Feel Confident & Empowered to Transform
Your Relationship with Sales in this
6-Part Home Study Course


Every woman deserves to feel confident and empowered when she’s on the phone, live in person, or even writing sales copy for the Internet. No more stressing out for hours over a single phone call, or trying to convince someone of something…

Being a Sales Superstar is about being present, listening deeply, asking the right questions and genuinely connecting with the people who need what YOU have to offer. This allows you to make sales from a place of integrity and confidence.

I used to be afraid of sounding “salesy or pushy” until I transformed my relationship with sales. Years later, my clients asked me to design this program to walk you step-by-step through my sales process, which is authentic and genuine—and it works. Instead of vague theory and techniques, you’ll get worksheets, clear action steps and even questions and scripts you can practice word-for-word with your clients.

Passionate about your brand and your business?
Learn to sell your products and
programs with confidence!

• Instant access to your course materials
• 6 modules which include audio and a worksheet in all modules
• 4 bonus audio calls (recorded)
• 1 bonus Q&A audio call (recorded)


   Have enrollment conversations that are a true win-win without being pushy.

   Feel excited and confident when you speak with people about your products & services.

   Share the rates that you charge and deserve… and get them!

   Transform the lives of those you are meant to deeply touch.

   Live a life fully supported financially so that you can in return support so many others.



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