Wondering what it takes to start and grow the business of your dreams?

For the first time in Divine Living history, you’re invited to join me live in Paris for an exclusive look into exactly how I work with my global clients to create the six-figure businesses they desire are beyond!

Watch the full series now to meet the incredible women of the Divine Living Academy and witness major breakthroughs and transformations.


Dare To Desire


Go behind the scenes with Gina DeVee and the team as they set intentions for the first day in Paris. See how Gina preps to take the stage and get an exclusive look at how to align your business and life around your core desires. Then, watch as Gina masterfully coaches one aspiring entrepreneur to confront a major personal block and find the courage to move past it.

Dare to Prosper

It’s the second day of the Paris live event and the women are ready to dig deep and reach for their next levels. It’s all about growth today and no matter where each entrepreneur is at, she’s encouraged to take a look at her family dynamics and uncover the stories that are still holding her back. After the teaching session, Alba Gomez takes the hot-seat and opens up about her own family story, showing us all the power of the coaching process.

Dare to Inspire

For our final day, it’s time to anchor in the truth: that when you give to yourself, you’re able to impact so many more people in the process. In this episode, you’ll get to be be a fly on the wall as the women create simple, easy business plans to bring in the amount of money they desire. You’ll watch as our participants coach each other on how they’ve opened up to the flow of abundance. And for our finale, Gina’s husband and Divine Living’s CEO Glenn A. Sisk takes the stage to answer questions about love and relationships.


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