Why I’m Choosing to Transform my Beliefs Around
Food & Fitness
I would be lying if I didn’t mention that this month’s health issue was instigated by my desire to look fabulous on the Amalfi Coast this summer. However there’s much more to it than that.

I have to admit that I’ve always taken my health a bit for granted. It has never been a major struggle for me to stay relatively fit by eating delicious organic food and periodically working out—especially in the Spring as bikini season approaches.

It’s around this time of year that I sideline my typical foodie inclinations in favor of cleanses and make my workout regime more of a priority. And I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one…people?!

As with most things, I’m a bit of an extremist when it comes to health and fitness. It’s the same work hard, play hard attitude I bring to business. I like to have a goal and pursue it somewhat intensely as it’s always easier for me to stay focused if I see results quickly.

The challenge? While I don’t eat fast foods or processed food, I am a foodie and I enjoy fabulous cuisine not on special occasions, but nightly. That has definitely packed on a pound or 14.

health-quoteEverybody has a food story. I personally have always had a belief that healthy eating means a little deprivation and a lot less fun. Intellectually, I know that I don’t have to deprive myself to have a fit body and enjoy food. However, my belief system is not 100% believing that. My belief system is I can either have the foods that I enjoy, or I can be fit and healthy.

I know how false this is and yet the subconscious mind is powerful. My goal is to get more fit—perhaps more than I’ve ever been in my life—while having fun eating in a luxurious, nourishing way.

When it comes to my body and my health, “good enough” is not okay with me anymore. Part of it is how I want to look—but part of it is also how I want to feel. Being 43, I know that how I treat my body now is going to impact how I look and feel at 63 and 93, and I want to enjoy the journey to the fullest.

I have many of my readers and clients to thank for inspiring me to make this decision. Those of you who have been demonstrating how to be fit and healthy and enjoy food all at the same time—THANK YOU! I’ve been watching.

I hope that no matter where you are in your health journey, you might enjoy and learn from a sneak peak into mine. This month I’m taking you every step of the way, from my incredible experience at the renowned wellness resort the Golden Door, to my latest fitness obsessions, recipes, apps and books. You’ll meet some of the experts I’m so excited to be working with, as well as industry leaders across beauty, wellness, and spirituality.

It’s all about a luxurious and feminine way to reinvent your approach to health this year. And it’s only just beginning—so leave us a comment with your top health questions, or share your own experience of what has worked for you!



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