Get ready for the unexpected—the eclipses are here. Eclipses impact change and can often catalyze the rearrangement of our lives. Fortunately, though, they happen this month amidst sweet aspects.

Eclipses generally happen two times per year and tend come in pairs: a solar eclipse which occurs at the new moon, and a lunar eclipse which happens at the full moon. This month the full moon lunar eclipse (at 22 degrees of Leo) occurs on the 10th, boasting significant aspects. This full moon may bring surprises (all eclipses do), but the surprises look pretty darn positive. Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good fortune, supports the sun and moon, while Uranus (change) and Saturn (structure) send grounding electricity allowing for a breakthrough.

Then, the new moon solar eclipse happens on the 26th in Pisces. This eclipse may feel jarring. At that time Mars (passion) and Uranus (surprises) will align in Aries creating an unpredictable atmosphere. Nonetheless, Neptune, the planet of spirituality aligns with the sun and the moon at the time of the eclipse, emphasizing the natural elements of Pisces—dreams, intuition and creativity. We should have incredible access to our intuition at this time, so stay open and follow your guidance. Following the new moon, the time is ripe to initiate new projects—so be very intentional this month, and prepare for new beginnings at month’s end.

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With ruling planet Mars finally in your sign (he arrived in Aries on January 28th) you are ready to roar. Having Mars return to your sun is a long time coming, and a welcome arrival as hosting Mars in your sign amplifies your get-up-and-go gusto, allowing you to make things happen. Nice. On top of this, Venus also enters your sign early in the month, a place she’ll be for a while given that in March she’ll go retrograde. Come to the Leo full moon eclipse on the 10th; you’ll certainly feel the positive mojo. This full moon creates a grand trine in fire, amplifying the effects of change-making Uranus who continues in your sign through the remainder of 2017. Use this positively to launch and lead in your business. Come the new moon eclipse on the 26th, spend time clearing out your subconscious so that your business brand feels aligned with your spiritual self.
With the sun traveling through Aquarius, your 10th house of fame and honors, February pushes you into the limelight. Coming off of last month’s new moon on the 27th/28th you likely feel huge career momentum. Now’s the time to make some moves—especially since next month your ruling planet, Venus, goes retrograde. The Leo full moon eclipse occurring on the 10th asks you to turn your attention to home and family, so please do so—something may be brewing that needs your attention. Could a move possibly be on the horizon too? If so, embrace it. The following new moon eclipse in Pisces on the 26th opens up an opportunity for you to step up and out in your career even more. With this new moon occurring in your 11th house, your manifestation powers intensify. Marketing efforts fair well when launched in sync with this new moon. Meanwhile, you crave alone time connecting to your meditation practice more than anything.
The eclipses open up new possibilities for you. For starters, the Leo full moon eclipse occurs in your house of writing, emphasizing the need to consistently up the volume on your voice. So, don’t hold back and get your message out into the world. The time is now. Later in the month, on the 26th, the new moon eclipse in your 10th house dares you to dream big. Dive in and connect to your greater vision. This eclipse sets you up well for March, a time when you will want to push the boundaries (massively) on all things having to do with your career. So dear Gemini, are you ready? This year with Uranus and Saturn in a trine, you benefit. Even though Saturn opposes your Sun, a tough configuration that lasts through 2017, Uranus in Aries pushes you towards your breakthrough. And the good news is Jupiter in a fellow air sign, Libra, supports this. The year is young. Plan big things.
2017 brings with it an extra emphasis on you. You find yourself in an inescapable position this year that will not let you off the hook from taking action on behalf of your highest purpose. February certainly pushes you further in this direction. The full moon eclipse in Leo on the 10th highlights your finances. A lucrative project may come to fruition, or you’ll have a heavy unexpected expense. Regardless of how this shows up, now’s the time to evaluate your relationship to your resources (and own your self-worth). The new moon eclipse in Pisces on the 26th opens up new possibilities for you when it comes to publishing and pushing your ideas out into the world. You may even find yourself daring to adventure more and making plans to meet Gina at one of her international events. Further, with Venus and Mars both moving through Aries in your 10th house of public notoriety, you’re sure to feel the push into the limelight this month.
With a full moon eclipse happening in your sign this month, get ready for things to rock and roll. Eclipses by nature are unpredictable, yet this one shows signs of feeling positive. 2017, a year when you can expect to have quite a bit of momentum, offers you tremendous support. With Saturn in Sagittarius making a positive angle to Uranus in Aries, Leo’s received the benefit of these two planets working together. The full moon eclipse happening on the 10th in your sign offers you momentum, bringing things to a culminating moment. As exciting as this may feel, be certain to carve out downtime for yourself too, as having an eclipse in your sign may feel draining. The new moon eclipse happening on the 26th occurs in your 8th house of money from others. In the days following this lunar event, you will find yourself at an ideal time for new beginnings when it comes to borrowing money or charging more for your services.
As the month kicks off, carve out time for your spiritual practice. The full moon eclipse in Leo on the 10th occurs in the most sacred part of your chart—the 12th house, asking you to connect to your guidance and possibly even retreat. You’ll want to have ample space to do so as we approach the full moon. Otherwise, ruling planet Mercury, now direct and out of his shadow, charges forward in Aquarius, a perfect place. Score. Mercury makes some fine connections this month too, aiding you, especially on the 20th and 21st, so pay close attention to the news you receive then. The new moon eclipse occurring in your 7th house of partnership opens up new potential for fabulous clients to come into your life (maybe even a wedding proposal too!). Set healthy intentions to amplify your relationships in positive ways, strengthening bonds with those you love.
February, a month with two eclipses, highlights your partnerships and client relationships. The active full moon eclipse in Leo occurs in your 11th house of groups, marketing and friends, which will emphasize your social network and may bring a big group program or product into culmination too. Simultaneously, Venus and Mars travel through your 7th house of partnerships, amplifying your natural relationship skills even more. On top of this, with the sun in Aquarius (your fifth house of creativity) for most of the month, your keen style lights your business (and life) ablaze. Awesome. Take the potential of February seriously, as it unleashes your creative possibility. It closes out with a new moon eclipse in your 6th house of health, helping you begin new patterns and habits that support your life as it grows and expands. The downside of the month? Jupiter, the planet of luck goes retrograde in your sign on the 5th. He won’t turn direct until June.
Hold on tight, this month will indeed rock and roll. On the 10th, the full moon eclipse in Leo lights up your 10th house of fame and career. Given that this full moon eclipse boasts such great aspects, I have a sneaking suspicion that something positive is culminating in your professional/public life. With Saturn touring your second house of money for the last year, you’ve been under the gun to figure out your finances. Perhaps cash flow feels tight? Trust that Saturn, the planet of discipline is teaching you how to respect your resources so you can grow them. This lunar eclipse works well with Saturn, so keep on the look out for the culmination of a lesson. Come the 22nd you’ll want to watch your back and slow your roll, as tension might pop up. The new moon solar eclipse happening later in the month (the 26th) opens up potential for your creativity, as it occurs in your fifth house.
I know, things have felt heavy for you. With Saturn touring your sign, you are getting grounded and readied for more responsibility. The goal of Saturn is to support you to uplevel. Fortunately, the full moon eclipse on the 10th enhances this electrifying energy. Saturn makes a luscious connection with Uranus (the planet of breakthrough) for most of the year, inspiring innovation and development, and the full moon emphasizes this connection in your favor. Yay. As we continue forward in the month, things feel steady, but pay close attention to the 22nd as tension may rise. Further, the new moon eclipse happening on the 26th in Pisces brings a mixed forecast. While it’s a deeply nourishing and spiritual time, it may also feel volatile. So please take care of yourself this month. Ruling planet, Jupiter, goes retrograde on the 5th and won’t turn direct until June, making the next five months an ideal time to do the inner work of creating space for more abundance.
With ruling planet Saturn in a helpful and supportive trine with Uranus for most of the year, you can expect ingenuity and breakthrough. Of course, you have to want it, but I get the sense that you do. The Leo full moon eclipse on the 10th emphasizes this connection. Awesome. Since it occurs in your 8th house of money from others, it may put extra emphasis on your shared finances, credit, a loan and money earned through a commission. This eclipse has some outstanding aspects, so I get the sense that it’ll bring positive surprises too. As the month moves on, pay close attention to the 22nd. With Mars in Aries squaring (making an awkward angle) to Pluto in Capricorn, be careful not to get pulled into a power struggle that might prevail on (or near) this day. The new moon eclipse occurring on the 26th has mostly positive aspects, though Mars and Uranus combine their power, possibly creating volatility. Stay focused on manifesting your intended desires then.
Happy Birthday, Aquarius! With the sun zooming through your sign now is time to energize your intentions for the new year. Do you have a clear vision of what you hope to create? If not take time out this month to focus on your plan. With the sun and Mercury in your sign, you have killer ideas. The full moon eclipse on the 10th lights up your house of partnership, putting extra emphasis on those you do business with, your marriage and/or any relationship that is bound by a contract. Since this eclipse is so positively aspected, look to this full moon to support transformation. The new moon eclipse happening on the 26th occurs in your second house of income, opening up new beginnings for you when it comes to owning and earning your worth. For the majority of 2017, Jupiter, the planet of good luck, good fortune and abundance travels through Libra, a placement that benefits you. Use this support to your advantage.
With your birthday around the corner, and a new moon eclipse in your sign (on the 26th) you are about to pivot. Yet, before you shoot out of the cannon, I highly suggest spending time early in the month resting, connecting with yourself, and getting ready for the change awaiting you around the corner. No, that doesn’t mean bailing on work or responsibility, but rather tuning into your intuition, getting lots of sleep and staying mindfully connected to your truth and center. By the time the full moon eclipse occurs on the 10th, you’ll feel ready to activate, especially since this eclipse occurs in your house of daily routines. As we make our way to the new moon eclipse towards the end of the month, spend time thinking about what you want to let go of. What’s not working for you? Shed. Once the sun and moon align in your sign during the eclipse, you’ll be asked to birth a whole new iteration of your identity. Get ready.

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