Watch Gina Take the Stage at the
Latest Divine Living Academy Live Event

A couple of weeks ago, around 150 women from around the world flew to Maui in search of connection, community and their next big breakthrough. It was the first Divine Living Academy event of 2017—three powerful days to be fully present, get vulnerable and live your truth—and nothing like a typical business seminar (I’m not wearing a suit, for a reason!).

If you’ve always dreamed of luxury travel and wondered what these live events are all about, I’m thrilled to give you an exclusive look at how we kicked off 2017 in Maui. The theme of day one was “A Return to the Feminine,” calling upon participants to dig deep, rediscover their inner wild woman and let her run free!

It’s incredible to see the transformation that happens when a woman decides to go for it. And in this day and age, she doesn’t need to go it alone. I truly believe that what so many women need right now is to find their tribe, and I am so proud of how diverse, determined, inclusive and loving the Divine Living community has become.

While enrollment in the Academy and Business of Coaching is closed for the year, it’s not too late to start your journey from home, connect with your tribe online and receive the same full year’s worth of in-depth content, coaching demonstrations and training modules that our live participants love.
The curriculum will train you in everything it takes to create your dream business and lifestyle, and you’ll be supported by our team every step of the way. Sign up now for exclusive access to the full three-day Maui event, and look forward to live streaming-in as we travel to Paris, Mallorca and Los Angeles together this year.

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