Let the sounds of summer roar as we kick this month off with the sun in the sign of the lion, Leo. August brings with it some of 2016’s finest astrological aspects. Does that mean we can anticipate a problem-free month? Of course not, especially since Uranus (the planet of unexpected change) stationed to go retrograde late last month next to disruptive Eris in the sign of Aries—a configuration that will certainly reverberate.

Fortunately, this month we have lots more positivity too. Both the Leo new moon happening on the 2nd and the Aquarius full moon on the 18th boast opportunity and breakthrough. And later in the month, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter buddy up in Virgo, within days of Mars and Saturn finally aligning in Sagittarius.

What does this mean? Mars and Saturn meeting up at the same degree initiates a new iteration of purpose, and since it happens in the sign Sagittarius (who is ruled by Jupiter), we look to Jupiter to see further conditions surrounding this meet-up.

Jupiter is in the sign of the healer, Virgo, next to benefic Venus and quick-thinking Mercury, so we can look forward to positive news. Yet, there’s a caveat. Just as we finally get multiple green lights, Mercury goes retrograde. Yup, the planet of communication begins his retrograde dance on August 30th, not turning direct until September 21st! We also have two massive eclipses just around the corner next month (a solar eclipse kicks off the month of September) that are sure to twist the plot too. Stay creative! Stay inspired! And enjoy yourself. Onward we go.


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With the sun moving through fellow fire sign Leo this month, expect your creativity to explode. The new moon, happening in your 5th house of romance and play opens up your ingenuity, while the full moon on the 18th in Aquarius, brings a major wish (or project) to full culmination. Ruling planet Mars now in Sagittarius (also a fire sign) finally, gets to full throttle speed this month too (a holdover from the long Mars retrograde) and meets up with Saturn in your solar 9th house of philosophical expansion. I get the feeling that this month you’re ready to rumble in the best possible sense, moving with agility and speed while unleashing your entrepreneurial creativity. Go!
The August 2nd new moon in Leo provides you with a fresh start when it comes to your home and family, creating for feel good security in your life. Then on the 6th, your ruling planet, Venus moves into fellow earth sign Virgo. While Virgo is not Venus’ favorite sign, she will make a harmonious angle to you, as she makes her way to meet high-rolling Jupiter on August 27th, an aspect that will surely delight you. On top of it, the full moon happening in your 10th house of career in Aquarius on the 18th lights up your fame factor. So even though we are in the midst of high summer vacation and holiday season, don’t turn your cheek to work. You’ll want to stay productive and strategic.
Get your pen and paper ready, dear Gemini, this month the ideas will flow. With the active Leo new moon kicking August off on the 2nd in your house of communication you’ll want to do what you do best: write and communicate. I know you have multiple ideas up your sleeve. Even though getting them out of your head feels like herding cats, you have to. It’s time. The Aquarius full moon occurring on the 18th lights up your 9th house of publishing, helping you tremendously. Later in the month (on the 22nd) your ruler, Mercury meets up with good-fortune and luck-producing Jupiter, suggesting that your intellect will be on fire. So carve out some time this month to focus on big projects. Next month your ruler Mercury will be retrograde, so don’t put it off until September.
Having just celebrated your birthday, you’re ready to take on the world. The new moon happening on August 2nd in the sign of Leo occurs in your second house of money and self-worth. This is the time for the rubber to hit the road when it comes to manifesting your wealth and future security. So use it wisely to declare your intentions for the future and move forward with abundance. The Aquarius full moon occurring on the 18th brings even more positive support to you as it lights up another of your financial houses: the 8th house of money from others. Having both the new and full moon in your financial houses this month dares you to own your worth and then capitalize on the opportunities coming your way. Next month kicks off with an eclipse, so be certain to make headway now.
Happy Birthday! Let’s be honest. This month you’re going to want to do one thing—party (as you should). Look Leo, the most important thing you can do is have fun, stay heart-centered and creative. It’s what you were born to do. As a natural leader, your primary purpose this lifetime is to inspire and uplift others, which is pretty hard to do when your well is dry. So please use August to refill the coffers and open your heart even more. The good news is, aside from having your solar return and new moon in your sign (two things that reset the engines) you’re also going to have Jupiter meeting up with Venus and Mercury in your house of Money later this month. Stay active, because I think you’re going to get what you want—or at least you have the celestial support to make it happen.
For the last year Jupiter, the planet of good luck, fortune and abundance, traversed your sign, blessing you with an auspicious advantage. In September, Jupiter will leave your sign, not to return again for another 12 years. So please take this month seriously. It’s time to sign the deal and say yes to that game-changing opportunity you’ve weighed the pros and cons on. As this month ends, multiple planets will clamor in your sign: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the sun (in addition to the North Node of Fate!). Capitalize on this energy and take a risk. While there are never any guarantees, you have to take the chance. Otherwise, you’ll always regret it. Go for it, especially since next month Mercury will go retrograde! Not to mention the month kicks off with a solar eclipse in your sign. Happy (almost) birthday!
You’ve persevered through some intense circumstances in recent years. Caught in the crossfire of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, you’ve dealt with more than your fair share of challenges (Aries and Capricorn square your sign). But! Get ready, because next month, Jupiter will bestow upon you a serious dose of support—and Jupiter will stay in your sign for a little more than a year. So… this month, prepare. The new moon on the 2nd in Leo unleashes your ability to manifest. Use this new moon to get seriously clear on your wishes for the future. The full moon in Aquarius on the 18th brings your creativity to a whole new level. Finally, it’s your turn for the divine favor. Though, we need to keep things in perspective too. September brings with it Mercury retrograde and two eclipses. That said, I still think you’re about to see a major upswing, so get ready.
This month charges you with the task of getting supremely clear on your value and your financial goals. Thanks to Mars at the last degrees of your sign, you just revisited major decisions made a year ago when serious Saturn wrapped up his journey in your sign: a transit that changed your life. So use this information to formulate your new direction. The August 2nd new moon genuinely gives you the ability to start again, especially when it comes to career. (The new moon lights up your tenth house of fame!) The same day Mars scoots out of your sign, he’ll make his way into your second house of money, where he’ll meet up with Saturn on the 23rd—a day you’ll certainly want to declare your goals. I know it’s been hard, but you’ll soon see it’s worth it.
With the sun in a fire sign this month (Leo) you’ll feel inspired, especially once Mars, the planet of action, reenters your sign too. He does so on the same day of the Leo new moon August 2nd. This new moon occurs in your house of marriage and contractual partnerships and happens with a stellar beam from Saturn. Take some time then to listen deeply to your heart for direction, as you’ll want to set positive intentions for your life. As the month moves on, you can expect positive support—in particular on the 23rd when Saturn and Mars finally meet up in your sign. This alignment asks you to commit to a new goal or dream.  Occurring less than a week after the friendly full moon in Aquarius, the 23rd offers the potential to consciously drive towards a new reality. Choose wisely.
This month your ruler, Saturn goes direct on the 13th right between the new moon on the 2nd, which occurs in your 8th house of money from others, and the full moon in Aquarius that happens in your 2nd house of earned income on the 18th. What does this mean in English? You have great financial potential in August. All of this is compounded by the fact that Jupiter, Venus and Mercury will travel through fellow earth sign Virgo later this month, adding even more support to the mix. Awesome. You want to make forward strides now because come September, Mercury will go retrograde and we’ll experience two eclipses! Even if you plan on taking time off this month (Positano anyone?) stay strategic. Keep your eye on the ball, and allow your team to step in and support you.
With so much activity happening in Leo, the sign opposite of you, you can expect this month to spark your ingenuity. With both the Sun and Mars in fire signs you likely feel energy fit to burst, especially as we approach the Aquarius full moon happening on the 18th. This friendly full moon sextiles your retrograde ruler, Uranus, asking you to clear the blocks to own your creativity. Consider going out dancing or to a fun party then—you’ll never know who you’ll meet, especially with Mars and Saturn approaching their conjunction in your house of friendship and groups. Otherwise, stay focused on your bottom line this month. Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and the sun will all tour through your house of money from others as the month closes out. You can earn big!
The August 2nd new moon in Leo lights up your 6th house of health and routines, asking you to organize your business and get your body into shape. Don’t put off this strenuous work. Now is the time to focus on systems, training and taking care of you! Fortunately, the full moon in Aquarius on the 18th gives you plenty of reason to relax, as it happens in your house of spiritual renewal. Come the 23rd, you want to be ready to charge forward with new ideas for work when Saturn and Mars meet up at the same degree in your house of fame. Amazing. But slow down, September starts off with both a new moon eclipse and Mercury retrograde. Just as we gain speed, we have to pause and review. C’est la vie!

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