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On the eastern edge of the Alps, Vienna is a majestic city with a rich past, a vibrant present and a bright future. The birthplace of Freud, Mozart and countless other cultural luminaries, these days the city is blossoming thanks to its superlative standard of living, booming startup scene and thriving cosmopolitan community.

To set the stage for this month’s Austrian adventure, we’re giving you a look at all that Vienna has to offer. Check out our Girl’s Guide below to learn why this beautiful city is worth a stop on your next European tour.

A Luxurious Legacy

Vienna is a place shaped by regal—and imperial—sensibilities. For hundreds of years it was the resident city of the Habsburg dynasty, whereupon it became throne of the Holy Roman empire and then finally, the Austrian empire.

As a long-time center of wealth, politics and prestige, the city is home to some of the most beautiful (and well maintained) architecture in Europe ranging from the Middle Ages to the modern era. No trip here would be complete without a visit to one of the city’s grand palaces, cathedrals and concert halls.


Tour the magnificent castle Empress Elisabeth called the “Palace of Dreams.”
Schloss Schönbrunn

The largest palace in Austria and the summer residence of the imperial family.
St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Built over 700 years ago, this unique mosaic-tiled gothic cathedral is one of Vienna’s most recognizable symbols.
Belle of the Ball

The Viennese love their traditions. Every winter is ball season—a time to don gowns and coattails and party like it’s the 19th century. Over 450 of these ultra glamorous affairs are hosted in the city every year and most are not stuffy nor boring. Instead they tend to be upscale all night ragers featuring modern dance music and extravagant entertainment.

The Opera Ball

February 23, 2017
The star-studded launch of opera season!
Ball of the Coffee Makers

February 17, 2017
One of Vienna’s largest and most prestigious balls.
The Good Life

In 2012, the UN named Vienna the most prosperous city on the planet. Admired by urban planners everywhere, it has been ranked number one in quality of living by publications like the Economist, Monocle and the Guardian.

The city is a glorious place to live (and visit!) for many reasons. Think splendid public parks and plazas, speedy mass transit that will take you anywhere and a delightfully walkable downtown—all impeccably maintained by some of the most advanced systems in the world.

It’s also a center of education, home to over 150,000 public university students, and a place of great peace and stability, with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.

Vienna Ice World

A beautiful 75,000-square-foot skating rink located in the City Hall Square opens every winter.
Ice world

Simply meaning “City Park” in German, this central park is designed in the style of an English garden full of memorials to Vienna’s great artists.
Lainzer Tiergarten

You might spot a wild deer or two on your hike through this gorgeous public nature reserve.
Foodie Favorites

On the gourmet front, Vienna shines with local delicacies like the Sachertorte chocolate cake, cheese, schnitzel, coffee and wine.

You might enjoy spending the afternoon reading, writing or people watching at one of the city’s legendary coffee houses. Perhaps try the famous Viennese Coffee: two shots of espresso mixed with whipped cream.

If you love wine, you’ll like to hear Vienna is the only world capital with vineyards within the city limits. Visit one of the city’s casual taverns, known as “heurigen,” to find out what traditional Austrian wine and home-style food is all about.

As for fine dining, of course the most prosperous city in Europe has plenty. The vibrant culinary scene is a mix of local and global, contemporary and classic and full of award-winning chefs from all over the world.

Cafe Sperl

One of the city’s most iconic turn-of-the-century coffee houses, complete with velvet banquettes.
Restaurant Steirereck

Taste the height of modern Austrian cuisine at this Michelin Two Star rated restaurant in the heart of the city.

Vienna’s best-known market is a great place to sample all of the city’s flavors. Go on Saturday to catch the flea market!
Buschenschank Wieninger

This outdoor wine tavern set amidst the city’s vineyards is a gorgeous, casual spot for al fresco sipping.
Cultural Sophistication

Vienna has a legacy as rich as any major capital in Europe. From the 19th century until WWII, the city was at the forefront of high culture and modernism. Longstanding traditions like theatre, opera, classical music and fine art have been lovingly preserved in the city’s many museums and concert halls.

Sometimes called “The City of Music,” Vienna was most famously home to some of the world’s most legendary composers, including Mozart and Beethoven, plus other notable musicians like Franz Schubert, Arnold Schöenberg and Johann Strauss I & II.

Alternately Vienna is known as “The City of Dreams” in homage to the father of modern psychology, Sigmund Freud, who invented the process of analyzing dreams.

Wiener Musikverein

Home to the Vienna Philharmonic, this neoclassical concert hall built in 1870 is regarded as one of the finest in the world.
Sigmund Freud Museum

An exhibit documenting Freud’s life and work, housed in the famous psychoanalyst’s former home and office.
Belvedere Museum

An impressive collection of Austrian and European art housed in one of Europe’s most stunning baroque palaces.
The Startup Scene

At the gateway between eastern and western Europe, Vienna has long been a central meeting point and continues to host more international conferences than any other world city.

Over the past decade or so the forward-thinking city has also been ranked one of the top ten startup hubs in the world. Always bustling with entrepreneurs, executives and innovators, it’s a fabulous destination for the woman entrepreneur in search of work and play.

Pioneers Festival

Tech entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders gather every year for two days of talks and networking in an imperial palace.
pioneers festival



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