What does it take to break the seven-figure ceiling?

Believe it or not, being a successful entrepreneur isn’t about losing sleep, sacrificing your relationships, or having a trust fund to start. Today’s new class of women millionaires have shown us that there is a way to have a truly full life—complete with financial freedom, impact, glowing health and happy relationships.

Not that long ago I was a woman entrepreneur just-scraping-by on less than $2k per month. It didn’t seem remotely possible for me to have the kind of lifestyle I deeply desired without compromising my femininity and freedom. Now running a multiple seven-figure business while traveling the world with my husband, I’m proud to be part of a new movement of women who are redefining what kind of success is available to all of us.

If you desire to create a freedom-based business and step into your own dream lifestyle, keep reading to find out how today’s women millionaire entrepreneurs are doing life and business in a revolutionary new way.



Driven by Desire
Most women hold themselves back because they don’t allow themselves to go after what they truly desire, while the most successful women millionaires own their dreams and take responsibility for making them real. Realize that what you long for deep down is meant for you. Only once you’re confident and clear about what you really want in life, from a luxurious lifestyle to a wonderful  relationship, will you open yourself up toreceiving all that you desire.



Mentors Make It Happen
All of the happy, successful women millionaires I know have a mentor they respect and trust guiding them on their path. If you want to speed up your personal and business growth, you have to be willing to make a significant investment in yourself and hire someone who is already where you want to be.



The Art of Having it All
Every woman deserves to be the Queen of her life. For a long time, many of us have been taught to believe we have to do everything ourselves. But today’s successful women entrepreneurs are showing us that the path to seven-figures is totally supported—by assistants, team members, private chefs and personal trainers. If you haven’t started delegating in your business yet, it’s never too soon.


Sales are So Much Fun!
Successful women entrepreneurs have not only embraced sales as an essential part of business growth, they’ve realized that bringing in clients doesn’t have to feel like “selling” at all. It can come from an empowered, authentic place that allows money to flow. Enrolling new clients with
confidence is easy when you can sell without feeling “salesy.”



Technology is Our BFF
Technology has given us a new level of freedom and women entrepreneurs have realized how to make the
most of it. If you desire to live the jet set lifestyle and work anywhere from your laptop, then online marketing is your new best friend. Learning the right structures and systems will empower you to work smarter, not harder and earn income in your sleep.



The Star Treatment
To be successful, we have to step into our power and become the women we want to be inside and out. Smart entrepreneurs prioritize—not sacrifice—their physical health and their personal development. Time to work out, read, journal, meditate, go to the spa and take care of our bodies is booked in the calendar just like it would be for an A-list star.



Social Capital is Key
Women like us are naturally social creatures and we know that the vibration of those around us matters. Successful women entrepreneurs will make a point to connect with other women who are on the same path. Joining a community is the best way to start. One of the things the women in the Divine Living Academy always rave about is their new global sisterhood and lifelong friends.



Adventure Awaits
Nothing happens in your comfort zone—it’s key to push yourself out of it daily. The most successful women entrepreneurs remember to keep things fresh and fun through everything they do. Traveling the world and always being open to new perspectives, cultures and experiences is what keeps us lit up, inspired and ready to do our best work.




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