Meet 3 Fabulous Academy Alums Who Are
Creating Their Dream Lives in London



Meet 3 Fabulous Academy Alums Who Are Creating Their Dream Lives in London


Before starting the Divine Living Magazine, I have had the honor of mentoring thousands of women from over 100 countries on how to become empowered feminine entrepreneurs and create freedom-based businesses while earning an income, traveling and doing what they love. Today I’m inviting you to join me and other women around the world who are making a move in the direction of their dreams.

With women from Sydney to LA to London to Dubai and most places in between, our community is truly global. This month, I’m introducing you to some of the amazing Divine Living Academy alumni who call London home.



Polly Alexandre

With the support of the Divine Living Academy I created a brand new six-figure coaching business part-time in just over a year.


“Before the Academy I was a photographer, passionate about self-development and doing well in my field, but experiencing a yo-yo income, and not living the lifestyle I truly desired. Some personal losses had impacted my business, my income and my confidence, and it was time to build a new vision for my life and business.

I reached my goal of consistent five-figure months in my coaching business and through it, I have created amazing and life-changing results for my own clients. In the second year I went on to create regular £20k+ months, a full schedule of private clients and a successful group coaching program—and this all in my first full-time year as a coach!

On a personal level, I moved into my dream home in Ibiza, had some epic shopping trips, and made amazing new friends all over the world through the Academy. I have become the woman that flies business class and knows she has the power to make all of her desires a reality.”


Charlene Salmon

It’s as though my REAL life has just begun, my heart and soul have exploded and for the first time in my life I have given myself permission to not only dream but to take inspired action towards those dreams.


“I often feel like no matter what I say the words will never do justice to how much my life has changed since joining the Divine Living Academy. I realize that I was playing very small and have been my entire life. I now know the possibilities are endless, I have never been so excited about my future.

As we approach the final few months, it occurs to me that I do have a thriving coaching business and graduation is already a done deal. For the first time in a long time I can say that I have finally experienced a year that hasn’t looked exactly the same as the last.

This world class training program has allowed me to travel to luxury destinations, experience what it is to make 10K in a single month doing something I love, work with some of the most incredible clients on earth and learn from the best coach in the industry. And I cannot imagine this journey without the amazing women in the program—I have made special friendships that will continue beyond the Divine Living Academy experience and last an absolute life time.”


Kirsty Carden

My first month in business was a $5k month with nothing but the most ideal clients and it has just expanded from there.


“I have always had big dreams and wanted to start my own coaching business but wasn’t sure where to start. The Divine Living Academy has been a life-changing experience for me.

After spending the first few months in the Divine Living Academy putting in all the work both through the training, setting up my business, getting experience and most importantly, my own personal development, I was more than ready to start my business.

My clients have experienced phenomenal results and I have a 90% turnover in discovery calls. I’m doing the work I love and have gained the most amazing life-long friends and experiences along the way, all made possible because of the Divine Living Academy.”


The Divine Living Academy Coaching & Business Certification Program is currently open for 2017 enrollment. Each year we work with a committed community of women who are ready to tap into their power and transform their lives from so-so, struggling or settling to ones of spectacular success on their own terms, international travel and total freedom.

It doesn’t matter where your life’s journey has taken you up until now. The life you read about in the pages of Divine Living Magazine is not only possible, it’s happening right now for other women just like you.

In the Divine Living Academy, you’ll join a passionate, brilliant and high-level community of women entrepreneurs on the rise. You’ll be inspired and supported to live life on your own terms—and we’ll show you how, step by step, module by module.


SAY Yesto the Life You Truly Desire!








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