Your Miracle


How MY 29 Year-Old CLIENT Created Her Dream Life in 6 Months

Your Miracle


How MY 29 Year-Old CLIENT Created Her Dream Life in 6 Months

Ohio native Emily Williams had dreamed of moving to London ever since she first visited the city in college, but she wound up taking the leap much sooner than she ever expected. Just a few months before her big move, she was on her way to getting a Master’s Degree in Psychology at Northwestern University—literally driving there—when her instincts told her she was on the wrong path. She followed her intuition and abandoned the plan, turning the car around and going home.

Emily moved in with her parents and fell into a rut, confused about her purpose and unsure of what to do with her life. After listening to herself closely, she heard the whisper of “London,” and decided to take a huge leap of faith on behalf of her dreams. “It seemed like such a crazy thing to do at the time—but now I can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t turned the car around!”

After finding and marrying her soul mate, Emily had a desire to become a success coach. In her first month of working with clients in July of 2014, she made $442—a place many coaches begin before working their way up.

emily2Wanting to jumpstart her business growth, Emily decided to take another risk. She signed up for the Academy, my coaching and business certification program for women. Emily knew she was her own best investment, so even though she didn’t have the cash for the program, she had faith in herself and put it on her credit card.

I worked with Emily over six months and watched as she totally transformed her life. In that short period of time, she went from having no clients to running a six figure coaching business from her website Since then her business has only kept growing—in January 2015 she made $83,000, and in March she made $120,000 in that month alone!
The best part is that Emily’s personal life is flourishing as well. She craved more time with her super cool husband, so he quit his job and now they work together. The happy couple recently kicked off their new life with a weekend trip to Venice.

As women, it’s so important to celebrate each other’s success with joy and support. Everyday that new members of the Divine Living Community step into their power is a day I celebrate, and I’m so grateful to say it happens more and more all the time. I wanted to share Emily’s story with you today to show what is possible when you consciously choose to take action on behalf of your desires. The answer is simply, as Emily put it, “better than you could have possibly dreamed of.”



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