Spread the Love this Season with
Ireland’s Most Famous Blessing


The Irish have always had a way with words, or as they like to call it “the Gift of the Gab.” And of all the gorgeous poetry and prose to have emerged from the Emerald Isle over the centuries, the “Old Irish Blessing” is perhaps the most famous.

This simple, yet profound verse has become embedded in Irish culture, performed at weddings, wakes, celebrations and ceremonies. Easily memorized, the blessing has been passed down from generation to generation, perhaps since ancient Celtic times, though no one can say for sure who wrote it.

Personally, I find it to be a beautiful and universal way to wish someone grace and good fortune. With the holidays coming up, I wanted to highlight this blessing for those of us who are looking for ways to express our love, support and gratitude this season. Enjoy this poetic moment and please do share freely—that’s what it’s meant for.



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