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ecember kicks off with the sun moving through one of the most gregarious signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius. Under the influence of the Archer, we are driven to embrace freedom, have fun and celebrate. However, I urge you to take a cautious approach, especially until the new moon in Sagittarius on December 11th. Why? Well for starters as Mercury, the planet of communication zooms through the final degrees of Sagittarius until December 9th, you may find yourself with a “go big or go home mentality.” While I am all for ambition, be careful as you might over-commit, or perhaps even put your foot in your mouth. Stay mindful. Difficult aspects loom on December 6th and December 10th (on the 6th Mars will squabble with Pluto and then Uranus on the 10th.)  Good news though, the positive, upbeat Sagittarius new moon opens new potential and possibility.  At this time Mercury will be in hardworking Capricorn getting ready to meet up with transformational Pluto on December 19th—a day when your words will have power, so choose them wisely. (FYI, one day later communications could get messy.) The solstice brings the darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, a time to go within and connect with your truth. This happens when the sun moves into Capricorn on the 21st. Use it to review all that you accomplished in 2015, and from a place of acknowledgment ponder your 2016 goals. Enjoy the Christmas full moon in family-oriented Cancer. Regardless of your faith, enjoy the time off and spend it with those you love. The year ends with the moon in Virgo at the exact degree of Jupiter, the planet of good luck, fortune, and abundance.  Plan something special, let loose and celebrate! As we say goodbye to 2015, a year full of challenge and change, get ready to put your best foot forward in 2016! See you in the new year.


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Even though the year is winding down, your career is heating up—especially with Mercury heading straight into your tenth house of fame and honors.  But be careful, your ruler Mars squares transformational Pluto on the 6th and opposes revolutionary Uranus on the 10th. You could find yourself in trouble if you push too hard, so go easy. The December 11th new moon in Sagittarius helps you, so set clear intentions on this day for what you’d like to see unfold in your career. On the 19th, you’re primed to receive important professional news when Mercury meets up with powerhouse Pluto in your house of public reputation. The full moon on Christmas day suggests fun with the family. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, let yourself relax and enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest.
Long term finances look up this month, especially with the positive new moon happening in your house of money-from-others on the 11th.  With serious Saturn camping out in this section of your chart for another two years, it’s time to get serious about your financial strategies and investments. Come the 11th you have an opportunity to gain support from banks, credit companies, or maybe even make a big commission or win a new impactful client. Plant positive seeds and move towards the fruition of your future dreams. As we approach the holidays, your attention moves from money to your friends and family. The 24th graces you with delight as your ruler, Venus makes a nice connection with good-luck Jupiter. Be certain to slow down and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!
Game on, Gemini.  With the Sagittarius sun creating fun times, parties and year-end celebrations, it’s your time to shine.  As one of the most social signs of the zodiac prepare to network, develop relationships, become creatively inspired and hopefully translate those efforts into an extended audience that loves and supports your work. The new moon on the 11th happens in your house of contractual relationships, making this the perfect time to initiate new connections with potential clients. As your ruler Mercury enters Capricorn on December 9th, business becomes your priority. The Cancer full moon expands your house of money on Christmas day, though technically a day off, I have a feeling you may have money on your mind. Plan to spend time on or after this full moon to review your finances and strategize your 2016 revenue goals!
Get organized. With the sun zipping through your sixth house, the time is now to get your systems in place. Come the time of the new moon on the 11th you’ll want to put your emphasis on structures and support so you can scale, grow and dominate. Before you check out for the remainder of the year, be sure to spend time spiffing things up. This is especially important because on Christmas day we’ll have a gorgeous and helpful full moon in your sign! Hello, awesome present. The same day Uranus, the planet of innovation goes direct in your 10th house of fame and honors after being retrograde since late July!  Get ready for a breakthrough. 2015 closes out on a strong note for you, preparing you for a fast, furious start to the new year.
With the sun in a fellow fire sign, Sagittarius, making its way through your fifth house of creativity, your ideas should spark.  Be certain to take the time to hone your 2016 creative vision this month, especially on or right after the supportive new moon on December 11th. At that time, you should feel energized and ready to develop your vision with precision and clarity. After the sun moves into Capricorn on the 21st, prepare to take some down time.  As we gear up for the Cancer full moon happening on Christmas day, you’ll want to take a step back from business and work.  This full moon happens in the most private part of your chart so allow yourself time to rest. Come New Year’s Eve you’ll be ready to party, so make sure you make fun plans in advance.
Hot to trot Virgo, you’ve grown rapidly since September. This month as the Sun moves through the sign of Sagittarius it does so in your house of home, family and roots.  This is your time to tend to the structures that support you.  Come to the new moon on the 11th with set intentions to expand your sense of safety and security or maybe even upgrade your living situation. Your ruler, Mercury, moves into serious Capricorn on the 9th prompting you to think industriously. Don’t be surprised if on the 19th you may make a serious business commitment.  The year closes with a friendly full moon on Christmas in Cancer, further amplifying the theme of home and family for you. Then on New Year’s Eve with the moon in your sign, conjunct good luck Jupiter, it’s time for fun! Celebrate.
The month kicks off with making-it-happen Mars, and your ruler Venus, both in your sign.  Take advantage, before Venus leaves her home on the 4th, heading for Scorpio. Even still, she’ll play an active role in the fabulous Sagittarius new moon on the 11th— helping you out, big time. Then, she’ll make a beaming exact trine to dreamy Neptune, opening up your pathways of creativity. Woah. Channel this into your communication strategy. Think big, set intentions and plan ambitiously for 2016. On Christmas day, the glowing Cancer full moon illuminates your 10th house of recognition, rewards and honors. What?! Even though it’s a holiday be open to receiving accolades or even direction about exactly what you want to create next in your professional life. Enjoy the close of 2015, and get ready for the new year.
December opens up your earning potential.  With Venus entering your sign on the 4th get ready to feel magnetic. She’s priming you for the friendly new moon on the 11th in your house of money, honey. Do not let the potential of this new moon slip through your sexy fingers.  This is your time to get clear on exactly what you want to manifest financially.  Set strong intentions and do the leg work to open up to your full potential. Even with the holidays upon us, you have the power to set yourself up to make bank. With Venus’s support, you can go the distance this month. On Christmas day, the Cancer full moon further supports your positive momentum with a helpful trine to dreamy Neptune in your fifth house of creativity. Ideas flow too, so get ready to capitalize.
Happy Birthday! All eyes are on you early this month as you host the sun in your sign. And good news, the new moon on the 11th in Sagittarius offers a fabulous opportunity to uplevel your life.  Use it to your advantage.  If by chance you’ve slipped out of your exercise routine, please get back into the swing of it on or right after the new moon. I know with so much celebrating it’s easy to postpone fitness until next year. But truth be told, as a Sag you need to move your body and doing so dramatically helps your finances. So please take your fitness seriously. Otherwise, the Cancer full moon on Christmas day happens in your house of money-from-others. Woot.  Your ruler Jupiter makes an awesome trine to Mercury at that time. Expect good news.
December brings the opportunity to relax, restore and renew.  With the Sagittarius sun zooming through the most private part of your chart, it’s time to downshift and self-honor. I know, you have big plans and business objectives to meet before the year ends. Don’t have time to relax? Don’t worry, as soon as the sun slips into Capricorn on the 21st you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. With your birthday upon you it’s time to get clear on where you are heading next and go for it! Even with the holidays happening, don’t be surprised if the end of the month brings you a renewed sense of vitality and with that an ass-kicking approach to business. 2016 brings big things, so get ready.
With the positive new moon in Sagittarius happening in your 11th house of groups and deep wishes, your manifesting powers are heightened.  Perfect. This is your time to get clear on exactly where you want to take your business and career in the new year. Carve out a couple of hours to brainstorm your desires and then commit to the actionable items you are going to create in 2016. On Christmas day your ruler, Uranus, wakes up from a deep retrograde slumber. This is the exact same day the Cancer full moon lights up your house of health, organization and daily routines. All of this opens opportunities for you. Once your ruler finally goes direct, momentum will be at your side.  Be prepared to execute!
As the sun parades through your tenth house of fame and honors, you are primed to garner a bit of attention. Last month, your ruler, Neptune went direct, signaling it’s time to move forward. Look back to plans you’ve had on hold since June, likely you’re ready to pursue them now. To boot, the friendly new moon on the 11th opens up a doorway to a whole new beginning in your career. Set intentions to launch and lead!  Don’t know where you are going or where you want to aim next? Decide. The full moon on the 25th amplifies your creativity, and the same day Uranus awakes from a retrograde slumber helping you own your worth and materialize your goals. Go for it, Pisces! The world needs your healing sensibilities now more than ever.

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