How I Strengthen My
Spiritual Muscle




What is the number one thing you do to look after yourself spiritually when times get tough? I work with women to bring balance into their lives, so they can be in a space to create their dream businesses. I think this would be a great question for all women to learn from you.

— Joslyn Bryan

Joslyn I am so glad you asked this question just in time for our Health Issue, because beyond all of the smoothies and power bowls and 7am workouts, I believe true health starts at the spiritual level.

When times are tough, you may feel a pressure to “do” more. You might be tempted to skip your daily meditation and spring into action to “fix” something, or you might become so caught up in whatever’s worrying you that you lose your connection to the bigger picture. And it’s unfortunate because it’s during these tough times that your spiritual connection matters most!

So what I try to do instead of doing more is to “be” more. Rather than letting my spiritual practice slide (which of course has happened waayyyyyy too many times), I dig deeper and focus my mind on solutions and possibilities. I take more time to meditate, pray and write in my journal and am even more committed to my desire for Divine guidance.


I find that spirituality is a bit like a muscle. Though anyone can connect with God or Spirit or the Universe at any moment and miraculous awakenings do occur, when you exercise that spiritual muscle a little bit every day, it really helps you stay connected, in-tune and ready to handle what ever comes your way.

And the spiritual realm is not disconnected from the physical. Everything that is going on in your life is a mirror of the spiritual realm. Our spiritual wellbeing manifests itself in our emotions and in our bodies. Often when things happen externally, that’s a sign that we’re ignoring something deeper.

So when something happens that’s beyond your control, challenging, or traumatic, instead of harboring the pain and frustration, release it to God or the Universe. Let your faith in love be the basis for how you handle it. Focus on solutions, possibilities and the ultimate positive outcome that is meant for you—including all you’ve learned form the experience.

If you not only maintain your spiritual practice but even strengthen it during challenging times, you’ll find you can actually handle anything the world throws your way with the power of Divine guidance.


Just last week there was a situation with a person I was really struggling with. We couldn’t seem to get in sync and it was pushing my buttons to the point of anger. Now I can be pretty fiery and I know what it is to go to that darker place and blow up, but having made the commitment to be more deeply, spiritually connected, while I felt that anger I did not let it over take me.

Instead I invited this person over to my home to talk things through and I took my anger to God, asking, “What’s going on here? This does not feel good to me, I’m not okay and yet I’m not the one in charge here, so please use me and please guide me. I need your guidance more than I need to be right in this moment.”

Right before this person came over, I was sitting on my terrace just centering myself. I’ve been living in my home for about a year now and I’ve seen all kinds of birds out there, but at that moment for the first time, two doves landed on the railing.

So of course I thought, oh isn’t this nice, the Universe is reminding me to be peaceful! I got the message, the doves flew off and the doorbell rang. I felt ready to keep my cool, but I still kind of expected an end to the relationship.


Then as we were talking, the doves came back. And this time, they made a big fuss, fluttering distractingly all around my terrace before finally they flew off. Not long after one of them came back alone. I thought—okay God, that’s nice, but I’m not going to listen to this until you send the other dove back because I’m done.

Sure enough the second dove came back and I thought, okay, I surrender. Because I was genuinely open to being guided and because I wanted to be happy more than I wanted to be right, I got the message I needed most.

In the end, I learned something new about myself and avoided any serious drama. I walked away from the situation feeling lighter and even more confident in the fact that no matter how challenged I can be in my relationships, my business and my life, God (when asked) always provides guidance and the Universe always has my back.



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