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Ancient Chinese Techniques for Navigating Life

As entrepreneurs, we sign up for a life of freedom, creative expression, impact…and uncertainty. Everyone knows how “risky” it is to start a business and how intimidating it can be to blaze your own trail. And no matter how successful you get, the responsibilities and the questions and the risks do not go away—especially if you’re committed to growing.

I may be relatively established in my industry, but I have even bigger dreams ahead of me. So of course I always seek guidance in better understanding my self, my vision and my best path forward. I love exploring all different forms of wisdom and most recently I had a fascinating session with Hilory Wallk, a Chinese metaphysics and Feng Shui practitioner.

Hilory works with women entrepreneurs like us to discover our best path through life, make strategic decisions and surround ourselves with the right people and energies for success. I was impressed by the insights she had for my 2016 year ahead and absolutely had to find out more about how she does it.

DLM caught up with Hilory recently for a fascinating conversation about ancient divination techniques, destiny charts and luck cycles. Enjoy our interview below and find out how you might benefit from these 5000+ year old techniques.





You began your career as an intellectual property attorney. What drew you away from that and towards Chinese metaphysics?
Well, it certainly wasn’t anything I had planned on. I have a law degree and a master’s in intellectual property law. After years in corporate law I decided to start my own legal practice. Going out on my own for the first time was something I had never done before and I thought, “Wow! What can I do in order to increase my ability to retain and find new clients?” I read an article about Feng Shui and I thought, “Well, I’m open minded. Why not?” It turned out to be amazing. I got more work than I could have ever imagined. It was literally at a point where I had to periodically stop the Feng Shui because I was getting more work than I could possibly handle. That really got me curious, because I have such a logical mind and I’m in such a logical job—yet, clearly it worked. I mean I went from just starting a legal practice to having a ridiculous amount of clients, so something was happening. The more I read and explored, the more fascinated I became. I sought out masters all over the world and began to study all the different sub-modalities. Feng Shui is just one of the more well-known types of Chinese metaphysics, but there are so many different types—like Bazi destiny analysis and Qi Men Dun Jia. They involve forecasting, strategic execution and spiritual components. There are also some advanced techniques such as date selection, where you can choose specific dates that are going to optimize your ability to achieve a successful outcome. There are a lot of different ways to use it. What I love about classical Chinese metaphysics is that, at its core, it really is based on a 5,000-year-old set of scientific principles and theories. For me, with my logical background, it was perfect because it fit into my frame of reference and also allowed me to explore my intuitive side. It’s been quite the journey.


Amazing. So how did your discovery and your passion ultimately become a business?
So I got into all these different modalities and started working with them in my own life and every time I got such amazing results. I started to do it for friends and the next thing I knew people were like, “You need to make a business out of this.” I kept resisting and resisting it. In the meantime, I kept studying with more people. Finally, I thought, “Well, let me just try this on a trial basis. I’ll put together some beta programs and I’ll work with some people and see what happens.” It was just incredibly, incredibly successful. It became bigger than me to a point where I literally had to put aside my legal career and pursue this full-time.

So what is a first session with you typically like?
There’s not ever a particular way that people work with me—what happens in the first session all depends on what someone is looking for. Sometimes people are looking for answers to where should they be going in their life. Are they on the right track? Are they doing what’s going to lead them to their best possible future? If they come to me for that type of question, then I’ll work with them on destiny analysis, understanding where they are, where they’re going, what their luck cycle is going to bring them. Other people are looking for very specific answers to questions such as, “Should I work with this coach? Should I launch a Facebook ad in the next few months? If I write a book, will that lead to success in terms of bringing me more clients, more money?” There are an infinite number of questions that people can ask and the more specific they are, the better the answers I can give them. Some people come to me looking to assemble what I call a “dream team.” I work with them to get the right people who are going to be compatible with their strengths and weaknesses, who are able to step in and do the type of role they’re looking for. I’ll look at the charts of the people they want to bring on and see where the compatibilities are. Sometimes I’ll look at a chart and say, “This person is not going to be able to work the way you want them to work. You’re looking for them to be able to step in, be your second in command, to be able to take the reins and really be aggressive. This person will be good at taking direction. They won’t be the type of aggressive personality you’re looking for.”


So fascinating! Tell us more about “luck cycles.”
In Chinese metaphysics, you have two different sets of luck cycles. You have one based on your time of birth and hour of birth. The energies affecting you are going to change every 10 years. You’re impacted not only by what’s in your natal chart, but also by what happens during each 10-year cycle and by what happens every year. There are a lot of different energies impacting you and your 10-year cycle will look very different than someone else’s. Even for twins. Their natal charts and their luck cycles will look different. I can tell them anything, whether they’re looking at relationships, health, at what’s happening with family members, what’s happening with their finances, with their career. I can answer any types of questions about that. Now if they want specific questions answered about, as I mentioned before, “Should I work with this coach? Should I invest money right now in Facebook ads? Should I partner with this person? Should I enter into a JV relationship?” That’s a completely different set of charts that I can do, but those questions can be answered as well. They just can’t be answered by the same charts I use to look at their destiny.


Interesting. How does this work help people relieve stress and uncertainty?
Dealing with uncertainty is probably one of the hardest things that an entrepreneur has to face on a day-to-day basis. What I can do is take away that uncertainty. Now nothing is ever 100% and you wouldn’t want it be. I don’t want people to rely on me so much that there are no surprises in store for them. The bigger things, yes. I’ll answer that. But what I do for people that’s so important is that I help them to understand whether a specific action they’re going to take is going to be successful for them. What I can do is I can prevent them from wasting time, money and energy going in the wrong direction. I can help them plot out the right steps to take at the right time, because that’s really the definition of success in Chinese metaphysics. It’s all about taking action. It reminds me of when people talk about the Law of Attraction and manifesting—the missing part is always taking the right steps. This tells you what steps to take and when to take them. As soon as you take action, it triggers a new set of energies and then we look again. It’s what helps you to manifest your goals in a real way.


Very cool. What about the Feng Shui you practice—why is it so powerful?
The Feng Shui that I do is much different from what most people are familiar with, which is Western Feng Shui or modern Feng Shui. That has certainly a lot of psychological benefit to it. Homes look nicer. They feel maybe a little bit more comfortable. People like the clutter-free atmosphere, but it really doesn’t change the energies. In order to change the energies, you have to take really specific action. You have to match the chart of a house to the natal chart of a person to make sure that they’re using the best rooms that will benefit them and that they’ll also face certain directions when they’re working or sleeping or eating. All of these things are really what helps to activate the energies in the house. Then we also do certain fire and water activations, which I always call “acupuncture for the home.” You are literally taking the specific hexagrams, which are points of energy in the house. They’re 15 degree energy directions. You have a whole circle of 360 degrees any time. What we want to do is come up with those 15 degree direction points that are going to map to the best direction in the house to bring about the goals you’re looking for. They have to also match the energies of the person. On top of that, I have to take a specific date that is going to be beneficial to a person’s goals in order to make sure that they light the candle at a certain hour on a certain day that is going to be, for example, their wealth day. If their goal is to make more money, then they’re going to make those activations on those certain days. It’s a layering. It’s looking at their natal chart, looking at the house’s chart, looking at the specific date that matches the wealth in their chart. It’s very intensive work. It’s very time consuming and it’s very accurate.


Amazing. Here’s another one we’re curious about—what is Qi Men Dun Jia?
Qi Men Dun Jia is based on the art of war craft that the Chinese created centuries and centuries ago. It allowed them to be a dominating force in the world with their armies because they used this specific set of formulas. As the Chinese empire faded away, the practice was handed down through wealthy families and it was their secret. In the past 25 to 50 years or so, families started selling their secrets to certain masters, who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get them. More recently it’s being used in a very significant way with entrepreneurs throughout the world who work with these masters. Qi Men Dun Jia can be used for anything. It can be used for getting your business to the point that you want to get it to. It’s great in negotiations to make sure you’re able to win or persuade someone to move to your argument. There is a way to get from Point A to Point B using the Qi Men charts. Now it’s not always right away. Often it takes a series of steps over time to get to that goal depending on how difficult a goal it is, but it’s extremely, extremely effective.

What is “destiny flow” and how does a woman entrepreneur become out of sync with it? How are you able to guide her back?
Destiny flow is a term for saying that you are in sync with the highest aspects of your destiny chart. It helps you to make sure that you’re doing things that are going to lead you in the easiest possible direction through life. It’s not going to stop bad things from happening to you if you’re in your flow, but what it’s going to do is minimize the obstacles and allow you to move around them with ease. If you know that things are going to come up—there’s going to be a change in your job, a new person coming into your life, a new partnership, a new relationship—whatever it happens to be, you know what to do if you see obstacles coming up. There are ways to prepare and to minimize the impact of those obstacles. Instead of just sitting there and just waiting for life to affect you, you are actually taking the reins in your hands and making decisions that are going to be in your highest interest based on where the chart is taking you.


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