5 Ways to
Up Your Immunity


Do you always seem to catch that thing that’s going around? It’s not because you’re unlucky. Chances are, you’re living in a way that doesn’t best support your immune system.
The immune system is a series of natural processes and structures that protect the body from diseases. When it’s in good shape, it can recognize and destroy pathogens and tumor cells. When it’s weakened, it’s much more vulnerable to attacks.

So what makes your immune system vibrant, strong and ready to spring into action? It really begins with your most basic habits—things busy, ambitious people often sacrifice in favor of work, but should be top priority for every woman entrepreneur who seeks sustainable success.

Remember that putting your wellbeing first is not just about your own personal comfort. The success of your business depends on you being at your best. Commit to living by the essential tips below, and soon enough you’ll find yourself cruising through cold season without a tissue in sight.




Sleep is one of the first things women entrepreneurs will throw out the window when they’re building their businesses, as if it’s a luxury that should be sacrificed. Beyond beauty rest, consistent, restorative sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy weight, balanced hormonal levels and clear thinking and reasoning. Meanwhile operating on very little sleep drains your immune system of vital energy. Rest now—not while you’re sick in bed!



Eat Like
a Foodie

Being the fabulous woman entrepreneur that you are, we know you have great taste—use it. Steer clear of junk food, fast food and too much pre-packaged food in favor of slow, whole and organic foods wherever possible. Over-processed foods have been revealed to add dangerous toxins to the body, disrupting digestion and compromising immunity. Instead, go for lots of lovingly cooked meals featuring deep leafy greens, nutritious fats and lean proteins that will support your body in functioning at its best.



Ask Yourself—Could You Be Drinking Water Right Now?
Most headaches and even hunger pangs are just signs of dehydration. Your body needs a high fluid content to consistently work efficiently, and when you go without water for long stretches of the day you may suddenly find yourself feeling sluggish staring at your laptop, for seemingly no reason. Always keep water by your desk, request it everywhere you go and of course have plenty while you’re flying around the world. Select a chic bottle you can keep with you on the go to make sure you’re drinking at least eight glasses a day.



Move Your Body, Activate Your Immunity
Okay, so this is about way more than a flat stomach or toned arms. Tempting as it is to use the Lulu Lemons exclusively for working at the kitchen table, consistent exercise boosts the immune system quickly and is basically key to every aspect of your health and wellness. No matter how long your to-do list is and how many clients you still need to meet your goal, make it a top priority to fit in an activity you love at least two to four times a week. You might miss your laptop a little bit at first but we promise, it passes.



Stay Above the Stress
Worried about money? Obsessing over how to improve your marketing? Can’t stop thinking about what that dissatisfied client said? Stress and anxiety effect you mentally and physically. Don’t let overwhelm turn to burnout, turn to illness. Caring for your mental and spiritual health should be a non-negotiable, so give yourself the time and space to breathe, laugh and enjoy friends and family. To master your energy, commit to a spiritual practice that grounds you. Staying in a positive vibration will enhance your wellbeing at a cellular level and keep your immune system strong.




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