How to Create a Healthy Team Communication
Flow With My Favorite New App

big-in last week’s Gina MBA, we discussed how to evaluate every aspect of the health of your business. And one of the areas I know many of us women entrepreneurs struggle with from time to time is managing our teams with effective communication.

In the past I too have struggled to maintain a healthy communication flow within my company, so I was thrilled when my executive assistant introduced me to Wunderlist, an app that makes leading a team easier then ever.

It’s honestly as close as you can get to telepathic communication without adding to the chaos of everyone’s e-mail inbox. The app automatically organizes files, to-do lists and conversations in a way that keeps everyone involved perfectly aligned—all you have to do is hit record.

It’s been especially useful to me at those odd hours when nobody’s around and inspiration strikes. Like crawling into bed at 10:30pm and suddenly remembering you forgot to check in on the status of something. Rather than pulling the diva move and making that late night call, I can just log in to Wunderlist and see whether it happened.

Or, when I’m getting out of the shower and realize I need my personal assistant to get more shampoo. Normally I’d think, “Oh, I have to remember to tell her when I see her.” And of course I always forget. But if my phone is nearby and it usually is, all I have to do is tell Wunderlist what I need and it’ll automatically be added to my assistant’s to-dos.

For virtual teams in different time zones, the app is a great alternative to texting at all hours of the night and allows for transparency across different levels of staff. Plus, it’s super useful for staffing changes as you can transfer over this entire system of organization with all of the essential information.

So if one of the things you uncovered on your healthy business evaluation was the need for better communication, I could not recommend this app more. Check out our tutorial below to learn more about how Wunderlist can help transform your team dynamic!




When you first open the app, you’ll be invited to create several lists to help streamline everything you have going on. Choose from the suggested options or create your own. For example I have: Home, Personal, Magazine, Wardrobe, Live Events, Clients, Traveling, etc.



Wunderlist’s main screen is where you can get everything out of your head and into the funnel. Either type in your task or use voice record if you’re on the go! Drag them into different lists to make sure the right tasks go to the right people.



Clicking on a task allows you to add a due date and sub-tasks, while clicking the star simply adds it to your to-do list for today. Use hashtags to classify things, making them easy to find across different lists. For example you can use #Australiatrip to consolidate everything from flights to dinner reservations, or #errands so your assistant can pull them all up while she’s out.



Whether your team needs edits from you or vice-versa, the process is super streamlined with Wunderlist’s easy upload function. Each task has a space for adding files, so you can have it all happen right there in the app. Amazing!



Don’t think you need to set up the perfect system right away—your lists, projects and tasks will be constantly evolving. It’s a process. Check in on the app at the end of each day to see your team’s progress. At least once a week have someone go through and remove any unnecessary tasks that have fallen by the wayside.






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