2017kicks off with a dreamy start, encouraging us to tune into our vision, our desire and our feminine power! With Mercury in retrograde, the first week of the new year is best spent processing the transition from 2016 to 2017. (Mercury goes direct on the 8th.) Give yourself time to digest the change and integrate the wisdom gained from last year.

As we move past the Mercury station and make our way to the full moon on the 12th, we feel our power amplify. The first full moon of 2017 occurs in the sign of Cancer, a sign that represents our feminine energy. This focus on the feminine is expanded even more with action-oriented Mars in the sign of Pisces making a supportive connection to powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn. If that weren’t enough, loving Venus meets up with mystical Neptune then too in the sign of dreams, Pisces, making mid-January an ideal time to connect with our big picture vision for our life, as well as our emotional body.

Stake your claim, ladies, on precisely what you want to see happen. The sun leaves practical Capricorn for adventurous Aquarius on the 19th, shifting the tone of the month into our leadership. 2017 is a year for all of us to step up and out even more, and as the sun moves into Aquarius our leadership skills sharpen. The new moon in Aquarius, occurring on the 27th, pushes us even more to own our unique gifts, claim our voices and put our work out into the world in a bigger, brighter, more profound way. Welcome to 2017, a year for female leadership!

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Ready? Set? Go! 2017 kicks off with emphasis on your career. With the sun, Pluto and Mercury all energizing your 10th house of fame, the spotlight is on you. Yes, Mercury is retrograde until the 8th, so you want to focus your planning at the start of the month, and then once Mercury goes direct, it’s game-on! Your ruling planet Mars travels through your 12th house of spiritual expansion, amplifying your intuition and occult knowledge. He’s priming himself for his entrance into your sign (Aries) at the end of the month, the 28th. So pay attention to every single tickle of intuition this month—you don’t want to miss the message. The full moon on the 12th happening in the sign of Cancer emphasizes home and family. Don’t forget to nourish those who support your strength then. The month closes out on a powerful new moon in Aquarius, commencing your year with auspicious alignment.
Stable. Steady. Ready! (Your mantra for January 2017.) This month begins just a few days shy of your ruling planet, Venus, moving into Pisces. Venus’ move into Pisces on the 3rd, a sign she’ll stay in for the entire month, elevates you. And thank the goddess, because the world needs your salt of the earth practicality right now. Though pay attention to what you are asked to release on the 7th when Venus conjoins the south node! Nonetheless, stay focused on your 2017 goals, in particular on the full moon which happens on the 12th in the sign of Cancer. This full moon occurs in your 3rd house of communication—so write down your desires then (all of them!). Know what you want and don’t deviate. Determination is your strength, after all! As the month moves on, so does the sun, moving into Aquarius on the 19th, your 10th house of fame. Yup, this is your time to shine, dear Taurus. So step up and out at the end of the month!
Happy New Year, sweet Gemini! Despite 2017 kicking off with your ruler, Mercury in retrograde, you have so much energy, especially as it relates to your career. Yes! With Mars in Pisces in your 10th house of fame, and Venus making her way into Pisces on the 3rd, your notoriety elevates. Thankfully, Mercury stations direct on the 8th, just in time for things to ramp up for the full moon occurring on the 12th. This sensitive Cancer full moon lights up your second house of self-worth and money. Be certain to own your power, influence and capacities as you set your sight on the impact you’d like to make in 2017. Also, keep your eyes open for what’s culminating in your financial life then too (it should be something helpful!). The month ends with a new moon in Aquarius supporting you to teach, write and promote at an even higher level. Here’s to kicking off 2017 on the right foot!
Happy New Year, dear Cancer. I hope you had a fabulous holiday resting and connecting with your family. With the sun traveling through the sign of Capricorn, it’s time to put your attention on your clients. Pay close attention to contracts, as well as any service delivery needs. On the 7th, the Sun conjoins Pluto, a day when power dynamics may loom. Take a step back before reacting, but trust your instincts nonetheless. On the 12th we have a full moon in your sign! Yes. This once a year event raises you up—giving you the energy to make some major moves. Come the 19th; the sun shoots into Aquarius, your 8th house of joint finances, priming you to look at how you might be able to scale your business through the support of investors, borrowing or bringing in a partner. The new moon on the 27th occurs in this same house. Time to initiate new actions to elevate your financial status.
I know you want to commence 2017 with gangbuster focus; however, I encourage you to give yourself space before putting the pedal to the metal, especially at the start of the month. The month kicks off with Mercury retrograde in your sixth house of daily focus, encouraging you to take care of your health and pace yourself. Once Mercury stations direct on the 8th, you’ll feel more focused and prepared to shine. However, a few days later, the full moon in Cancer, which happens on the 12th, occurs in the most private section of your chart, suggesting that you’ll still feel the inward pull. As a Leo, someone destined to shine, taking time for you isn’t always the easiest, yet it’s so necessary. Truth: you are not always the outspoken extrovert that the world sees you as. The month concludes with a new moon in your 7th house, opening new potential in the realm of relationship (both personal and business).
The month kicks off with your ruling planet, Mercury, in retrograde, creating an intense focus on practical details. Yet, I encourage you to take a step back from scrutinizing what doesn’t feel like it’s going right and look at what is awesome in your life. Mercury stations direct on the 8th, shortly after which you’ll feel the push forward. The full moon occurring in Cancer, your 11th house of manifestation, puts an incredible amount of focus on your dreams. Yes. This supportive full moon calls you closer to your destiny. Even with good fortune Jupiter squaring the sun and moon at this time, he does so from your 2nd house of money. This pushes you forward to determine where you are holding back your profitability so you can break through any blocks stopping you from rising to the top. The month ends with a new moon in your 6th house of daily work on the 27th. Set healthy intentions then for your professional life.
The new year kicks off with good luck Jupiter holding strong in your sign, a phenomenal beginning to this next chapter of your life. Yes! With Mercury retrograde the first week of the month, use this time to focus on soul-centered intentions for growth. As we get closer to the full moon, your need to express yourself grows. This full moon lights up your 10th house of fame while making a hard angle to good luck Jupiter. This is the perfect amount of friction to push you forward. Use it wisely. As we close out the month, we do so on the heels of a new moon in Aquarius. The new moon opens a new doorway to new personal potential via your creativity. Do not hold back. With your ruling planet, Venus, moving through Pisces this month in an exalted position, you are primed to unleash your refined Libra style onto the world. Lead with luxury and refinement while honoring your creativity.
Happy 2017! January offers you stellar support to kick your year off with exceptional creativity and ingenuity. With Mars and Venus both in water sign Pisces for the majority of the month, lighting up your 5th house of originality, you’re sure to feel a passionate upswell. Truly, this month is jam-packed with support for you, especially since Mars, the planet of action, interacts with ruling planet Pluto on the 11th. You’ll have energy fit to burst then, so channel it productively. One day later, Venus conjoins Neptune, increasing your sensitivity and enjoyment of pleasure. Not to mention, it’s the full moon in Cancer! This full moon accentuates your 9th house of international travel and big picture thinking, helping you feel tapped in and turned on by your deepest desire for world domination. Yes, it’s that kind of month. Late 2017 holds big things for you, Scorpio, so please don’t be shy in your vision.
2016 closed out with an auspicious aspect that affected you deeply. Saturn moving through your sign made a positive angle to Uranus in Aries, suggesting a breakthrough. This transit, the first of three, sets the tone of the new year for you. Given that Saturn, the planet of hard lessons, will stay in your sign for the entire year, it’s so important to look at how he’s creating an opportunity for you. (The follow up to this transit happens on May 19th and November 11th later in the year.) In January, radical breakthrough looms for you. However, it’s essential to pay attention to your bottom line and your finances. With the sun in your second house of finances for most of the month, and the full moon culminating on the 12th in your house of money from others, look at the ways you are funding your ingenuity. Review your 2016 P+L statements, and look at your margins. As the month closes out think about new products and programs for the new year.
Happy birthday dear Capricorn. 2017 kicks off with an enormous focus on your truth, your power and your perseverance. Now more than ever, it’s so important that you claim your desire—to stand strong in alignment with your intention for this next year. On the 7th, the sun in Capricorn will conjoin powerhouse Pluto, emphasizing your determination, decisiveness and personal power. You will also be called to let go of exactly what doesn’t work for you then. As we approach the full moon on the 12th, Mars will make a powerful connection to Pluto, amplifying your power and focus, and then Venus and Neptune will conjoin, creating a romantic atmosphere to conjure your most heartfelt desires. The month ends with a much deserved new moon in Aquarius in your second house of money on the 27th. Be certain to prioritize revenue generating activities then, and set healthy intentions for the wealth you plan to create in 2017!
Last month your ruling planet, Uranus, made a fabulous trine to Saturn, right before going direct on the 29th! In English? 2017 kicks off with beautiful momentum for you. With your ruling planet full steam so are you. Even with the sun traversing the most private part of your chart, I feel you getting ready for your solar return (aka your birthday), and launching fully into this next year of life. Fabulous. The full moon on the 12th asks you to evaluate your daily activity in your business. You likely need to delegate more. But whatever it is, spend time considering how you can create healthier systems, processes and structures in your business then. The sun scoots into your sign on the 19th, positioning you to build even more momentum as we edge towards the Aquarius new moon occurring on the 27th. Yes! At that time, get crystal clear on your vision for next year. Claim what you are creating.
2017 kicks off with a sweet start for you. With Mars in your sign, you have energy fit to burst. And as if that weren’t enough, Venus joins the party on the 3rd, supercharging your super powers! Dear Pisces, you are on fire. The full moon in Cancer on the 12th amplifies your super powers even more by lighting up your 5th house of creativity. There’s one caveat though—you may feel a bit too sensitive. If this is the case, give yourself permission and space to emote. Take cleansing baths. Be certain to exercise and meditate. Create space so you can digest the influence the cosmos currently bestows upon you. Then get ready, because the new moon on the 27th further accentuates your spiritual knowing even more, as it lights up your 12th house. You may need to retreat then. If so, give yourself the gift of alone time and see it as a necessary step in prepping for your upcoming birthday!

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