What to Do When it’s Time to Reinvent Your
Business, Your Brand & Your Self

Having had the pleasure, the blessing and the luxury of being in business for as long as I have, I don’t think I anticipated that I would need to make time for reinvention or evolution in the way I currently am. You hear artists talk about this often. I was watching an interview with Lady Gaga recently, and she remarked how grateful she is to have fans who are willing to take the next leap with her—because’s she’s never the same person she was when she made the previous album.

Gaga’s comments brought to light how hesitant I’ve been in allowing myself to evolve publicly as much as I’ve evolved personally. You can’t get to where I’ve gotten to in business and not grow exponentially as a person. However, I’ve been holding back from showcasing that growth in my products and programs. I’ve gotten used to doing what works, to the point where some of the romance and excitement I once had with my business is gone. It’s much like staying in a relationship that’s no longer fulfilling. Even though you’re disappointed, you stay because you think it’s what you should do. It’s just too comfortable and safe knowing you’ll get your needs met.

We all know that the status quo of “kinda meh, but safe and comfortable” rarely lasts forever. Often, it escalates into something problematic and even devastating. Just like in marriages, growth is key to keeping your passion for your business alive. And it’s the love for what you do that attracts your success, so if you’ve found it fading, it might be time for reinvention.

In my case, I thought I should keep selling strictly business and internet marketing programs because it’s what I know and what I thought people wanted from me (#lord I know…sometimes we are the last to see ourselves). It’s where I started my business and for a time I was absolutely obsessed and in love with it, which was reflected in the level of success I was attracting in. And though my love for women’s empowerment and the Divine Living brand has not changed at all, I have to admit, my fascination with internet marketing funnels has evolved into other interests.

This is all to say I know how vibrant life can be when you’re completely in love with what you’re creating. And I do not believe my best days are behind me. Some people say that in your thirties you have all this energy and then in your forties you chill out a bit—and none of that is going on for me. Instead I feel grateful and at peace with this realization that there is a next evolution that will have me contributing at my highest level, with the same kind of passion that started my business in the first place.

To find what that is, I’m in the process of letting go of all the “shoulds.” I’m seeing how important it is for women to stop judging each other for being in a different place in their own journeys. Even when I was so fascinated with teaching how to make money, I know other women judged me with comments like, “she’s shallow, she’s all about the money, she’s too masculine,” etc. But ultimately I moved past them because I was where I was called to be. I felt totally alive, I made a huge impact and I helped thousands transform and empower themselves through financial success, because that’s what I was obsessed with.

Throughout life, we all go through different phases and we all experience different passions. The focus might not always be on ramping up your business. It might one day be your time to become a mother, fall in love or get healthy. Why do women judge each other so harshly? I see so many Facebook rants about all the ways people are getting it wrong, which coaching programs shouldn’t exist and which should, what prices are okay and which ones aren’t.

Scrolling through these rants, my internal response is always, “Who made you God?” If something isn’t for you at any given moment, then by all means do you. Be in charge of your own life. But why spread disapproval when it’s so much more powerful for women to support each other in doing whatever they’re meant to do in any given season? Perhaps because you can’t give your support to others if you haven’t given it to yourself first.

Right now, I am calling upon more courage than ever to be exactly who I am and do exactly what I desire to do. The first step is creating time to discover how to bring the passion back into my relationship with my business. It’s been a process of clearing out, re-organizing and creating movement, all to open up space for the new vision to come forward.

You have to have a vision to be a leader. If you’re not clear on what you’re working towards, then you’re just working. That’s why it’s easier to pick up a paycheck than it is to create a business that sustains you and realizes your dreams. A paycheck (without passion) allows you to stay stagnant, get comfortable and stop taking the imaginative, creative and often challenging risks that lead to growth.

For entrepreneurs, letting yourself get too comfortable in your business usually leads to a moment when the money stops flowing. If that happens, there’s no need to create drama around it. Remember that it’s only the work of a loving universe moving you further in the directions of your dreams.

In fact, if you ever find yourself unable to make money in the old familiar ways, then congratulations. You’ve already accomplished those goals and manifested those dreams—now it’s time for life to get even bigger and better. As it says in the Course in Miracles, “Sometimes things have to come apart before they can come back together again.”

If you’re going through a transition, there’s no need to freak out. Living in the question is the hardest place to be in, but if you’re connected with your femininity, you can find strength in the wonder of it all. The world has already seen who you’ve been, which has been so beautiful and impactful. Remember that your best is yet to come. Soon you’ll have the strength to go and bring even more of who you are into the world—even if you don’t know what that looks like just yet.



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