Getting Better at Bad News

The Only Reason I Haven’t Quit
My Business Yet

If you’ve been reading this magazine for any length of time, then the term “course correcting” is probably in your lexicon. I’ve written quite a bit about how important it is for entrepreneurs to course correct, en lieu of the very tempting alternative: quitting.

As many stories as I’ve told about how to keep the faith and persevere through challenges in business, it’s not as if I myself have ever been free of the temptation to quit. Typically every time things get challenging, part of me threatens to move to Cyprus and wait tables, because that sounds so much better than whatever situation I’m currently in.

The only reason I haven’t moved to Cyprus to wait tables yet? Because I’ve learned to course correct. And while I don’t know that the temptation to quit will ever fully go away, these days I’m finding myself more calm and centered than ever when things don’t go my way.

In the midst of some recent news about a business situation that didn’t go according to plan, our Editor-in-Chief Sam Saboura remarked that I seemed much more relaxed and happy than normal. With everything that’s been going on behind the scenes at Divine Living, you would think I should be running around frantically trying to catch pieces of the falling sky, but miraculously that’s not the case.

The reason for that is, over the past ten years my business has given me plenty of opportunities to practice course correcting, perhaps more than I’d like to admit. What I often see with new entrepreneurs and was certainly true with myself, is that even though we understand the spiritual principles and know that we are loved, we just haven’t put them into practice as much, so our muscles aren’t fully developed and our default mode is still strong.

At the beginning of my business I used to take news that didn’t go as I had planned pretty catastrophically. I’d get one piece of criticism and you’d find me in a funk, eating pizza for two weeks. If I couldn’t fill an event, I’d wonder what was wrong with me. If a team member didn’t work out, I’d think I’d have to shut down my business.

In the process, I came to understand that these situations didn’t come up to punish me. Challenges, mistakes and failures are not to tell us that we don’t deserve it, or that we’ll never be a success. They’re actually loving guidance, showing us something we’re not available to see for ourselves. When we want so badly for something to happen and it doesn’t, we’ll usually find ourselves thanking God for the unanswered prayers down the line.

I remember a number of years ago I taught a live sales class that had way more signups than I’d ever had before. At least 125 people enrolled. I was so excited because I thought, “Oh this will be easy income—now I can go sell part two!” When to my dismay, I only managed to enroll five people for the second class, my first thought was, “Oh my gosh, I SUCK at sales—how am I supposed to teach sales if I can’t seven sell a $500 tele-course?”

Even though I was freaked out and feeling down on myself, instead of closing my business and sending out resumes—or trying to do the same thing again with better marketing—I went into prayer. I asked, “Dear God, what else is meant for me?” It was only then that I received the guidance to start hosting luxury destination intensives.

Ultimately, I saw that even though I can teach sales and it’s always meaningful for me to help someone better their life or career, I would much rather host a private intensive at the Ritz than another internet marketing tele-class. While it had been a great stepping stone, it wasn’t all I was meant for. Thankfully the Universe conspired to get me unstuck, quickly.

Having these kinds of experiences over and over, I’ve dropped a lot of the drama that once accompanied my missteps. It’s like if you’re driving to work and on the way you see a detour sign. You can get flustered and even angry, at the government or the construction workers perhaps. Or, you can simply turn left. And it might be a little inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to be anything more than that.

Believe me, no entrepreneur is exempt from having to get really good at course correcting. If you’ve ever thought there were people out there who are just cruising through life because everything they touch turns to gold—that doesn’t exist. Everyone has a story.

To be successful, you can’t allow the emotional drama to trap you, send you into overwhelm and push you to move to an island getaway. When the money’s not flowing, the clients are complaining or team members are quitting, remember that beyond this moment, there is something even better waiting for you.

  All My Love,



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