ctober kicks off with the sun in Libra, making it an ideal time to nourish our relationships,connections and community. Libra signifies a time for balance and harmony—and since October comes on the heels of one of the finer new moons of the year (the September 30th new moon in Libra) advantage abounds—especially now that there are no inner planets currently retrograde. During so much of 2016 we’ve contended with high-impact retrogrades, and finally, we reach a turning point in the year. Things are about to pick up, fast!

Early in the month, we have auspicious aspects. Venus forms a supportive angle first with Neptune on the 1st, and then with Pluto on October 5th, helping us develop our dreams and own our power. Then on the 7th, Mercury, the planet of communication, joins the Libra party as he preps for one of the most positive transits of the year on the 11th when Jupiter and Mercury will align at 7 degrees of Libra—a highly auspicious aspect, supporting us immensely.

Yet, in the days following this gold star day, challenges could erupt, especially on the full moon. This full moon in Aries occurs right next to Uranus, the planet of revolution, and Eris, the planet of discord. While Mercury squares Pluto, Pluto helps us confront our shadows. Expect things to feel edgy in the days surrounding the 15th. On October 19th and the 20th, we’ll experience Mars and Pluto aligning at the same degree (15 degrees Capricorn) and Mercury in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries at 22 degrees. Expect to feel determined, capable and unwilling to accept defeat.

Come the 22nd the sun moves from Libra into Scorpio (the sign of transformation), prepping us for the end of harvest season— and the descent into the darker half of the year (for those of us in the north). You’ll want to know what you are aiming to transform as the powers of Scorpio prevail. It’s said that at this time of the year, the boundary between worlds grows thin as the month closes out, so don’t be surprised if your psychic superpowers perk up!


Strategize your Success with the Stars
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This month kicks off with your ruling planet exalted in Capricorn in your career house, where he’ll stay this entire month. Mars in this position is music to your ears! So hit the month hard and fast, but as we approach the tumultuous full moon in your sign on the 15th, slow your roll. You may receive shocking news, and rather than react, process it. Come the 19th Mars aligns with powerhouse Pluto suggesting that you are going to step into your power, massively. However, stay cautious. Take your power back, but do not power trip. As an Aries, learning patience is key, so practice that mid-month, and trust—you will get what you need. As the month closes out it does so with a new moon in Scorpio, giving you the opportunity to regenerate your resources. Set great intentions for your finances then!
Could your month start off with more possibilities? The beautiful Libra new moon on September 30th opened a new beginning with your health. Now you need to step through it. On top of it, your ruling planet, Venus, makes remarkable aspects to Neptune and Pluto, opening up your ability to conjure your power and manifest your dreams at the start of the month, so make your moves. The full moon in Aries occurs in the part of your chart that prefers privacy, alone time and connection to the divine. I urge you to prioritize making space for this during the two days before and after the full moon on the 15th. You won’t regret it. And then watch out world! Venus will make another power move to Jupiter on the 26th. To close up the month, we’ll have a supportive new moon in your house of relationships. Time to manifest.
September ended with a great new moon supporting your creativity, so please pick up this month where last month left off. It’s time to build your business assets. After a year of focusing on your home life, your creativity calls your name. Pay close attention to what occurs on the 11th when ruling planet Mercury meets up with Jupiter. This is a five-star day, for sure. Commitments made then are blessed. The feisty, full moon in Aries on the 15th shakes things up in your social circles. Watch out for jealousy, and don’t take anything too seriously. Shortly after you’ll have an incredible opportunity to manifest resources, as the Mars/Pluto alignment in your 8th house of money-from-others suggests you get your financial ducks in a row. As the month closes out, it does so with a stellar new moon in Scorpio. Jump start your health routine then.
I get the sense that you are up-leveling your private life, and nesting even, so that you can expand your public life. Remember, we anchor our roots so that we can grow our wings. Now that good luck Jupiter will transit your 4th house of home and family for the next year; it’s time to expand your home life. Do you need more space, or to cut through clutter and welcome new opportunity? If so, you are auspiciously supported to do so. On the challenging end of the spectrum, because of the Aries full moon on the 15th, things will rock and roll in the most public area of your solar chart. This full moon illuminating your 10th house of fame is not an easy one. Nonetheless, you have what it takes to sustain the storm. Trust. By the end of the month, your creativity will feel on fire.
Last month’s eclipses were happening in your financial houses. Did it shake things up for you financially, asking you to shatter glass ceilings and own your worth? Are you doing the work to up-level your financial story, to change the ancestral patterns that have held you back? Now that we are through eclipse season and there are no massive retrograde cycles pending for the rest of the year, prepare for things to move quickly. You are tasked with the job of going deep within to look at early childhood stories and family patterns that need to shift so you can do what you are most meant to do: shine. With Mars exalted in your sixth house of health and daily habits, jumpstart your workout routine, get in shape and handle your health. You are transforming from the bottom up, so aid the process by getting enough exercise, eating well and meditating.
September ended with a stellar new moon in your house of money, setting you up to earn big this month. Over the last year you certainly up-leveled, even at times hitting major upper limits. Hopefully, you did the deep inner work needed to sustain your new level of success because right now you are poised to expand financially. Think about residual income, new products and services, and how to make the most of what you got goin’ on. With Mars shooting through fellow earth sign Capricorn, productivity could be off the hook this month. But watch out for the Aries full moon on the 15th. This one may shake things up. Stay centered and trust. The month closes out on a positive note, especially on the 26th when your ability to earn gets another boost, when Venus in Sagittarius offers support to Jupiter in Libra right before the Scorpio new moon on the 30th.
Last month, Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion, made his way into your sign, kicking off 13 months of positive transformation. Now with your solar return (aka birthday) upon you, it’s time to solidify your intentions for how you want to use this year. Pay attention to October 11th (and the days leading up to it) as good news abounds in your direction. Commitments made then are auspiciously blessed, so don’t be shy about asking for what you want. Yet, it’s not all smooth sailing. The full moon on the 15th may rock the boat. If so, trust that everything is happening for a reason, and you will indeed emerge all the stronger. The month closes out with a new moon in your solar second house on the 30th. Use this time to solidify your financial goals.
With the sun making her way into your sign on the 22nd, this month is about introspection, preparation and execution. And lucky you, feminine Venus moved into your sign late last month, where she’ll stay until October 18th. While Venus is in Scorpio, she’s making power moves: a trine to Neptune on the 1st and a sextile to Pluto on the 5th. Both aspects support you to manifest. The Aries full moon on the 15th may bring a health issue to the surface, so be certain to take exceptional care of yourself then. Come the 19th, step into your power, but do not power trip. And then get ready. As soon as the sun moves into your sign on the 22nd it’s time to commence this next year of your life. Come the new moon in Scorpio on the 30th you are ready to plant the seeds of great intentions.
With the sun in Libra for most of the month making a harmonious angle to you, you can expect feelings of ease, especially since your ruler Jupiter moved into Libra last month. Hosting Saturn is a lot of work, and even though Saturn stays in Sag until the end of 2017, jovial Jupiter now in fashion-forward Libra lightens the load. With the sun, Mercury and Jupiter all sextiling Saturn this month, your purpose feels supported. Not to mention Venus, the planet of love and beauty (and the traditional ruler of Libra), moves into your sign on the 17th where she’ll stay until November 11th. Prepare to feel like the bell of the ball. Hosting Venus will support you with the manifestation of your heart’s desires. However, there’s a caveat—the full moon on the 15th in Aries stirs difficulties. Stay centered in the days leading up to and following this challenging lunation.
On September 27th, Mars, the planet of action, made his way into your sign, where he’ll stay until November 9th. Finally. After much of 2016 feeling slow (and sometimes downright impossible) due to Mars’ retrograde cycle, his full force action in your sign brings much welcome change. He’s exalted in Capricorn after all so his presence in your sign means he can function at his fullest capacity. Not to mention hosting Mars increases the probability of getting meaningful work accomplished. The full moon on the 15th might bring a bit of conflict to the table, if so take the seat of the observer, and stay rational. Come the 19th when Mars and Pluto conjoin in your sign you may have an over-the-top surge of energy, and you don’t want to misuse your power. So stay in your wisdom. The month closes out with a beautiful and harmonious new moon in your 11th house of manifestation. YES!
Last month did you find new opportunities to earn and create money? Did you say goodbye to an income stream to make room for a new one? It may be tempting to let your focus shift away from your finances especially as global travel, teaching, writing and speaking call your name. However, stay on top of your finances, because the shifts from last month continue to boom. With Jupiter now in fellow air sign Libra, getting ready to meet up with Mercury on the 11th, you have the potential to seal a major deal. Even with the tumultuous Aries full moon (that’s sure to shake things up for you) happening on the 15th at the same degree of your ruler, Uranus, you are ready to break free and break out. The Scorpio new moon on October 30th opens up your career massively, so stay focused and make it happen.

September closed out with an auspicious new moon in your 8th house of money from others, opening up new potential to make money or gain financial support on behalf of your dreams. October follows with more excellent opportunity and potential transformation—in particular on the 1st when beautiful Venus trines your ruler, Neptune, imbuing your life with pure potential. As Mercury and Jupiter align in your 8th house of money from others, your ability to generate new resources to support your dreams amplifies. The Mars/Pluto conjunction happening on the 19th in your 11th house of social groups offers you super powers to stand out. Use this power with wisdom. The full moon on the 15th stirs the pot, so be certain to stay centered. Come the end of the month we’ll have another auspicious new moon. This time in Scorpio, magnifying your ability to manifest!

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