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How Gina Does Denim

As we were planning our escape to Jackson Hole for the October issue, one thing became very clear very quickly: the heels, dresses and clutches would have to stay home in Santa Barbara and almost every outfit would have to be built around a great pair of jeans.

Ok, so not all the heels stayed home. Hello, have you met me? I do enjoy a good heel no matter the location or terrain. And you may or may not have noticed Gina rock climbing in a high-heeled boot once or twice over the last few weeks.

While Ms. DeVee had no issue with the casual comfort of denim, there were, of course, a few stipulations. Her looks would have to be Divine Living ready, and always include a dash of glamour and everyday luxury. Done and done.

I knew I wanted to use some fur for the shoot but I wanted to make sure Gina didn’t look too fussy or overdone. This lightweight vest from Joie was a great choice because it allowed me to create a rustic layered look that was still soft, feminine and luxurious. The warm neutral tone was rich and statementy enough, but didn’t pull too much focus from the rest of the pieces in the outfit.


I happen to be a big fan of pairing peasant tops with vests. There’s something so 70s and romantic about a pretty billowy sleeve like this, and the two are almost made for each other. This pretty blouse from Rebecca Taylor allowed me to introduce some feminine elements like lace, silk and of course a warm blush tone that looked great against the heathered browns in the vest. The mix of textures was perfect and made Gina’s look more upscale and fabulous.

Since we chose a bit of volume for the upper half of this outfit, a slim pair of jeans was definitely in order to create some curve and balance proportions. We tucked them into a sleek brown leather boot to lengthen Gina’s leg-line and add yet another luxe element and texture to her look. The slight heel added just the right amount of glamour and a bit of extra height to help the cause.

Even though I kept the jewelry minimal, it was still special, so when you take in the entire look, there are elegant details that speak to Gina’s everyday style. You see ladies, fabulous is alive and well in Jackson Hole—even in a good old pair of jeans.


If you’re going to get dressy with your denim,
then they better be worthy of your best looks. 
Here are 5 things to keep in mind:


Obviously, you’ll need a great looking pair of jeans that fit your body to perfection. Trying on jeans and finding the right pair is a huge pain in the ass and takes some extra effort. Sorry there is no magic pill. You cannot be lazy and you must put in the work. Keep trying and don’t give up—they’re out there I promise. The good news is after you’ve found the right silhouette for your body you can pick up multiples in a few washes and fabrics and the rewards will far outweigh the struggle.


Hem your jeans immediately and on the day you buy them. If they leave your car and enter your closet, chances are this important step will never get done. You’ll want to make sure the length works for the heel height you wear most often. Most of the time, the proper length is ¼ inch off the ground.


Choose high quality denim that always looks polished and beautiful should you choose to wear them with high-end pieces. Look for sturdy fabrics and soft structure with a bit of stretch for recovery. And please pay attention to color, treatments and washes. Cheap denim looks cheap, and everyone notices…trust.


The wash you choose will be based on personal preference and the pieces you plan to pair them with, so you should always have a dark, mid and light wash jean on hand so all your bases are covered. Novelty and seasonal colors should come into play after you have the basics in place.


Start with a great designer brand you love or have heard good things about. I’m not saying you have to spend a fortune on your denim—but you kind of do. (I’m making myself laugh.) Unfortunately, quality and price often go hand in hand. You are successful women entrepreneurs whose clients look to you for great style, so even your jeans need to reflect a level of excellence.

Get The Look

Andoni Rabit Fur Vest

Rustic Diamond Ring

Glynn Leather Knee-High Boots

Le Skinny De Jeanne Mid-Rise Jeans

Long-Sleeve Silk & Lace Blouse

Petal Lantern Earrings


Anita Small Crossbody



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