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Often in life, the only time we women are advised to ask for help is when we reach the end of our rope. Otherwise, we’re taught we need to do everything ourselves. If we’re struggling to move forward, we think it’s probably because we need to get up earlier, stay up later, and work even harder. Essentially, the only way we know to be successful, is to become a super hero.

At some point I started to wonder, is that really how it’s done? So I took a closer look at the successful people I admired. I wanted to find out if they really achieved and maintained their level of power-1success by doing it all themselves. And typically I found that no, they had luxurious support systems in place—and proudly so. Meanwhile, the people I saw trying to do everything themselves, were the ones stuck in the struggle.

I started to understand that the celebrities and business moguls who most inspired me possessed not a special ability, but a different valuation of their time and wellbeing. When someone has a thriving career with multiple streams of income, great health, beautiful skin and a fabulous lifestyle, it’s not because they magically accomplished everything on their to-do list while the rest of us were watching Homeland. It’s because they prioritize and invest in whatever is truly important, earns them the most money, and keeps them happy and healthy. And that means investing in help: assistants, drivers, trainers, mentors, and child care.

Growing up middle class in Detroit, I never knew anyone who had a personal assistant or a driver, and so I never imagined that I might one day have that kind of help myself. Over the course of my career however I’ve found that whenever I make the decision to invest in my time, it becomes that much more valuable and impactful.

So maybe you’re thinking, “Well of course celebrities and business moguls have help, they have the money for it.” But rest assured it doesn’t work that way! The money doesn’t come first, the decision to have a successful life comes first, and then the money shows up for it. Delegating is not just for divas—it’s for smart business women.

star-power-quoteAnd let me remind you that today, women entrepreneurs are the new celebrities. We have just as much money making power, and we are on camera as often. Just like Hollywood’s A-list, to do our jobs well we too need to be feeling and looking our absolute best. Having a support system is not just luxurious, it’s about delivering a star performance, and using your talent strategically wherever it has the biggest impact.

I always say: you can have it all, but you cannot do it all. You do not always have to be the one to: run to the grocery store, make your bed and book your plane ticket. So take a look around your life and see, where are you losing valuable time to something you could easily delegate? Recently, I had a number of business meetings in Los Angeles followed by a flight to Mexico for a two-week stay. The instinct would have been to drive to LA, then drive to the airport and leave my car there. When I took a look at all the time, energy, and money this was going to drain, it hit me: I should hire a driver. It took the logistics off my mind, and freed me up for taking phone meetings and working on social media on the way.

power-2I know for some it’s challenging to give up a certain level of control. In most areas, it’s very rare to find someone who is going to do things exactly as you’d do them, or better. However I’ve found that like with all relationships, you have to chose between being right or being happy. Not that you should lower your standards by any means, but be willing to let go of the small stuff. At least for me, I’ve decided that I do not really need to pick out which English cucumber is going to be in my salad. At the same time, until I have a Divine Living-approved florist, I will always have my assistant bring me three options for flowers—so there are ways.

star-power-quote-2No matter where you’re at in your business, you don’t have to go out and hire three full time people to be able to benefit from the services of an entourage, you can start creating your own luxurious support system little by little. I hired my first virtual assistant for just 15 minutes a week, and by the end of that year, I had four full-time people working for me. Whether you opt to hire someone part time or on an a-la carte basis, you’ll quickly see the benefits of more hours in your day. So just try it! Hire a PA for a week, a driver for a day. You may discover as I did, that there are more ways to live your life than what’s been modeled for you thus far.


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