I have to admit, it isn’t always easy for me to nurture my bigger dreams. Like all of us, I’m busy. My personal form of busy includes growing a thriving business, making time for my marriage, taking care of clients, traveling the world, fitting in regular workouts, and leading my team.

Starting a new venture in the midst of an already demanding career took a big leap of faith and a lot of self-confidence, but I knew from the beginning that I wouldn’t be going it alone. I knew I was going to need a team of a players to help bring this vision into the world and make it a success. I had no idea how many I would need and to what extent, but through the creation process I’ve been able to develop an idea of what works for my company.

In addition to a strong team, I also couldn’t have created Divine Living without the support of friends and colleagues. In particular when it came to the Sydney Issue, I felt so grateful to have my dear friend Grace Gedeon literally open the doors of the city for me.

sidepicFrom the moment I landed in Sydney, Grace was there to guide me, introducing me to Sally Burleigh, one of the city’s top publicists, and Fleur Wood, the highly regarded author and fashion designer. She took me to est., which turned out to be my favorite restaurant, and shopped with me at Camilla’s for the most beautiful caftans. I met Michelle Leslie, a brilliant designer, through Grace, and also took a tour of the sites with her, including Mrs. Macquaries’s Chair, the Opera House, and the Harbour Bridge.

I truly believe that when you go for your dreams, the teacher really does appear. I feel so blessed and grateful that my dear friend Grace, who I met 15 years ago when we both worked with Marianne Williamson, turned out to be that person.

So as this issue so magically and miraculously came together, I wish you every success in your seedling endeavors. If you plant the seed it will blossom. Know that what you seek is seeking you, and as you go for it, the right people, the right players, the right everything will show up for you as well.

There’s a line in A Course in Miracles that says, “Thoughts grow stronger as they are shared.” So if there’s a dream that’s been put on the back burner as you manage your busy life, bring it up to the front burner this week and nurture it. Sometimes it’s just a conversation that gets it going.

All My Love,


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