aving concluded the first quarter of 2016, we enter this month with some practical aims: the most obvious being (for those who live in the states) our tax deadline. Regardless of the country we hail from, given the arrival of Q2, we also want to review our short term and long term business strategies, revenue projections and brand desires as well. Take action now while the stars are aligned.

Beyond business practicalities, though, given that we kick off the month with the sun in Aries it’s time to get into a rhythm with our health and wellbeing too. Let’s spring forward. Shall we?!

Spiritually speaking April packs a punch. It kicks off with two planets retrograde (Jupiter and Saturn) and ends with five planets retrograde (Mars, Mercury and Pluto). However, the month brings a slew of positive highlights too, like a nice sun/Saturn aspect on the 5th, a powerful sun/ Uranus meet-up on the 9th and a gorgeous Mercury / Jupiter connection on the 14th, not to mention a stunning Scorpio full moon on the 21st. So despite the retrograde push to look within, the month brings fabulous opportunities to get things done, especially in the first three weeks.

April also brings numerous opportunities to find alignment of mind, body, spirit and business. Don’t be afraid to dive deep and make the required changes to get into alignment with your fitness, diet and spiritual practices. Now is the time! The word of the month: integration. Welcome to April.


Strategize your Success with the Stars
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Not only does the month kick off with the sun in your sign—meaning that on top of it being your birthday, the April 7th new moon in Aries will light up all sorts of potential for you—but you are in for another pleasant surprise, too. Venus enters your sign on April 5th. Warning: hosting Venus in your sign can make you irresistible. Score. The challenging news this month is that your ruler, Mars, goes retrograde on April 17th and will be retrograde until June 29th. Mars goes retrograde the least of all of the planets and when he does, we all feel it. Given that Mars gives you your disposition as a spitfire, prepare. Mars retrograde offers stellar opportunity to look within and align your body, mind and spirit. It’s time let your inner life lead.
“Tis the season of nurturing yourself, dear Taurus. As we approach your birthday and the sun moving into your sign, it’s so important to hunker down. Tending to your inner needs sets your preparation for your solar return and enables you to get clear on what this last year of life has meant for you, as well as what you intend to create next. With Mercury, the planet of communication, in steady, stable Taurus for most of the month, you’ll benefit from an extra dose of clear thinking. Awesome, because come April 28th Mercury starts his multi-week retrograde journey in your sign. Because of this, I highly recommend getting organized ahead of time. Other valuable Astro insights for this month include your ruler Venus being in Aries where she’ll trine Saturn, square Pluto and meet up with Uranus. Expect purposeful transformation with a twist of surprise!
It’s almost time for your birthday. Get into review mode bestowed with the gifts of Mercury too for most of the month. Use them to get your ideas out into the world.
Now that the sun is in fire sign Aries, you can expect to feel a surge of activity in your life the first half of the month. You’ll want to act on this, because come April 17th Mars and Pluto go retrograde, and then on the 28th your ruler Mercury does too. So the name of the game is making progress early in April. Utilize the spark of ingenuity coming from the sun, Mercury and Venus moving through your solar 11th house of manifestation. Pay particular attention to what goes down on the 14th. That day Mercury will make an epic connection with good-luck Jupiter. On the back end of April, things will slow down for you, giving you the perfect time to catch up with yourself and your soul. Mars retrograde demands us to get in touch with our body. Think detox, meditation and even vacation if you can.
I hope you are feeling recalibrated and focused after the crazy eclipses last month as April brings with it some powerful aspects for your career. With the sun and soon to be Venus zooming through your solar 10th house of public standing, it’s essential to make some moves professionally, mainly before Mars goes retrograde on the 17th. Seriously! The Aries new moon on the 7th brings with it an opportunity to seed new professional beginnings. Get clear on how you want to use it. This is the time to center yourself around your long-term vision for your career. Then pay attention to what pops up for you on the 9th. Think surprises. The Scorpio full moon on the 21st bestows you with blessed creativity too. Cultivate the power this special full moon brings.
With the sun in a fellow fire sign, Aries, for the majority of the month, you should feel a buzz of achievement in your life the first half of the month. On the 17th when Mars, the planet of action officially stations to go retrograde for two and a half months, the tides shift. At that point making forward gains may not be the priority as much as tending towards creating inner alignment. So set yourself up properly this month and take advantage of opportunities early on so you can capitalize on the retrograde planets on the backend of the month, as they will bestow upon you the opportunity for rest, rejuvenation, and integration. Critical days to note, are April 5th when your ruler, the sun, makes a glorious connection to stoic Saturn and the 9th when he meets up directly with innovative Uranus!
Tend to the details. Next month powerhouse Jupiter goes direct and at that point, things are going to pick up dramatically for you, preparing you for what’s to come. Between mid-May and September, you can expect a fast swoosh of positive momentum to move you forward to precisely your birthday and the solar eclipse you’ll have in your sign in September. So use April to really do what you do best: get focused, organized and ready. By the end of the month, we’ll have five retrograde planets, including your ruler—Mercury. So it’s important to get your ducks in a row now. Beyond that, use the spring forward momentum to work on health, well-being and balance. Relax into the success you’ve created and continue to create and allow yourself to rest and rejuvenate. I know it’s hard for you to give yourself a break, but come late April, the stars align in the name of integration and transmutation. Don’t fight the rhythm.
As April kicks off, so does your newly aligned reality. The last three years have rocked your world, dramatically. Between being caught in the crossfire of Uranus and Pluto and hosting six eclipses in your sign, man have you felt it! Going back even further, since 2010 when Saturn cruised through your sign you’ve been under the gun. Finally you’re getting to the other side. Even more so, big things await you starting in September. I promise. For now keep your focus on tending to your finances. The full moon on the 21st happens in your solar house of earned income, putting extra emphasis on owning your value! When Mercury goes retrograde in late April he’ll do so in your 8th house of money from others. This indicates a need to stay on top of the numbers! Otherwise, set your sights on your bigger vision, because come September it’s show time.
With ruling planets Mars and Pluto both going retrograde mid-month, be sure to start April off strong. Later in the month, you will be much more focused on alignment and integration than forward movement. So definitely get your groove on now! The good news is Mercury moves into Taurus – a stable earth sign—and this supports you nicely. Further, Mercury will make a phenomenal exact trine to Jupiter on the 14th, at that time pay attention to good news coming your way. Bonus: we have a stellar full moon on the 21st in your sign bestowing you with lunar love. Fan-freaking-tastic. Use the power available to you then to really dive deep within and connect with your essence in a truly provocative way. It’ll give you the mojo needed to successfully navigate things moving forward. Let intuitive insights lead you.
Can things heat up for you anymore? I mean, hosting Mars and Saturn in your sign is one thing, having your ruler Jupiter retrograde and in an awkward angle to you is a whole other. All this while Neptune, the planet of dreams sits in complex angle to your sun too! Life is moving hard and fast for you, maybe even feeling you are walking through a dream with lots of excitement and serious meaning too. No doubt, you are being elevated. To that end, keep your foot on the gas up until the full moon on the 21st. At that point you’ll want to take a pause for the cause and tend to your inner world, as this full moon happens in your solar 12th house of spiritual development. Otherwise, stay open and flexible to change. On the 17th Mars starts his retrograde journey in your sign. Even though this may slow you down some, it helps you connect with your power on a whole new level.
This month is about managing the ebb and flow of life. On April fifth, the sun makes a glorious connection to your ruler, Saturn, helping you put the finishing touches on important projects. Awesome. Two days later the new moon in Aries may bring some abrupt changes to your life. If so, go with it! They aid your evolution and ultimately lead to more freedom. On the 18th ruling Saturn gets another stellar celestial beam of good luck when he connects with Venus. Circle this day and see who pops up in your life then, as they may become a key relationship you want to nurture. The month closes out with five planets retrograde, so carve our some time to connect with you, and let go of what’s holding you back. Get into the mindset of prioritizing self-care. It’s essential to optimize how you are caring for your mind/body/spirit connection to fully integrate the retrograde potential.
With the sun, Venus and new moon in Aries this month, your ruler Uranus (who’s also in Aries) is getting a lot of action. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, which means he elicits intuitive genius—which is why you bring eclecticism to all that you do. This month with your ruler making some key meet ups, you can expect to feel electrified, especially on and immediately after the Aries new moon on the 7th and the days that follow the full moon on the 21st. Speaking of the full moon, since it’s in Scorpio it’ll illuminate your career, big time. So prepare to use this full moon wisely. Otherwise, get ready for both Mars and Mercury to go retrograde this month. What does this mean for you? Mars will start his retrograde journey in your solar 11th house of manifestation and Mercury in your 4th house of family and home, signifying a time to tend to your inner needs.
The new moon in Aries on April 7th happens in your solar house of money, so be certain to use this time period to clean up any financial matters dragging you down, and seed new financial beginnings. This new moon may feel abrupt, so nourish and nurture yourself in the days leading up, so you can pivot quickly, and move forward effectively in the days that follow it. This is important because later this month, Mars—the planet of forward action—will take a backwards spin in his retrograde cycle. Further, a little more than a week later Mercury joins the retrograde party. Meaning the world might feel a tad out of sorts. Get ready to come home to yourself, stay in your own skin and turn the volume up on your intuition. The Scorpio full moon on the 21st amplifies your spiritual knowing, and astute intuition. Power up! And move forward in rhythm with your truth.

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