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How to rock the pant of the Season

What could possibly be more fabulous than talking about fall fashion in our very first September Issue of Divine Living Magazine? The answer is nothing.

Like many of you, fall is one of my favorite seasons for style. It’s all about luxe fabrics, chic outerwear, glamorous accessories, rich prints and of course, perfectly layered looks. For some reason, I always find that it’s easier to shop and get dressed in the fall—and way more inspiring too.

September is also the time for pouring over your favorite fashion magazines to see what the editors and designers have decided you “should” be wearing for the season. The trends and edicts are everywhere right now, and while I don’t feel that you need to follow them exclusively, knowledge is power ladies! Plus, it’s fun to shop the new collections, freshen up your arsenal and try something that might be out of your comfort zone!

gina-lourveFor this week’s outfit, we find ourselves—and Ms. DeVee—in the City of Lights.

Paris is the epicenter of global fashion. It’s also a place where women manage to drink wine, eat carbs, and wear scarves all while remaining perfectly skinny and looking impossibly chic with little to no effort—I think there’s also a red lip involved somewhere.

Gina’s look was inspired by that effortless Parisian style, but also by one of the biggest trends for fall, the wide-leg pant. You may be asking yourself, “Where have you been wide-leg pant?”

“I’ve been trapped in skinny jeans for years now with no regard for my hips and thighs!” Yes, that’s right, your old girlfriend is back on the runways in all her relaxed glory, and I’m here to help you welcome her back to your closet in style.

When I presented this printed wide-leg pant to Gina while shopping for Paris, I got a huge eye-roll and an even bigger “No!” Between you and me, that’s usually my cue to coerce a client into something with even more fervor.


Needless to say, I was right about this one. We both loved the look. The drapey fabric, the relaxed flow and movement, and the fresh silhouette all came to life on her body. And once we added a heel, “No!” turned into “OMG, yes please!” And the rest is history.

sam-says-1The return of the wide-leg pant is part of the big 70s trend that was everywhere this fall. This time, things are more polished and sophisticated, but there’s a wide-leg for every style personality: ladylike, boho, edgy, preppy—everyone’s invited to the party.

While a solid black wide-leg trouser is an easy way to start exploring this trend, for this chic daytime look, we opted for a low contrast print that made more of a style statement. The fabric draped perfectly over Gina’s curves and the higher rise elongated her leg-line. Personally, I find that wearing some kind of heel is a must with this style of pant, especially if you opt for the wider end of the spectrum.

sam-says-2There were tons of wonderful fall colors to play with in the floral print of this pant, but a pretty black silk top with an open back just felt right for Paris and a little more edgy. While the blouse wasn’t fitted, it was still lean enough to balance the fuller proportions of the trouser. A black suede cage heel, from Ralph Lauren Collection, worked beautifully with the print and drape of the pant. They added the extra height we were after and offered a sexy flash of skin at the foot to break things up.

Since we wanted the pant to steal focus, we kept Gina’s accessories simple but still luxe. A classic black woven leather tote from Bottega Veneta added just the right amount of tonal texture, while some rich rose gold baubles finished the look.

Et voila! Gina’s look was on trend but not trendy, and captured the easy elegance that makes Parisian fashion so covetable.

How to Rock the Trend

The wide-leg pant is easy to wear no matter what your shape or size. You’ll just need to choose the style based on your body type.

Pear: Mid-rise is best. Choose a less exaggerated flare that’s reminiscent of a boot-cut. You can rock wider styles in drapey fabrics that find your curves, just be sure the rise is a bit higher.

Curvy: Mid and high-rise styles both work well. A medium to wide flare is great, as long as you’re wearing a heel.

Round: High-rises hide your tummy and wide legs skim your hips and thighs beautifully. Look for structured fabrics that balance your soft frame.

Boxy: Higher rises create shape and curve at the hip, where you need it the most. Try both wide-leg and flared styles that add feminine lines to your athletic build.

Petite: Higher rises will lengthen your leg line. Choose structured fabrics and keep the width of the leg on the straighter side.

Tall: You can get away with murder. Wide palazzo styles, flared legs, boot-cut and elephant bells all work on your tall lanky frame. Lucky you!

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Printed Wide-Leg Pants


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