A Spiritual
Reflection for
Women Entrepreneurs

already talked about mindset, taking and action and setting intentions when it comes to creating our 2017 goals, so of course the conversation would not be complete without the spiritual element. 

One truth that’s front of mind for me this year is that too often, I leave prayer as a last resort. I find myself asking for Divine guidance at the moment when my business or life is at its most challenging, even though I would do much better to seek a spiritual perspective first at the beginning of each day.

The other day I found myself pressured, thinking, “Oh my goodness, we’re coming up on two years of the Divine Living Magazine! I’ve got to get this monetized, otherwise it just won’t make good business sense to invest so much time and money into it every month.”

This sent me down a bit of a fear-based path. I heard my mind kick in with, “Uh oh…what if I can’t find the right sales person? What if the advertising funds just don’t come in?” It created this internal freak-out because the answer was: “Then I can’t do the magazine.” And I LOVE the magazine!

I could have gone into despair, but in that moment I chose to surrender. I remembered, wait—it’s not MY magazine. It’s God’s magazine. And I prayed, “Dear God, I surrender this magazine to you. If this is what you would like to continue to put out into the world and even grow, then you know what needs to happen. Please bring me the right people and opportunities to do so.”

My anxious inner monologue immediately stopped as I remembered that my business does not belong to me, but was given to me by God. I’ve gotten to this moment before with specific programs. Not every launch goes perfectly and usually it’s when things aren’t selling and anxiety is high that I’m finally like, “Oh wow, I almost forgot—it’s not my program. It’s God’s program.”

Then, I’ll pray, “Dear God, this is your program. How many people do you desire to be in the program this year? They’re you’re people, you know where they are. Send them to me or guide me on how to find them.”

These moments of prayer are often what carry me through to the finish line and I know how powerful Divine guidance can be. So the question is, why not start every day remembering that my business (or my podcast or my program) belongs to God? It’s a small shift in perspective that can make a major difference in how I move through each day, supporting me with grace and confidence.

My prayer for all of us women entrepreneurs this year is that we know we’re not in this alone. We can ask for miracles and guidance far more regularly and even daily. We can ask for support, we can even ask for financial resources—nothing is separate from God.

So whether you’re looking to call in the perfect team member or find your next ten clients to fill up that group program, always remember that you are loved and that God has your back. The more you ask for guidance, assistance and support, the more you will receive it.

And remember that there’s nothing weak about asking for help or giving up control. While many of us have fabulous imaginations, whatever we dream up cannot come close to what God has in store for us. When we surrender, we open up to allowing miracles into our lives and businesses. After all, we’re doing this with God and in God, all things are possible.



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