated by genuine interest and attraction. What are the brands, products, and services that you really enjoy? Who do you love following on Instagram? Whose blog do you love reading? Allow yourself to dream big.


I know that there are some things I enjoy which aren’t fully aligned with my brand, or right for the women on my list. You have to ask yourself, how will your people benefit from the product or service you’re partnering with? Check in with this whenever an opportunity comes your way as well—you don’t want to say yes to everything, but make choices that elevate your brand and maintain the trust of your followers.


If it’s something you know your people will like, then it’s time to consider how it will make financial sense. It shouldn’t be all about the list, but at the same time we’re business women, so ideally we should be looking for the relationship that would most benefit everyone involved. So we have to dig a little deeper and look at, how powerful is this brand? How might it benefit ours? And at the same time, we have to get real and ask ourselves—what’s in it for them? What do we have to offer?


After you’ve answered all these questions, use your good judgement as to who to reach out to—but don’t be afraid to take a few risks. For instance, I’m not currently hitting up Anna Wintour—however there are a few names on my wish-list that are a leap. Rather than pitching hard, I’m reaching out and saying: here’s what I’m thinking, I’d love to talk more and see if it’s a win-win. If it’s not a fit, we’ll all move on. The important thing is to keep sending those e-mails, in a joyful, excited way! I’ve seen how one coffee meeting can lead to three intros in one day. Things can happen fast—so get your ducks in a row, and start making connections.



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