The Best Way to Connect With Your Clients & Audience
on Your Summer Adventures


Few things boost a woman entrepreneur’s brand and creativity more than travel. For most of us, the experience of being in a new place awakens a sense of wonder. There’s a fresh energy that inspires us to explore, taste, feel, touch, see and be seen—and when we carry that passion into our work, it’s magic.

While in Positano this summer, video became my favorite way to capture and share my total delight over waking up in Italy every morning. Recording short video messages on my iPhone became part of my daily routine. Typically, I would sleep in (because dinner is at 10pm), have coffee with Glenn, then get myself ready for the day (which means selecting a bathing suit and a caftan because let’s be real—nothing else fits when you’re in pasta country!).

After starting the morning out on the balcony taking in the beautiful ocean views, I would be naturally excited to connect with my audience and my clients— so I’d simply set up my camera and say hello. I wanted to bring them into my world and remind them that they too could create a dream business and lifestyle of their own design. The messages came effortlessly to me as I focused on what my people needed to hear from me most, along with showing them what else is possible.

If you’re a woman entrepreneur on the road, I highly recommend incorporating quick video shoots into your daily routine. We all know how well travel lends itself to social media—everyone loves to see where we’re going, staying, dining and what we’re wearing as we explore a new city—but video really takes it to the next level. Whether it’s for Facebook Live or Periscope or simply a YouTube video you send to your list, broadcasting from a fabulous location can take less than 20 minutes from prep to upload. Plus it costs nothing to produce and delivers a high-touch experience for your people.

Even if you’re not currently jet setting, you can still benefit from crafting a video series that speaks to your ideal clients. No matter where you are, getting in front of the camera is a powerful way to establish your “like, know and trust” factor, grow your list and generate income. Below I’m sharing my latest video series from this summer in Positano along with five steps to creating your own.




If you watch my videos, you’ll notice there were many times when I almost didn’t shoot them because I didn’t think I looked polished enough to go in front of the camera. Doing it anyway proved to me that my people do not always need to see me with full hair and make-up—they appreciate getting to know all sides of me. I would step out of the shower, pile my hair on top of my head, throw on a sweep of lip gloss and a quick coat of mascara and just go for it. I was blown away by all the positive comments. I realized it wasn’t the production value or the glamour that made this video series so successful, it was simply the fact that I woke up feeling happy, beautiful, rested and inspired, and my audience could feel that.

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Going without hair and make-up (okay—maybe a little mascara and gloss) is a lot easier when you find the right lighting. Cameras are funny that way. Depending on where you position yourself and what time of day it is, the light can make you look 20 years younger or 75 years older. So when you go to set up your shot, move around, pay attention and adjust the camera until you’ve found the flattering glow you’re looking for. The light should be coming from behind the camera and bright enough that the image isn’t grainy. Natural light is often your best bet, so try moving near a window or even shooting outside.

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Ideally your videos give viewers a sense of your location—so don’t shoot on the bed next to a wall. To really pull people into your world you should consider the background carefully. Are you in a beautiful hotel room? Let’s see it. Is there a balcony with a gorgeous view? We’d love to have a look. Or perhaps you’re out and about town, stopping in for a drink at a cafe. Perfect! Sometimes a simple staging element like a cobblestone street, a wrought-iron lamp or a gorgeous bougainvillea bush is enough to give the texture of travel. Personally part of what I love about my work is discovering and sharing new destinations, so setting the scene is all part of the fun.

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There’s no shortage of messages your audience needs to hear from you. If you’re overwhelmed by the possibilities of what you could talk about or on the other hand, if you feel like you don’t know what to say, first remember that your audience is just like you, only you’re a few steps ahead of them. So put your feet in their shoes (after all, you’ve been there). What are they waking up scared about? What are they intimidated by? What do they feel defeated by? What do they need to know about what else is available to them? Let yourself speak authentically from experience to where your ideal clients are at in the moment. Coming from a place of Divine guidance, you’ll be sure to find your flow.

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There’s a “behind the scenes” element to one-on-one videos and you may want to share something candid and personal, or speak to something that’s weighing heavily on your heart. Ultimately I can only recommend that you do what you authentically feel called to do, rather than what others are doing or what you think you should do. Whether you share a humbling personal experience or voice your thoughts on a bigger issue is your choice. There are a lot of things going on in the world that I care deeply about, but that I do not feel called to be a leader on, so I have yet to discuss them through my business platforms. As for the real talk, I do openly share my mistakes and missteps as an entrepreneur, as I know my audience looks to me specifically for business guidance. Nobody believes in a perfect person anyway, so don’t be afraid to admit to getting it wrong when others have so much to learn from it.



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