Becoming the Woman Who Creates
Her Own Destiny

Before you can become the leader you were born to be, your business will throw you into the fire—more than once. It’s simply the way growth works. There’s always a breakdown before there’s a breakthrough, and this phoenix truly does rise from the ashes.

With two eclipses last month, I imagine a lot of you went through some kind of unexpected change that demanded a transformation. I for one, couldn’t have planned for anything that’s happening now or imagined who I would become in the process.

A recent transition with a team member created a sudden gap in my business. In the past, something like this would have sent me into fear and overwhelm. But the Universe has given me this lesson enough times that I was able to respond like never before.

Maybe it’s because I’m 44 years old, but at this point I am beyond committed to making my dreams happen. If not now, when? I don’t have time to ruminate on my frustrations about what’s fair, what’s right or anything else that will distract me from activating my true desires.

My mother always taught me that happiness is a choice. This time rather than choosing drama, I’ve chosen to be more myself than ever. I’m stepping more fully into the focused, capable woman who knows what’s possible and lives it out daily.

Instead of a reason to go into despair (or fantasize about moving to Cyprus to wait tables), this unexpected change was my opportunity to roll up my sleeves and get even more involved in my business. In recent years I have had the luxury of working on my business rather than in it, and clearly I was needed back in the mix.

I soon understood why everything was happening the way it did. I was able to see different team members in their element, and ways that structures and systems needed to be improved or altered. The process has been empowering for the whole team, and the business is feeling fun and exciting again.

What’s most incredible is that while in some respects it might seem like I’ve moved backwards, I’m actually being met with more opportunities to leap forward than ever. I’ve been taking meetings with TV executives, there’s a new book in the works, plus exciting new coaching programs and even a podcast.

It’s amazing how well things go when you’re in the space of saying “yes.” The doors are flinging open, the right people are showing up and it’s all a matter of, how good am I going to let life get? The more I say yes, the more it all flows in.

With so many exciting projects emerging, I’m certainly being tested on my time management and having to show myself how capable I really am. There’s been a bit of a learning curve to juggle all I do, but I’m happy to say that while I’m busier than ever, I’m also having more fun.

I’ve had more time than ever for dinner with girlfriends, and I’ve made my daily walk on the beach with Lilly a non-negotiable. Whereas in the past I might have said I don’t have time to exercise or go out, I’m now seeing that I really do have time for everything that’s important to me when I properly manage my priorities.

I’m feeling very blessed to be able to activate all of the personal development and feminine wisdom that I’ve been cultivating over the past ten years. My hope for all of you is that you might step into the “no matter what” state even sooner than I did.

Opportunity is just on the other side of the breakdown. Sometimes you just have to pull up your big girl pants and get on with it. Do you have a dream, or not? Are you going to quit, or not? No seventh grader is taught that when the going gets tough you can activate your femininity, pray and tap into your intuition—but this is your greatest power.

Never question that the dreams inside of you are real. It’s your job to create your destiny, but that doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Be there for yourself. The more you stand up for yourself, say yes to your desires and persevere through the unexpected, the more ready you’ll become for your success.


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