The Power of Loving & Trusting
Your Authentic Self


I know that right now many of you are focused on setting intentions and goals for the year ahead. Perhaps you’re feeling super confident in your choices. Or maybe you’re still in the process of whittling down a long list of aspirations and longings.

It’s also possible you’ve yet to pick up your journal or make a vision board. Either way, I wanted my column this month to serve this pivotal moment of conscious creativity, so I asked—what is the message our community needs to hear most moving into 2017?

And what I heard is this: You get to be yourself.

It sounds simple, but it so often goes overlooked. Especially when we’re imagining how our lives might be different or how we might improve, it’s easy to lose touch with the truth of who we are.

Often, we don’t even know the truth. We all deal with childhood conditioning that drives many of our choices and actions for much of our life. Until we become conscious of our programming, a lot of us go about trying to be or act or look like someone we’re not.

I personally have spent a lot of time trying to be the right person for my father, or the right man for the woman I thought I loved, or a certain kind of perfect chiropractor. I was always struggling to live up to expectations that I had put on myself because I had taken on others’ judgements.

Failing to meet those expectations created a constant state of guilt. I never felt at peace. I had to go through a number of changes and experiences to get to the point where the person I like the most is the person I really am. Looking back, I see that I hadn’t taken the time to get to know myself or figure out what I desired. I had forgotten what my natural state even felt like.

It helped to have great teachers who could lead me back. My mentor Osho once said: “Buffaloes don’t make parties to revolutionize the world, to change buffaloes into super buffaloes, to make buffaloes religious, virtuous. No animal is concerned at all with human ideas. And they all must be laughing: ‘What has happened to you? Why can’t you be just yourself as you are? What is the need to be somebody else?’”

Over the years this lecture has really stuck with me. As humans we can sense the peaceful, harmonious nature of animals and we have to wonder why we are so caught up in becoming super-humans when, as it turns out, the path to growth begins with self-acceptance. 

Finally allowing myself to just be as I naturally am has completely changed my life. Everything I do comes from a deep trust in my authentic self. Because I no longer spend my time judging myself, I am also more accepting of others. I am calm, open and much more effective. I see my strengths and I know who I am plainly: a loving person who desires to be connected with the human race.

Whoever you are, it’s important you discover it. Because whatever you decide to go for this year, you are the only person you need to be to achieve what you desire. Maybe you’re thinking you’ll have to become this “crazy productive business woman” or this “really beautiful glamazon”—trust me, you already are productive and you are definitely beautiful.

There is no more advantageous way to live than by honoring your true self. The power lies in looking in the mirror and thinking, “You know what? I really love myself.” The most important thing you can do for yourself this year is to get in touch with who you are and be that person in everything you do on a daily basis.

If you do, you’re going to experience a lot of joy and success. So let’s all stop trying to make ourselves super-humans and accept ourselves as who we are. Let us always endeavor to be centered, peaceful, productive and loving, remembering to include ourselves among those we love, support and show up for.



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