The Feminine Way to Meet Your
Financial Goals

In this issue of Divine Living we’ve talked a lot about masculine energy, and how women entrepreneurs can best use it in support of our feminine vision.

While I hope to have inspired you all to embrace your inner masculine side as you build your businesses, I could not close out this issue without bringing it back to the feminine, the creative, and the intuitive. It is after all what has brought us all together in the Divine Living community, and what for many of us, guides our movement through the world.

gina-bedMaking money does require a certain masculine energy. Structures, direct communication, and a singular focus are sometimes essential to running our businesses and having the impact we desire. But these things alone will get us nowhere if we don’t have our feminine core to guide us.

Often feminine women like us shy away from fulfilling our financial potential because of what we’ve been taught about making money. We think that the only way to become wealthy is by working hard all of the time, becoming overly masculine, or sacrificing love, family, passion, and life’s pleasures.

Well, for any of us who have waited tables, worked three jobs, and put in 15 hours a day “working,” we can attest that working hard is not necessarily the key to financial abundance. Having once been a struggling psychotherapist working 75 hours a week and making $24k per year, I know that I did not get to where I am today by working harder or doing more.

So it wasn’t my masculine, take-action energy that changed, it was the strength of my feminine vision. At my core, it was my creative and Spiritual energy guiding my action and calling in financial abundance.

So, how do you create wealth based on feminine Spiritual principles? Here’s what you need to get clear on to align your greatest inner power with your unlimited financial goals.

1 Let Your Passion Drive You

The most powerful feminine force for creating wealth are your true desires. If you’re just working to pay off credit cards, bills, taxes, and other things that don’t inspire you, it’s not the place to begin your money-making journey. You’ll get there and there will come a time, after you’ve allowed yourself many of your desires, that paying those other bills will even become a desire as well. Look at it this way, if what’s currently going on in your wealth creation process isn’t working as much as you’d like, try reversing all you’ve been taught about making money and start by trusting your desires.

2 Make Your Desires Non-Negotiable

IIt’s not enough just to want more money. Like many people, for well over a decade I was in pain about not having more money, embarrassed, knowing how much not having more was holding me back from living my purpose. The first internal shift I made was the decision that I would never again struggle financially (even though at the time I had $60 in my bank account and had no idea how to make money). I made learning how to make money a “non-negotiable” like my life depended on it, because it did.

3 Work Smarter, Not Harder

You’ll find in the realm of Divine guidance, you’ll be shown an action plan that has you work smart not hard. Effort is definitely needed, just not that “pounding the pavement” kind of over-working that many of us have been taught is the way to greater wealth. For example, my first financial miracle came in when I got clear that I desired funds to purchase a particular coaching program, and within 2 weeks, rather than going out and “pounding the pavement” to get 10 new clients and the amount I needed to cover the coaching investment, I had 1 person come to me and purchase 10 of my coaching packages for people he knew.

I find that these three areas are where conventional wisdom about success tends to stop women entrepreneurs from flourishing. When you know that your passion and your desires are important, understand that your value is not solely connected to the hours you clock, and have faith in the universe and its laws, you can be comfortable going about life according to who you truly are. Keep your feminine energy strong by meditating on your desires and making time for your passions, and know that the more masculine business practices are only there to serve you in building your vision.



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