Six Months to Six

The Beliefs & Actions Behind My
First Year in Business



What new beliefs did you embody and what specific actions did you take in your first year of going from $2k months to making six figures?

— Brandy Middleton

Brandy, I love your drive here! If you’re asking this question, then you’re already thinking in the right direction. A lot of people don’t realize that it IS entirely possible to go from just scraping by to bringing in multi six figures in less than one year in business. It happened for me (and for many of my own clients), once I had committed to both creating the right belief system and taking the right action steps.

Success truly begins with making the decision. Your decision must be a non-negotiable. Financial freedom, in my mind, was no longer something I wished for, it was something I decided to create no matter what.

“Success truly begins with making the decision. Your decision must be a non-negotiable.”

Having made that commitment, I was fully dedicated to transforming my money story. I remember saying to myself: “I’m going to study wealth consciousness for as long as it takes.” It was like deciding to become fluent in French—I was just going to immerse myself in the language until it became part of my subconscious.

I started working out my mental muscles the way other people exercise when they’re serious about
getting in shape. I would read for 30-60 minutes every day and then spend another 30 – 60 minutes journaling to anchor in the awarenesses and get organized for the day. The main books I studied were Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles. They taught me that there is no lack of clients or money in the world and I realized how my beliefs up until that point had kept me broke for years.

Consistent studying, journaling, meditating and taking the right action definitely sped up my transformation and what was just as important is that I didn’t go it alone. I was working with a high level coach and going to events to surround myself with others who also saw the world as a place of unlimited possibility. It was majorly inspiring and raised my vibration to be in the presence of entrepreneurs who were further along the path than I was. Getting to know them and hearing their stories made me feel really confident that if they could do it, then of course I could as well.

With that new belief system in place and the support of amazing like-minded people, taking action never felt like a struggle—even though there was definite hustle (which I personally enjoy). Over the first six months I worked five-and-a-half to six days a week. I didn’t burn the midnight oil and I never got sick, but I was working 8am to 8pm (by the way 12 hour days are not necessary—I just didn’t know better at the time).

What empowered and energized me to put in that level of work was having a solid routine that produced consistent results. Every day after reading and journaling, I would first get organized and laser my focus on moneymaking activities. I knew I could not afford to get distracted, have bright shiny object syndrome or spend time being confused because I signed up with a bunch of different coaches, so I streamlined everything, worked with one coach and learned what was truly important in growing my business.

“Every day after reading and journaling, I would first get organized and laser my focus on moneymaking activities.”

The actions I took each day are now everything I teach in the Divine Living Academy. I became clear on who I wanted to serve and what my packages were, I set up effective online marketing systems and I took the right steps to put it out into the world and reach my ideal clients. This was in 2007 and Facebook wasn’t quite what it is today, so a lot of my outreach was in person. I was going to a lot networking meetings for women entrepreneur groups where I could find my ideal clients. I would ask to speak at these events, show up early and stay late, or even pay extra to have a vendor table. It was all part of consistently marketing my business.

Yes it was a busy six months, but I made six figures and was having a blast living my purpose so what’s not to love? And most importantly, I set the foundation for my business that I’m still benefiting from today. As I got better and started delegating, my days began to end earlier and I took more Saturdays off completely. I continued working Monday through Friday and some Saturdays and by the end of that first year, I had brought in a quarter of a million dollars. After that it became quite simple. The routine gave me momentum and kept me moving forward. Since then I’ve been able to genuinely make more and work less. Ten years later, I’m still massively benefitting from that hustle of the first year.

So Brandy I hope this gives you a clearer picture of what it really looks like to accelerate your personal growth and your business growth in a big way in just one year. Again, it all begins with a decision and a commitment to your own transformation. When you overcome your mental blocks and start showing up for yourself on a daily basis, I’ve found that it doesn’t take long at all to become the successful businesswoman you desire to be. If you’re ready to have a life changing year in your business, I invite all of you to check out the Divine Living Academy. We teach you both the mindset work and the online marketing systems that will take you to this level of success—and support you with an amazing community every step of the way.



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