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sso many of my clients schedule extra phone sessions just before Thanksgiving!
It’s a holiday that tends to be centered around food and for those of us who are still building a positive relationship with our diet, it can seem challenging. It’s so easy to lose sight of your weight loss goals when everyone around us is throwing caution to the wind  and over-indulging. But the truth is, you can enjoy a completely satisfying holiday without  packing on the pounds!

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks! I encourage you to thank your body by treating it with respect and love. Indulge in a delicious meal that truly nourishes you and soak in the company of your loved ones. Thanksgiving is actually an amazing chance to really empower yourself and your health! Keep reading for my five top tips to avoid weight gain this Thanksgiving.





Take charge in the kitchen!

If you’re worried about not having anything healthy to eat, take the initiative to bring your own dishes to the table. Wow your dinner guests with healthy alternatives to your favorite Thanksgiving classics.


One super simple way to enjoy a classic dish like mashed potatoes is to switch out half of the potatoes for cauliflower and boil them in garlic-infused vegetable broth instead of water. You’ll have a huge punch of flavor and won’t miss those extra calories at all! When you finally sit down to eat, you’ll be confident knowing every ingredient is nourishing your body. You can dig in for seconds, guilt-free!

Adopt an attitude of gratitude

In the spirit of the holiday, give thanks and be mindful at mealtime. Studies show you actually eat less when you take time to appreciate your food. Before you take that first bite, soak in the loving energy that permeates the room.

When you do start eating, stay present. Put your fork down between bites and really focus on the enticing aromas, textures and flavors. Slowing down will allow your body the time it needs to signal that you are full and satisfied.

Dress for success

Treat yourself to an outfit that you absolutely love and really look forward to showing off. And here’s the key – make it a snug outfit – one that hugs your curves so there’s no room to gain those extra holiday pounds. Then, set a date on your calendar when you plan on wearing it. Perhaps it’s for the upcoming company holiday party or New Year’s Eve.

Not only will the outfit help keep you on track through Thanksgiving and all the way up until the event, but it will give you a sense of self-confidence when you finally wear it out on the town!

Indulge consciously

You’re actually more likely to binge if you feel like you’re being deprived. So if you just can’t stand the idea of not digging into Grandma’s World Famous Thanksgiving Pie this year, then go ahead and have a slice!

This isn’t a free-for-all pass to eat everything in sight. Choose one must-have item and allow yourself to indulge. Let yourself know that you’ve made a conscious choice to eat this treat, whatever it may be, and then truly savor it! Satisfy your craving, and do so without regrets!

Be active with your family!

Organize a rowdy game of family football or simply go for a long walk before dinner. You’ll not only work up an appetite, but you’ll also rev up your metabolism so you burn more
calories at mealtime. Plus, exercise releases dopamine, which not only boosts your mood but also plays a key role in controlling your hunger!

Remember, Thanksgiving is about so much more than dinner! It’s about feeding your soul with love, grace and the warmth of abundance. Bon appétit!


Oh-So-Sweet Potato Smoothie


If you’re conscious of cutting down on sugar this season, swap out that dessert wine or chocolate martini for this delicious Thanksgiving-inspired smoothie from my Hungry Hottie Cookbook!
2 c cooked sweet potato, chopped
½ c coconut milk
½ tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp cinnamon
½ tsp ground nutmeg
1 c ice

1. Place all ingredients into your blender

(I suggest a Vitamix for best results.)

2. Blend until smooth and enjoy!


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