Going for the Dream


When Whatever it Takes
is Harder Than it Looks

The process of going after your dreams can be exhilarating, though we all know it’s hardly ever comfortable. It’s easy to imagine a beautiful achievement, but difficult to see all the ways the journey will challenge you. And sometimes, the opportunities that arise will leave you thinking, “Be careful what you wish for.”

I’ve had a dream of being on television since I was a little girl, though I have yet to seriously or even casually pursue media appearances in my career. For the past ten years the focus has been on building a profitable business and creating a lifestyle of international travel, so TV hasn’t been anything I attempted.

Now that my business and lifestyle are both at a high standard that I’m proud of, it felt like the right time to start moving into TV. Plus, after years of being on stage, interacting with live audiences, starring in marketing videos and hosting a radio show, I figured I’d be ready for my closeup.

So I put that desire out into the world, and soon I attracted in the right mentor. I was approached to start working on some media projects, and told there would be media training involved, though we all agreed that I probably wouldn’t need much. Obviously, I was going to be a natural at television. #lord

A few weeks in, and I’m here to make the humbling admission that IF I’m going to be a natural at television, it’s going to take a decent amount of training, people! I quickly found that it’s a pretty specific skill-set needed, and quite different from what it takes to command a stage or shoot a quick video for Facebook Live.

I’m learning how to speak in sound bites and get my point across faster, which is key to having your message heard by a larger audience. The process thus far has been awkward, uncomfortable and challenging, like learning a new instrument or trying to speak another language. Did I mention awkward?!

For go-getters like me, it’s especially painful to put ourselves through a scenario where we’re not proficient at whatever it is we’re doing. And yet here I am, submitting video after video, wanting so badly to succeed and hear that I nailed it, and instead receiving feedback that nope—I didn’t nail it—AGAIN!

I’ve been consciously committed to letting myself feel uncomfortable, while trying to enjoy the process of getting better at media. I’m staying open to receiving the coaching and working hard to avoid getting defensive, disappointed or shutting down completely. (You remember I’m Sicilian, right?)

For this media training to actually work for me, I know I have to drop the need to look perfect in other people’s eyes—and my own. Only by accepting myself where I am right now and fully engaging in the task at hand do I stand the chance of developing the skills I seek. If I truly desire this
dream, I’ll have to get out of my own way (#painfulbutworthit).

Mastery may not be happening as instantaneously as I desire, but I have started to feel the training taking root. My work isn’t over yet, but I’m not striving for perfection, only excellence as I would in any other area of my life. Stay tuned—hopefully one day soon you’ll get to witness my television debut, and we’ll all have to send my media trainer a thank you note!

  All My Love,



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