A Feminine Perspective 
on Working Smarter, Not Harder

While persistence, determination and personal responsibility have pretty important roles to play on the entrepreneurial path, sometimes, our reverence for these masculine qualities can go a little too far.

Every so often, a decision to just stay in it, keep going and step up to the plate actually does more harm than good. Why? Unconsciously, many of us are deeply committed to doing more of the same thing and hoping to get a different result, even though we all know that’s the definition of insanity.
As with getting out of bed in the morning, there’s always some friction in a change of state or behavior, and we’ve been conditioned to think that more of anything is always better. So it’s no surprise that when we find ourselves stuck in a rut, our default response is to dig our feet in.

The more I deepen my femininity, the more I find myself taking the opposite approach. Whenever I’m not seeing the results I desire or can’t seem to find the answers I’m looking for, I know it’s time to interrupt my pattern, get some perspective and allow for real transformation.

When business is tough (and it often can be), the temptation to sit at your desk later and later is at an all time high. We’ve been told you have to to work harder if you want to make more money, and we think that looks like shouldering all of the responsibility ourselves, swooping in and saving the day.

These days, I keep in mind that Divine guidance is always there for me, not just when I’m at the very end of my rope. If I’m feeling stuck or overwhelmed, rather than panic and pull an all nighter, the first thing I do is ask for a miracle and replenish myself so I might see things differently.

Prayer is such a powerful tool, especially when you don’t even know exactly what to ask for. You’re not usually conscious to all of the resources and support that’s available to you, but if you get into the habit of asking for guidance you’ll always find yourself pointed in the right direction.

I find that only when you tune into your feminine wisdom and let go can you see outside yourself clearly. When you’re so focused on controlling things and pushing them through, what often happens is you lose touch with the big picture, your inspiration and your purpose.

When you’re not connected to your vision it becomes harder to make decisions. You become exhausted and drained and ultimately, burned out. This isn’t a great way for anyone to operate, let alone feminine women like us. To be strong leaders and creative visionaries, we need to make the time and space to replenish ourselves.

That said, I’ve seen it go both ways with women entrepreneurs. For some, they’re so committed to being in their feminine that they’re constantly in Costa Rica on a yoga mat sipping green juice. They’re very inspired and fully replenished, and yet business isn’t really taking off the way they’d like it to because they aren’t activating enough masculine power to manifest their vision.

In that case, I would prescribe the opposite pattern interrupt—it’s time to roll up your sleeves, put some dates on the calendar and set up structures to support your success. You cannot simply attract and manifest your desires without taking actual action.

But if you’re the kind of woman who’s mastered time management, has no trouble implementing structures and systems and meets every deadline, my hunch is you could benefit from some time in your happy place. I mean how many of your best insights have come from behind a computer screen?

At this point in my career, I know that I need to incorporate some element of feminine self-care into every single day. Lately that looks like walks on the beach with Glenn and our puppy Lilly, turning off all technology by 6pm and lighting scented candles, taking a luxurious bath, or going out with friends.

It’s counter-intuitive to go to a place of pleasure in a moment of difficulty, but when it seems you’re running out of steam, it’s probably because you need fuel. Those people you see who are consistently creating bigger and better things for years on end with a happy healthy glow about them, certainly work hard, but they also know how to embrace the down-times and take excellent care of themselves.

Life happens in seasons and cycles. No pattern goes on the same way forever and it’s more sustainable in the long term to surrender to the unexpected, enjoy the lulls and honor the emotions that come up for you rather than wait for your pattern to unexpectedly break.

If you’re feeling down, like you’ve hit a wall or as though you’re running on empty, trust that soon enough it will be time for you to take off again. You’ll be all the more ready having listened to your intuition and nourished your spirit, mind and body.

Whatever’s going on in your life and business, a change of season is the perfect inspiration for a pattern interrupt, whether that means taking Saturday off to get a pedicure and enjoy the warm weather, or waking up earlier for the next couple of weeks to start your day more focused.

Introducing a fresh new approach never fails to shake things up. We’d love to know—what are you craving more of this spring? Organization and execution? Self-care and play? How will you be changing up your energy and habits? Let’s talk in the comments.



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