Entertaining at Home
How to be the Hostess with the Mostest (Style)
this Holiday Season

Raise your hand if you’re hosting the Holidays at home this season.

Now raise your hand if you think it’s chic to do so in a pair of Lululemon yoga pants and a cable knit sweater.

OK now put your hand down and forget all about that idea cause it ain’t happening on my watch.

Contrary to popular belief, entertaining at home doesn’t give us free reign to sacrifice fashion for comfort—at least not 100%. If you’re playing your cards right, fashion, comfort and fabulous style can all be yours and this week’s outfit will show you how. Consider it our gift to you this season!


There’s always something special about dressing up for the holidays. Sparkle, shine, and a little extra dash of glamour are not only welcomed—they’re kind of expected. And when you entertain at home, it’s no different. Of course, there are some factors that come into play when you have a house full of guests, and I am not immune to that reality.

Being a hostess means being busy, buzzing around the house all night and making sure everyone is happily fed and watered—or champagned. You’ll want to wear something comfortable, breezy, and preferably without winged sleeves that might drag thru the dip as you set out the hors d’oeuvres—Gina DeVee, I’m talking to you here. But all of these “rules” don’t imply that you have to give up on your style for the night. You just have to choose wisely—and gorgeously. Plus I think it’s wonderful for your guests to see you all dressed up and festive for the season. It elevates the simplest gathering into something special and makes everyone feel important—just as they should!

This week’s outfit is Gina’s version of hostess with the mostest—and of course your version might look a little different based on your personal style, the weather in your neck of the woods and the heel height of black and gold mirrored Aquazzura sandals you feel most comfortable serving your Divine Living White Christmas Holiday Dinner in…Ahem.

We built Gina’s look around this shifty layered sequin tank in platinum grey. We loved the high-halter neckline because it didn’t feel too overexposed, allowing her to pour the wine, serve the Sole Meuniere and socialize without worrying about coming undone. Yes ladies, these are the things the smart and stylish hostess thinks about—or should!

The top had a soft fabric shell underneath and a loose layer on top which offered up some seriously flattering drape and easy comfort. The sequins upped Gina’s fashion game and added some festive flare, but because they were matte and low shine, this hostess top felt more “Entertaining at Home” than “NYE in Vegas.”


Don’t get tripped up on mixing and matching metals and textures in your outfit, that’s when you look like you know a thing or two about great style.

Once we had the sparkle element in place, it was time for some shine. To add a bit of edge we chose Gina’s favorite pair of leather leggings. They have tons of stretch and added some great texture to the look. Leggings are the next best thing to wearing yoga pants, but the slimmer line looks more dressy and sleek. Plus, opting for leather instead of Ponte knit made things more holiday ready. The best part? Nobody knows how comfortable you actually are because you look so fabulous. You’re welcome.

The third element was the glamour, and we brought that in with Gina’s accessories. The holidays allow for a more-is-more mentality when it comes to style, and Ms. DeVee loves to dial up the glam factor—even at home. We added these show-stopping sandals and some bold baubles to spice things up. Don’t get tripped up on mixing and matching metals and textures in your outfit, that’s when you look like you know a thing or two about great style. Plus the holidays are a time to let loose and have some fun without judgement. Yes, even from me.

Please keep in mind, what may be comfortable for Gina may not be your sugar plum vision of fashion, but the takeaway is this: Be comfortable but don’t sacrifice the fabulous in the process—adjust our recipe to suit your own taste and celebrate the season in style! Even if you’re curled up on the couch with the family.

Happy Holidays and Cheers!


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Get The Look

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