A note from Gina and glenn

Goodbye my sweet Ginger! I send you off freely with so much love! You were the absolute best. I am gutted for sure. I don’t know why you chose to transition while we were away from you. Glenn and I so would have loved to say goodbye in person and give you one more hug.

Of course, you were so generous—you healer dog you. Laying under the massage table to hold the healing energy. Groaning audibly when clients would go into their stories. Sitting next to me if tears rolled down my face.

Then there were our fun outdoor workouts in the warm California air. The daily drives to work where you sat straight up looking out the window in your quirky way and made the people in the cars behind you crack up.


The belly flops in the many pools, the wincing with ecstasy well before we’d turn into the beach parking lot. Walks, runs and splashes at the beach and thousands of balls thrown and retrieved…yours and those of other dogs.

The way you’d lovingly greet every person who entered our home or office…tail wagging with pure love and excitement.

The daily dancing up and down at precisely breakfast and dinner time.

You were the total love bucket.

You were a healer and so in-tune and of course so damn funny!

From your own downward dog ON the yoga mat to laying across the mat in protest if we weren’t throwing the ball for you.

You’ve been a constant source of love, light and joy for me and Glenn…and for the so many others you blessed—I’m sure all our hearts are rather tender today.

I didn’t see it coming—you going. I don’t know why your time here is done. It’s not what I wanted, but somehow we’ll figure out how to accept it.


Grieving your loss was something I knew I’d have to do one day, way in the back of my mind—I just didn’t know it’d be today.

Thank you for this (even though it’s painful) reminder to live in today. To be present today. To notice more today. To live for today.

I assumed I’d have more time with you. And because of you I won’t assume I have more time with others I love.

You were such a fun companion and friend. G & G & G really were a family. I’m missing you so much already my sweet Ginger.

Oh the pain is intense—but so was your love and hilariousness and that of course is worth whatever sad emotions I’m feeling now.

Thank you Ginger for the beautiful experience of being your Mom…living with you and enjoying life, the fun times together and especially all the love over these past eight and a half years.

You will always be loved.

You will always be remembered.

All our love,
Gina & Glenn




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