sam-sabouraYou know that feeling you get on the first Monday of the first week back at work after the holidays? All the festivities are wrapped, but you’re still in vacation mode and you’re kind of like, “Oh shit…now what do I do?”

With everyone professing their New Year’s resolutions, it feels like there’s this major opportunity to reset, try something new, jump in 100% and get really excited about what’s to come. In fact, the possibilities can be a bit overwhelming, so I find that part of me always wants to stay safe, leave the Christmas tree up a little bit longer and hang on to the cozy holiday vibes.

This year however, I won’t be allowing that part of me to run the show.

The energy of January only lasts for a short amount of time and I’ve found that whether it’s comfortable or not, the opportunity to start anew is too good to pass up.

Coming from the fashion world, I’m used to the idea that a new season equals a new you. In my industry we’re always looking forward, finding the next big thing and wondering how to stay relevant. It’s what makes fashion so alive and exciting, and I actually think the approach is valuable in any creative business endeavor.

So rather than postponing the chance to move my life forward, I want to spend this time asking: how can I transform what’s to come into something that excites me? How do I need to change in order to be the person who goes for it? What new energy can I bring into my life that will infuse it with optimism?

For those of us who are interested in growth, there is no reason to accept the status quo season after season, year after year. However, when we let January turn to February turn to March without a second thought…that’s often what happens.

Trust me—there’s no reason this year has to look anything like the last. Just like in fashion, life is always evolving and up for evaluation. Now that’s not to say you should focus mainly on things you must give up, a la New Years resolutions (though cleaning out your closet is never a bad idea). What’s even more powerful, is to think about what you want to create and what you would be doing if anything were possible (it’s MUCH easier to clean out your closet when you know exactly where your style is going).

I believe that if we choose to go for it, this moment has the potential to totally electrify our businesses, our social lives and our relationships, setting us up for an epic 2017. The choice is yours. Will you play it safe and keep wearing that same old silhouette? Or will you dare to stray from the mainstream look?

After a challenging year that prompted many of us to dig deep and take a look around, I would say there’s never been a better time to start doing things differently.

Sam Saboura



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