Resort Ready For
A Glam Italian Getaway

There’s certainly no shortage of high style and glamour amongst the jet set who summer on the Amalfi Coast. So when the sun goes down over La Spiaggia Grande and the last Aperol Spritz has been sipped, the chic men and women of Positano retire to their yachts, hotels and villas to get all decked out for a night on the town—and you better believe they put on quite a show.

Part of the fun of traveling to a chic destination in the Amalfi, like Positano or Capri, is donning some seriously gorgeous resort wear and taking a fashionable stroll through the piazza for a little show and tell. Come nightfall, the steep cobblestone streets fill up with colorful caftans, printed maxis and yes even some sky-high heels. It’s all about dazzling the crowd in some exquisite Italian fashion—and you better dress to impress.

So, whether you’re sharing a candlelit catch-of-the-day dinner with your Amore at one of the stunning terraced restaurants, or sipping some Rosato with your girlfriends at a nightclub on the beach, what you wear on your next Riviera getaway should get you noticed for all the right reasons—which brings us to our fabulous Outfit Of The Week.


When it comes to Gina’s Italian fashion game, “Go Big or Go Home” is the motto we tend to follow—and since going home is hardly ever on Gina’s agenda—we always go big. That means bold prints, statement jewels, a palette of brights and anything that rhymes with “Ucci” or “Shmalantino.”

We built Gina’s look around this vibrant Missoni Mare knit maxi dress that we picked up at the beginning of the season. We knew it would be perfect for her summer travels because it could be dressed way up for a night out, but could also double as a daytime beach cover up. Now I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes, she really wears these high-end pieces as “cover ups.” And it’s a good lesson for the faint of heart: Ms. DeVee does not worshtip her pricey purchases reserve them for the occasional event, she actually wears them, lives in them and puts them to task—even when the camera isn’t there.

Slay DeVee…you Diva!

So unless you’re an over-packer like me, you’ll want to maximize your maxis, bring on the baubles and call for your clutches, because your resort pieces should not only be fabulous—they should be functional too.

Make sure everything you travel with can work overtime and do double duty for you too.

Since this outfit was really all about the wow factor of the dress, it just took a few accessories to complete the look.

And in true Italian style, more is more—especially when it comes to pasta, wine and fashion—so don’t worry about being a little over the top when you get dressed up, and do try to mix things up a bit.


We finished Gina’s look with some color and shine. A trendy lace-up Aquazzura sandal in black patent leather, some gold accessories from Roberto Cavalli—Gina’s spirit animal—and an unexpected pop of color from her red Valentino Rockstud clutch. This trio of handsome Italians helped us elevate the look and rev things up for a night of La Dolce Vita and Prosecco in Positano. Ciao Bella!



A Note from Sam:

I believe that when a woman has really great style, it’s because she broke the rules instead of followed them. Or at least she bended them a bit. So go for it! Add a pop of color that’s a bit “off,” or mix some prints or patterns that don’t totally match at first glance. Because sometimes a risk really pays off and you start to create a signature look that’ s all your own. Plus you can always get away with a little extra crazy in Europe that people just don’t get in the States. Now go get dressed.

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