Claim Your divine destiny with a
freedom-based business, a luxurious lifestyle
and a global brand that is truly



Thursday, July 28th at 8:00 AM PST


In this inspiring training and LIVE Q&A,
I’ll be sharing:

  • The #1 mistake most women entrepreneurs make that keep them spinning rather than soaring and how you can avoid it right now!
  • How to discover who you’re truly meant to serve; how those clients think, how they feel, and how what YOU have to offer is the perfect match for what they need, want and desire.
  • My proven method to finding ideal clients, speaking directly to them through strategic messaging and marketing, and knowing when to turn away clients that are NOT a perfect fit and why it’s crucial in maintaining a successful business.
  • Exactly how I went from making 25k to over 7 figures in only 3 years by figuring out how to select the right clients & prices for my packages.
  • How to understand the psychology of offering high-end packages and confronting your fears and limiting beliefs about charging more so that you can price your packages in a way that feels authentic and is the perfect price point for your ideal client.
  • And just how “do-able” making 10k months consistently as a coach really is and what you can do TODAY to get started!



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