How to Make the Most of Your Day in the Sun & Avoid Business-Building Burnout


One thing my friends and clients know about me is that I don’t do overwhelm for many reasons, one of them being that it inevitably leads to burnout.

I know that fear of having to “work too hard” or “getting burned out (again)” is a top concern for many women entrepreneurs as they see their success start to rise.

Though I’ve had a number of fears on my business building journey, burnout has never been something I’ve struggled with. Why? I’m really into enjoying my life and the ride my business has taken me on. I have a nice amount of work and play integrated into my regular routine, so I don’t let things build up so much that I’d be led to burning out.

Also, the burnout story (and all that goes with it) is really boring and not that profitable! Working smarter, not harder, is the real sweet spot for women entrepreneurs like us and we’re totally capable to do so!

beach-1Most of us are either building a personal brand, or in some way are the name and face of our brand, and if you’re always working, then your brand is not going to get a lot of attention on social media, nor is it going to attract ideal clients because they’ll feel the grind of you always working too.

beach-2Always make time for yourself to experience the world and live your fullest life. Travel is a great way to see new sights, get a fresh perspective on your life and business, and discover new stories to share. However it’s also so important to take care of yourself while on the road.

beach-3On a recent Divine Living Academy trip to Sydney, in addition to many fun and fabulous weeknight dinners out with friends, I took a full day off to relax at the beautiful Bondi Beach. I always like to fill my days off with rich inspiration and beauty so that they’re truly restorative. Here are the Divine Living tips and tricks I keep in my beach bag to stay inspired and steer clear of burnout.

girl-boss1.Get an Inspiring Beach Read
Read something light and fun, yet totally motivating and invigorating. It’ll up your vibration and tap into your passion, so you don’t dip into the burnout end of the pool. One of my favs? #Girlboss. Try reading about a twenty-something who used to dumpster dive, and now owns a 100 million dollar company, and feel anything other than inspired!

gina-phone2.Ponder Over a Podcast
Download all your favorite podcasts, and soak up the good vibes while soaking up the sun. One of my ultra cool yoga teacher-turned-coach clients, Tracy Wendroff-Rawnicki, recently shared with me that when she first found out about the Divine Living Community, she went and downloaded all of my free podcasts and listened to one every single day. They opened up her mind and strengthened her wealth consciousness.

body-bling3. Glow with Body Bling
Having a beautiful mind helps a woman avoid burnout, and so does having a beautiful body. When I was in Paris, I had my makeup done by someone closely connected to the J.Lo camp. I asked for one of my style icon’s best beauty secrets, and that’s when I found out about Scott Barnes’s Body Bling. This shimmering bronzer is just the thing to give you that perfect beach glow before you even hit the sand.


4. Bigger is Better—When it Comes to Your Thinking!
When we think small, we get small results. Burnout is just a form of depression, and we get depressed when we think we can’t have what we want. So if you think bigger, you’ll start asking better questions like, “How can I make more money and enjoy a day at the beach?” Most women think it’s either/or—either you make more money OR you have time off—but actually AND is key. As you fuel your desires and allow yourself to have it all, you will become a master of avoiding burnout too. The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn is a great audio book to bring with you for bigger and more miracle-minded thinking.

phone-social5. Be Social for Your Soul & for Social Media
Now that you’re out from behind your computer (finally), flaunting your favorite Camilla, and getting ready to meet up with people who bring you joy, you’re naturally happy and having fun—which probably means you’re naturally snapping pics. Your time out is for you, which is for your biz too! And there’s nothing that builds brand buzz faster than seeing a woman traveling, being social, and having fun. This is the effortless way to build your biz and avoid burnout. Trust me, your ideal clients will be attracted to you, word will get out that you’re the kind of woman who unapologetically lives a big life, has lots of fun, and is smart enough to know how to make a big income in the process. Follow me on Instagram and you’ll see how I build my brand buzz by being visible on social media.


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