ovember kicks off with the sun zooming through Scorpio, the sign that symbolically represents the death/rebirth cycle of transformation. As we approach the denouement of 2016, it’s essential to take stock. Look back over the year thus far and acknowledge your efforts and successes. Allow yourself to digest and integrate how far you’ve come, and conjure sincere gratitude for your accomplishment before planning out the territory you still intend to cover this year. Gratitude heals and promotes long-term success.

As I examine the month ahead astrologically, it feels rather mild. The month kicks off on the heels of a powerful new moon in Scorpio, which closed out October with the opportunity to initiate new intentions for the remainder of the year. Mars moves into forward-thinking Aquarius on November 9th, shifting gears from the salt-of-the-earth practicalities of Capricorn into the wide-open, big picture thinking of the water bearer. Yet, the nose to the grindstone focus (a trait of Capricorn) continues when Venus commences her journey in stalwart Capricorn on the 11th. Next up, Mercury moves into adventurous Sagittarius on the 12th, expanding positive thinking right before the Taurus full super moon occurring on November 14th.

This supportive, but feisty, full moon encourages embodiment, healing and integration. Though be warned, jealousy could surface then too.

Neptune wakes up from his retrograde cycle on the 19th. Pay attention to your dreams (both metaphorically and literally) and act on your intuition then! A little later in the month expansive Jupiter will square powerhouse Pluto and loving Venus on the 24th. If used correctly any obstacles that present then may blow open doors, while Venus and Pluto make an intense connection, heightening our desires even more. Keep on the lookout for an important discovery that aids the accomplishment of your dream then, albeit possibly challenging.

Other key dates include the 21st when the sun enters Sag. Two days later, Mercury meets up with Saturn at 16 degrees of Sag, signifying a time to evaluate commitments. Be certain to dot your I’s and cross your T’s.

Overall, this month looks productive and soulful. To learn more, check out your sign below.


Strategize your Success with the Stars
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November begins with a strong focus on career. With ruling planet Mars moving through the final degrees of business savvy Capricorn in your 10th house of fame, it’s important to attack this month hard and fast. Mars shifts into abstract Aquarius on the 9th, your house of friendship, networking and marketing. At that time your focus may turn from global domination to meeting up with friends and colleagues. Nurture your social circle then. The Taurus full super moon on the 14th illuminates your second house of money. While this moon brings forth mostly stable and steady energy, it does also highlight two planets that have dealt you quite a few financial wild cards recently, Uranus and Eris. So expect the unexpected. Conjure the positive from this healing full moon in your second house of money for financial breakthroughs. You hold the potential to profit now! Stay focused on your desires, not your fears.
This month emphasizes you: your desires and your sensibilities, lending a helping hand to the manifestation of your dreams. The Taurus full super moon occurring on the 14th heightens your ability to feel, transmit and receive. Saturn and Jupiter work productively together then, assisting you to make the most of this potent lunation. Aside from hosting a full moon in your sign, Mars makes a move from Capricorn to Aquarius on the 9th, transiting over your mid-heaven, aka your career line. As he makes his way into your 10th house of career and honors, where he stays until December 19th, you are asked to step up, massively, on behalf of your career. Holler. Watch out on the 24th when ruling planet Venus meets up with powerhouse Pluto in practical Capricorn while squaring Jupiter. This might feel a tad too intense, but I promise you can handle it. Every moment counts this month. You’re on fire!
You want to use this month productively, so you are ready to triumph for the remainder of the year. That means prioritizing self-care now. Why? A lucky Gemini requires downtime. Next month (December) brings with it a flurry of activity for you, including a full moon in your sign and your ruler, Mercury, going retrograde in the midst of a super social holiday season. So treat November as a transition month, where you focus on slowing down. Further, the Taurus full super moon occurring on the 14th happens in your 12th house of rest, recuperation and spiritual expansion. On the career front, things shift into focus after Neptune turns direct on the 19th in your 10th house of fame. This happens right before the sun scoots into Sagittarius on the 21st, illuminating your partnerships. But watch out on the 24th when Mercury meets up with stern Saturn. Set proper expectations with others and double-check everything in advance to avoid snafus.
With so much action in a fellow water sign, Scorpio, the majority of this month you can expect to feel dreamy support coming your way—especially early on in November when the sun trines Neptune in Pisces. This aspect illuminates your sensitive nature while eliciting your capacity to create. Tune into your emotional sensibilities then. As the moon, your ruler, waxes into full, culminating in a powerful super moon on the 14th, life begins to feel exalted. On the downside, I encourage you to watch out for jealousy this month either stemming from you or directed at you. There’s a tremendous upside if you do. Connections and support from others flood in your direction supporting the manifestations of intended desires. The month closes out with a new moon in Sagittarius, your 6th house of daily routine and work. Set firm intentions regarding how you want your days to feel then!
Heed the call of your introverted desires early this month. Yes, even you need time to tend to your inner world. Though November’s transits provide a mostly mild atmosphere of ease, you still benefit from exploring your deeper emotions the first two weeks of the month. Come to the full Taurus super moon on the 14th you’ll feel the tide turn from internal to external. This stealth moon illuminates your 10th house of fame, pushing your work into the limelight. Prepare. Ten days later, Jupiter and Pluto form a sharp angle on the 24th, challenging you to release what holds you back from expanding. So be sure to let go then. The month closes out with a new moon in your 5th house of creativity in expansive Sagittarius on the 29th. Set firm intentions to expand your creative influence then. Leadership calls your name this month, but don’t forget you in the process.
Financially things continue to expand this month. However, keeping a keen eye on the details remains paramount. The full super moon on the 14th accentuates your 9th house of international travel, so keep on the lookout for significant travel opportunities coming your way. After the full moon prepare for a few bumps in the road. Saturn and Mercury meet up in Sagittarius in your 4th house of security on the 23rd, and this can bring a need for clear-headed thinking when it comes to how to appropriate your resources. By the time the USA celebrates Thanksgiving on the 24th, intensity permeates the atmosphere. Venus and Pluto align in Capricorn while squaring Jupiter. At that point, your expansion could become challenged by power dynamics with others. If this happens, take a step back and make a point of appreciating what the other person brings to the table. You are on a roll. Don’t let anything shake you.
With your birthday behind you, it’s time to begin your new year in earnest. With Jupiter in your sign, things are set to expand. While the harmonious full moon resonates well with you, it simultaneously asks you to dig deep into your subconscious to find the limiting beliefs holding you back. On a positive note, it may illuminate a new profit stream for you too! (Bonus.) Yet, it’s so important to do the inner work to catapult to the next level. Ruling planet, Venus moves to meet penetrating Pluto in your 4th house of home later in the month and will make a challenging angle to Jupiter when doing so come Thanksgiving. It’s time to understand where your need for control holds you back from stepping into greater abundance. Instead of getting caught in the crossfire of power dynamics, stay grateful for everyone’s contribution. As you reach up, let go of old behaviors that hold you down.
Happy birthday! This month brings outrageous support to catapult you into your next year. Hallelujah. You’ve been developing your inner resources and business assets for quite some time. It’s time for your big reveal. Thankfully, a mild astrological month supports you in the process. With Mars moving into Aquarius on the 9th, your big picture thinking becomes activated—so stay courageous! Other highlights of the month include a powerful full super moon on the 14th happening in your 7th house of relationships. This is the time to connect with your business partner, clients, and/or life partner. Even with this month being all about you, it’s essential to nurture others as well! The month closes out with a sweet new moon in your second house of money on the 29th. Yes! Use this time to solidify your profit projections for 2017. If you need an influx of abundance now, this new moon supports your manifestation powers. Use it wisely.
Far from boring, November brings monumental activity to your life. Between Mercury making his way into your sign on the 11th and the positive new moon in your sign that closes the month on the 29th, the Universe certainly supports you. Perfect. With your birthday around the corner, you are ready for a new beginning. Nonetheless, the tough lessons continue to develop your maturity, especially as Mercury and Saturn prepare for an intimate meeting in your sign on the 23rd. It’s time to make powerful, life-altering commitments. I understand that fear may come up in the process. Yet, it’s so important to commit. As you prepare for your next trip around the sun, review your past. The full moon on the 14th provides the perfect opportunity to ritualize this process. Review your progress then, and symbolically let go of anything holding you back from advancing into your greatest potential.
Mars continues to journey through your sign for the first nine days of November, supporting you to stay on point in business and finances. From there he moves into your second house of money. Hosting Mars in your solar second house can put an aggressive focus on finances, but I get the sense you are prepared to manage this. Just as Mars moves on, Venus moves into Capricorn, amplifying your ability to attract exactly what you need. The full moon in a fellow earth sign, Taurus, happens on the 14th in your 5th house of creativity and romance. Be open to channeling innovation then. As the month closes out, the intensity multiplies. Venus meets up with Pluto in your first house of identity, escalating your focus on what you desire. Meanwhile, there’s a square to expansive Jupiter suggesting even if you don’t get what you want, you’ll receive help to pivot in an important new direction. Remain flexible but focused.
Get your engines ready. Mars, the planet that rules our motivation, finally moves into your sign this month. Yes! You haven’t hosted Mars in your sign since December of 2014. That’s a long time to go without the ignition of Mars. Thank goodness this cycle lasts all the way until December 19th (right when Mercury goes retrograde next). This month prioritize everything from exercise to execution of major projects. The full super moon on the 14th falls in your fourth house of home, possibly bringing domestic matters up for resolution. Since this sun makes an awkward angle to your ruler, Uranus, at the time of the full moon prepare for the unexpected. With energy fit to burst you want to use it productively, so stay centered. As the month closes out it does so with a beautiful new moon in Sagittarius in your 11th house of manifestation. Set healthy intentions. Pull the stops and go for it!
This month your manifestation powers are substantial! November kicks off with your ruling planet, Neptune, making a luscious connection to the sun, on the heels of a fabulous new moon in a fellow water sign, Scorpio on October 30th. Pay close attention to the desires that surface now and get to work on behalf of your dreams. Neptune finally wakes up from his retrograde on the 19th, further illuminating you. Right before then, the Taurus full moon happening in your 3rd house of communication puts an emphasis on healing any early childhood memories that hold you back from making the progress you currently desire in your career. So don’t be afraid to go deep on this full super moon. Doing so proves fruitful. Spend the rest of the month releasing what does not serve you. The Jupiter-Pluto square happening on the 24th asks that you shed patterns in relationships that don’t serve you. Let go! It’s time.

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