Black Out
Star-Worthy Street Style On Melrose Place

The tree-lined sidewalks of Melrose Place make for some seriously chic shopping. I’m pretty sure it’s the only place in LA where people actually walk—as long as you can manage the cobblestones in a great pair of heels.

This secluded side street is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Melrose Avenue and is home to some of the most exclusive shops in LA. It’s a favorite of stylish celebs, bloggers and fashionistas alike. And while they pretend to hide from the the paparazzi behind their Dior “So Real” sunnies, they’re actually dying to be snapped picking up a chic little dress from Isabel Marant, snagging some must-have beauty products from Violet Grey and sipping on a yummy crafted coffee from Alfred.

ootw-gina-1In other words, it was the perfect place for us to shoot our star-worthy outfit of the week!

At first glance, you might be asking Sam? Gina? Is black the new black this season? Um, I don’t know about you, but after eating our way through the holidays with reckless abandon (and without judgment) black is not only the new black—it’s the #newnecessity. Hello?

January is the perfect month to don your darks as you rev up for the New Year and get your body—and business back in check. Plus, nothing is more fabulous than layers upon layers of black, especially when they’re done up in luxe textures and details that are worthy of the most stylish star on the block, you.

Let me paint the scene for you. We were setting up the last shot of the day and quickly losing the light. The final outfit we chose needed to do double duty because Gina wanted to wear something fashiony and cool for the OOTW but also something she could leave the shoot in and wear to dinner with Glenn and some friends. We immediately knew we wanted black, so we started throwing pieces on one after the other until Gina said “Stop, I LOVE!” When the dust settled we had created a forward look for a night on the town that was unfussy but totally chic.

I don’t know anyone who would argue the power of a great looking black outfit, and this one is anything but basic. Aside from the obvious things like a slimming silhouette and the longer lines it creates on the body, black is easy for almost anyone to put together, it makes many women feel more confident and it allows you to play with my favorite element of style, texture.

Speaking of texture, Gina’s entire look was built around it, and it all started with this tiered fringe jacket with chevron detail that I forced her to buy. I literally said, “Put this on because you’re buying it…it’s totally Kardash.” Yes! I actually said that, though I have no idea why because I don’t even watch that show, but anyway…several eye rolls later she saw the light and the rest is history, and it does look kinda gorgeous on her, no?


January is the perfect month to don your darks as you rev up for the New Year and get your body—and business back in check.

When you opt for a monochromatic look like this one, you have to do something to keep things interesting and unexpected and that’s where the use of shine, embellishment, print and texture came into play. I added a pretty silk blouse under the fringe jacket for bit of shine and a dressier vibe. Since we knew Gina would be in layers of black, it was important to show some skin at the neck and décolleté to open things up and create some contrast.

The added volume of the jacket and top together called for a leaner leg line. Gina’s favorite cropped leather leggings added the perfect amount of edge and one more texture into the mix. Plus showing some ankle allows for the shoe to stand front and center and have its own moment.

We deviated slightly when it came to the accessories. I wanted something printed and sexy for the outfit, so naturally I brought out the animal print. I purchased this Cavalli leopard clutch for Gina as a Christmas gift, but she SO needed to open it early. And that’s because I SO needed it to complete this look. The subtle pops of cream in the print made a bold statement and suddenly this all black outfit felt a lot less serious.

I went back to black for the shoe. These Valentino Rockstud strappy pumps added the tough glamour and downtown vibe I was looking for and the embellishment brought in another special element to the outfit. A pair of sparkly hoops and one cocktail ring later….and dinner was served—after we got the shot that is.



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Florin All Over Fringe Jacket
Yes Please!


Geometry Merkaba Ring
Yes Please!


Midnight Mélange Hoop Earrings
Yes Please!


Eva Silk Crepe Blouse
Yes Please!


Leopard Pony Clutch
Yes Please!


Front Zip Leather Legging
Yes Please!


Rockstud Ankle Strap
Yes Please!


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