Conscious Couple or Messy Marriage?
Life Typically Gives You a Bit of Both.



One of the blessings of this magazine has been the opportunity to challenge myself creatively. I know that seeing me fishing in Jackson Hole was probably as much of a surprise to you as it was to me in the moment, and I was able to grow so much from it.

I have you, my readers, to thank for encouraging and inspiring me to make unexpected choices. So many of you loved the contrast of reading the Vegas Issue right after the Spiritual Issue in Bali,btd-oct-1 that I really wanted to keep things fresh after Paris. I never would have made it to the mountains without you!

More than just the unexpected location, this issue has introduced so many new dimensions to Divine Living. It was particularly fun to have my husband play a more leading role in the magazine, contributing his empowered masculine stance on business and romance.

Together we shared what we know to work when it comes to having a happy relationship (one that includes running a business too). These are the techniques and wisdom we really do use to keep our bond strong. However I don’t want to put us on a pedestal here—we have arguments and go through difficult times, just like everyone else.

In fact, you might find it ironic that the same week “The Conscious Couple” story came out, we were going through one of the most challenging times in our marriage. I don’t think anyone is exempt from being humbled by life no matter how conscious. The important thing is that when our lower vibrational selves come out (and they do), we don’t give up, but call upon our higher selves to get us back on track.

btd-oct-2Today as I write this, I’m glad to say we’ve turned the corner on that particular challenge and have bounced back. The experience was a good reminder of life’s highs and lows. Even when on the surface things don’t look like the pages of a magazine, that doesn’t mean you give up on what you know to be true.

Behind-the-scenes, Glenn and I might have been better suited to star in “The Messy Marriage” than “The Conscious Couple”—but that doesn’t mean we had lost ourselves or our purposes. Remember that the point isn’t to achieve a relationship that’s 100% perfect 100% of the time. It’s to grow, together.

  All My Love,






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