It’s no secret— I am a spa devotee. I love the self-care, the nurturing and the relaxation of a luxury spa experience. And I’ve also seen how receiving regular massages and body treatments does wonders for my health, wellbeing and overall glow.

During my stay at the Golden Door, I was really impressed by how thoughtful and personalized the spa program was. After every morning workout, I had the opportunity to give back to my body. Over the course of seven days I felt truly taken care of, like every massage, wrap and beauty treatment was another step in my journey toward greater health.

To give you all a closer look at the Golden Door’s leading spa program, Divine Living caught up with Spa Director Michelle Schlekewey. Read on to find out what’s unique about the Golden Door experience and get inspired to find your next level of self-care!




What sets the spa at the Golden Door apart from all the others?
While at most spas you book your own treatments, we curate and customize the experience for you depending on your desired outcome. Each guest is interviewed before their visit and we find out exactly what they want to achieve, their long term and short term goals. We then schedule fitness classes, mindfulness sessions and relaxing services to create a totally personalized experience, including spa services and sessions. With your stay, you get a daily in-room massage, four facials, a body treatment, herbal wraps, nail and haircare—all selected just for you.

We love the Japanese influence at the Golden Door. How is it integrated into the spa?
The Japanese influence is all about simplicity and Zen. Our facilities are clean, simple and peaceful. In our treatments, we use out signature Golden Door Skin Care products featuring luxurious Japanese ingredients. One being Yuzu, a Japanese citrus that uplifts the spirit. The other scent is Hinoki, a Japanese cedar that’s warm and grounding.

How does the spa approach skincare?
Our skincare is non-invasive yet totally results driven. Each guest receives four facials during the week, so each day is built upon the last. At the end of the week, your skin is glowing, energized and detoxified! The products we use smell amazing, deliver fabulous benefits and can be mixed and matched for ultimate results covering all skin types.

Why are daily massages such an important part of the Golden Door program?
Mornings at the Golden Door are typically dedicated to fitness. Guests are moving, working hard and challenging their muscles. To be able to maintain that level of intensity day after day, you have to care for your body. So later in the afternoon, our guests receive a daily in-room massage that helps with circulation and removes lactic acid buildup in the muscles. That assists with recovery and gets you maximum benefits for your fitness plan during your stay.


You offer so many amazing massage therapies at the Golden Door—Swiss, Deep Tissue, Thai, Reiki, Lymph Drainage. Can you tell us about some of the different benefits?
All the massages deliver similar results—releasing tension, assisting with recovery—yet each has specific benefits as well. For example, a Thai massage is based on stretching, Reiki is based on energy and Lymph Drainage is to help the body detoxify. Swedish is great for your circulatory system and relaxation, while Deep Tissue is more therapeutic. We might choose your massage based on the results you are looking for, or create a combination of techniques for optimal benefits.

What’s the most unique massage you offer?
I would say our Awakening Potential massage is the most unique! It combines seven all-natural organic oil blends made in house, each attuned to one of the seven chakras. It’s an incredible 90 minute experience designed to guide you into deep relaxation inside and out.

What are your favorite treatments that should not be missed?
The herbal wraps are amazing and totally unique to the Golden Door! Specifically our Citrus and Herb Magnesium wrap uses an amazing product that is so therapeutic and relaxing for your muscles—especially considering how much you work out during your visit.

Who are some of the different wellness experts women can look forward to working with at the Golden Door?
We have an Olympic-trained Swimmer, a Hip-Hop Master, a Broadway Dancer, various types of Yoga Instructors, an Olympian Fencer, a Tibetan Bowl Musician, an Astrologist, and an Acupuncturist—just to name a few!




1 Stop the Stress
Not only are massages relaxing, they’ve been shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol while also boosting serotonin—the chemical that helps the body manage pain, anxiety and depression.
2 Improve Your Immunity
Studies have shown that people who receive regular massages experience an increase in white blood cells, which are critical for defending your body against disease!
3 Get The Best Sleep Ever
Sleep is so essential to keep your body balanced. Regular massages help people spend more time in deep restorative sleep and are especially helpful for getting rest despite a painful condition.
4 Focus Your Mind
Massage has been shown to improve mental performance. In one study, researches found that after a massage, people completed math problems twice as fast with half the errors!
5 Keep Your Heart Healthy
It’s proven that massages naturally improve your circulation and lower your blood pressure, both essential to stay in good cardiovascular health.
6 Let Go of Toxins
Daily life exposes us to pollutants, chemicals and foods that slow down the body. Massage can support the lymphatic system in releasing all those toxins and helping you regain balance.
7 Forget About Fatigue
Your adrenal glands regulate your hormone balance and when life gets overwhelming, they may become fatigued. Massage can pinpoint areas on the body to stimulate the adrenals and return your levels to normal.
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